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Tuition, Fees,  and Financial Aid
UHM Scholarships 

The scholarships listed below are only a selection of the more than one thousand scholarships, fellowships, and other awards available to UH students. More information is available from academic advisers, the UHM Library, Financial Aid Services, or the chairs of departments. 

Scholarships administered by the UH Manoa Financial Aid Services office:

Benjamin Alexander Scholarship
Ruth E. Black Scholarship
Harry H. Collins Memorial Scholarship
Leora Parmelee Dean Scholarship
John Fee Embree Memorial Scholarship
Fushiminomiya Memorial Scholarship
Francisco D. Gueco Scholarship
Herbert and Doris Keppeler Scholarship
Samuel W. King Memorial Scholarship
Kotaro Kodama Scholarship 
Herbert H. Lee Scholarship 
Robinson A. McWayne Scholarship
Emma Mossman Scholarship
Hisaji Onoye Scholarship
Palolo Lions Club Scholarship
Irving Singer Memorial Scholarship
Stephen Spaulding Scholarship
Susannah and Fortunato Teho Scholarship
Inn & Mew Kung Choy Wong Scholarship
William Kwai Fong Yap Scholarship

For more information regarding the above UH Manoa Financial Aid Services-administered scholarships and awards, contact the Financial Aid Services office, Student Services 112, (808) 956-7251.

School of Architecture

Building Industry Association of Hawai'i Architectural Travel Scholarship
Building Industry Association of Hawai'i Women's Council Travel Scholarship
Construction Specifications Institute Architectural Travel Scholarship
David Stringer Fellowship
HonBlue Architectural Research Travel Scholarship
Allen R. Johnson/Roy C. Kelley Architectural Research Travel Scholarship
School of Architecture Architectural Research/Travel Scholarships 
School of Architecture Intern/Travel Scholarship
School of Architecture Student Exchange and Travel Scholarship 
School of Architecture Travel Scholarship(s)

Colleges of Arts and Sciences

Department of American Studies
Brown-Denney Award 

Department of Anthropology
Jocelyn Armstrong Merit Award in Anthropology 

Department of Art (for current majors only)
Ceramic Scholarship
Jean Charlot Foundation Scholarship
Chinese Bicentennial Art Award
Geraldine P. Clark Memorial Fellowship
David H. and Doris C. Crowell Award
H. John Heide Fellowship in Art (graduate)
Sibyl Heide Glass Grant Fund Award
Kenneth Hewett Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Honolulu Printmakers Scholarship
Keichi Kimura Scholarship
Craig Kojima Scholarship in Photography/Photojournalism
Shore Hodge Lipsher Memorial Scholarship (undergraduate and graduate)
McVay Scholarships (graduate)
Student Opportunity Fund
Diane Sullivan Memorial Scholarship
Elsa Takasue Memorial Scholarship

College of Arts and Humanities
Diamond Head Theatre's Burnett/Selleck Scholarship
Danny Kaleikini/Kahala Hilton Scholarship

Department of Botany
Beatrice Krauss Fellowship in Botany 
Isabella Aiona Abbott Undergraduate Botany Fund for Excellence
Resource Management Training Fund

Department of Chemistry
Giichi Fujimoto Scholarship
Paul J. Scheuer and Shigeo and Hatsu Iwamoto Scholarship
William W. Y. Young Fellowship in Chemistry 

Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
East Asian Languages and Literature Student Prize 
Pacific Asian Tuition Scholarship (graduate)
Red Mandarin and Lady Yi-suen Shen Tuition Scholarship in Chinese Language 

Department of Economics
Burnham O. Campbell Dissertation Award in Economics
Central Pacific Bank Award Program 
The Hung Family Fellowship (graduate)

Department of English
The Academy of American Poets University and College Poetry Prize 
Ernest Hemingway Memorial Award for creative and original writing ability
Patsy Sumie Saiki Award 
Red Mandarin and Lady Yi-suen Shen Tuition Scholarship
Stephen Stryker Award for Fiction 

Department of Geography
Neal M. Bowers Memorial Award 
H.J. Wiens Memorial Award (graduate)
Abraham Pi'ianai'a Graduate Scholarship 

Department of Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures
Dorothy M. Kahananui Scholarship 
Red Mandarin and Lady Yi-suen Shen Tuition Scholarship 
Lokomaika'iokalani Snakenberg Graduate Scholarship in Hawaiian Language

Department of History
Hung Family Endowed Fellowship (graduate) 
John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship (doctorate)
Robert K. Sakai Award (graduate) 
Ishi Sakurai Scholarships (undergraduate)
Idus Newby Award (graduate students/junior faculty)

Department of Journalism
Grace K. J. Abernethy Memorial Scholarship
Journalism Alumni Association Prizes
Pierre L. Bowman Memorial Scholarship
Carol Burnett Fund for Responsible Journalism
James H. Couey Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. F. R. Moulton Memorial Scholarship
Pat Pitzer Memorial Scholarship
Robert L. Scott Memorial Award
Scripps League Newspapers Education Fund Scholarships
Charles A. Ware Memorial Scholarship

Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas
Mira Baciu-Simian Memorial Fellowship 
Anita Hecht Scholarships 

Library and Information Science Program
Margaret W. Ayrault Scholarship
Mary Edward Professional Award
Friends of the Library (Hawai'i) Scholarships
Hawai'i Association of School Librarians Scholarship
LIS Student Award
Ralph R. Shaw Memorial Award
H. W. Wilson Scholarship

Department of Mathematics
Kern-Clark Memorial Award Fund

Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace
Nobumoto Tanahashi Graduate Fellowships

Department of Music
Ernest Chang Piano Student Scholarship 
Graduate Fellowship in Ethnomusicology 
Greg Hagiwara Scholarship 
Fritz Hart Foundation Scholarship 
Hawaiian Music Scholarship 
Honolulu Chinatown Lions Club Piano Scholarship 
Honolulu Piano Teachers Association Scholarship 
Phyllis Jardine Memorial Scholarship
Geoffrey Lloyd Memorial Scholarship
Music Department Scholarships
Musical Moments with June Chun Scholarship 
Arthur and Mae Orvis Vocal Music Endowed Scholarships
Mae Zenke Orvis Award 
Ellen Masaki Piano Studio Scholarship 
Aya Noda Piano Scholarship
Andrew Nyborg Fellowship in Music
William Pfeiffer Memorial Scholarship 
Presser Foundation Scholarship 
Louella Shipwright Buchenau Applied Music Scholarship 
Ruth Small Memorial Scholarship 
UH Band Scholarship 

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Helen Jones Farrar ARCS Foundation Scholarship

Department of Political Science
Thomas Hale Hamilton Memorial Scholarship 

Public Administration Program
Herman S. Doi Fellowship

Department of Religion
Buddhist Studies Scholarship Fund 
Henry Gengo and Riu Wakai Memorial Scholarship 
Kuan Yin Temple Buddhist Studies Scholarship

Department of Second Language Studies
Charlene Sato Memorial Fund
Holmes Scholarship Endowment
Ruth Crymes Scholarship 

Department of Speech
Lucille and Bren Breneman Scholarships 
Oscar H. and Rosetta Ramsey Fish Scholarship

Department of Theatre and Dance
Department of Theatre and Dance Tuition Scholarships in Theatre

Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Planning Program for Korean Planners 

Department of Zoology
Edmondson Fellowships and Research Grants 
Sidney Townsley Scholarship 

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