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Undergraduate Education
Academic Advising

The Manoa campus provides academic advising for undergraduate students through the student academic services office in the appropriate college or school. Academic advisers bring to their responsibilities as educators not only knowledge of academic disciplines but also an understanding of the rationale that underlies the curricula of the colleges, schools, and the University. Students are strongly encouraged to seek advising assistance early in their University careers.

Academic advising includes the following activities:

1. Assisting students in clarifying, articulating, and attaining academic and life goals;

2. Facilitating each student’s academic adjustment to the campus;

3. Educating students to assess academic progress and to develop appropriate educational plans;

4. Explaining and clarifying college or school course and graduation requirements and academic rules and regulations;

5. Counseling students on family, peer group, and other personal issues as they relate to academic progress, which may include referral to appropriate University programs and community agencies; and

6. Serving as advocates and mediators for students.

Student services advisers complement departmental advisers, who are specialists in their subjects and advise declared majors about major requirements and graduate or professional degrees in their discipline.

Registration and Enrollment

Registration Procedures

Registration is open to those students formally admitted to the Manoa campus by the appropriate admissions office and to students in good standing who are continuing in an approved program of study. New, transfer, and returning classified students who are admitted to the University are required to pay a non-refundable, nontransferable partial advance tuition deposit to confirm their admitted status. Admitted students may be barred from registration until they have complied with all University requirements including but not limited to medical clearances, the purchase of health insurance by non-immigrant foreign students, and required English language placement testing. Students may also be barred from registering until they have cleared all academic or financial obligations.

Students are given specific appointment times in which to register. All registration activity is conducted by touch-tone telephone or by personal computer through the World Wide Web. Each student’s registration time will be available by touch-tone telephone or through the Web approximately two weeks before registration.

Information on registration procedures is contained in the Schedule of Classes booklet, which includes registration dates, registration instructions, and the time and place of course meetings. The Schedule of Classes is distributed by the Admissions and Records Office and is available shortly before registration begins each fall and spring semester. The Schedule of Classes is also available on the Web:

Unclassified students and auditors register after classified students.

Registration is not complete unless all tuition and fees have been paid by the payment deadline.


Auditors are regularly admitted students who enroll for informational instruction only and attend classes with the consent of the instructor. Auditors receive no credit, and they do not take course examinations. The extent of their classroom participation is at the instructor’s discretion. Auditors are not generally allowed in art studios, laboratory science, mathematics, elementary and intermediate Hawaiian and foreign languages, creative writing, English composition, physical education, speech and other performance courses, or in classes where they might displace credit students. Audit courses are entered on student transcripts with a grade of L and are subject to regular tuition and fee charges. Audit courses are not counted in determining a student’s enrollment status.

Late Registration

Students who failed to register during the designated registration period may still register for credit during the first 10 days of instruction (see the "Calendar"). There is a fee for late registration.

Student Registration

Students who failed to register during the designated registration period may still register for credit during the first 10 days of instruction (see the "Calendar"). There is a fee for late registration.

Enrollment at Other Campuses

After admission to the Manoa campus, students who plan to take courses at other campuses, either within or outside the UH system, must notify their respective college student academic services office before enrolling at the other campus and must have official transcripts sent directly to the Manoa campus Admissions and Records Office upon completion of those courses.

Concurrent Registration

Students may enroll concurrently at two University of Hawai‘i system campuses and pay tuition, as well as all mandatory fees required by both campuses provided (a) they are officially enrolled at the home campus for at least one-half of the credit load for the semester; (b) they are in good academic standing at both campuses; (c) they are registering for courses applicable to their academic program but not available at the home campus; and (d) they have the approval of their home campus adviser and of the second campus. For specific application policy and forms, see the home campus adviser. A student who fails to comply with all these conditions may be disenrolled.

Multiple Registration

Students who do not meet the above criteria may enroll at more than one UH system campus at the same time, but they must pay full tuition and fees at all campuses. Multiple registrants must meet the admissions requirements and deadlines of each campus.

Maximum Registration

Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate unclassified students who request enrollment in 20 or more credit hours of work in any semester must obtain special approval of their college student academic services office and process their changes during the Change of Registration period after instruction begins. Students may not register for courses in Outreach College, for credit or audit, in excess of the maximum registration allowed by the college or school in which they are enrolled unless given permission for an overload by the college or school.

Enrollment Status

For academic purposes, students may be classified as either part-time or full-time students. A full-time undergraduate carries a minimum of 12 credit hours. Undergraduate students carrying fewer than 12 credits are classified as part-time. Audited courses are not counted in determining the enrollment status of a student.

Change of College or Major

Classified students may apply for transfer from one college to another during the fall or the spring semester. Application for transfer must be made on a form supplied by the student academic services office of the college or school that the student wishes to enter. The application must be approved by the dean of that college or school. Deadlines for transfers within the University are determined by individual student academic services offices. Contact the college or school directly for deadlines. Students planning to transfer into professional schools should consult the dean’s office for deadlines. Students wishing to enter the College of Education should follow the procedures specific to that college.

Changes of college, school, curriculum, or major are not permitted during registration periods.

Unclassified students who wish to become degree candidates must complete the regular application process.

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