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College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
*HARRINGTON, H. Michael, Interim Dean
*CAVALETTO, Catherine, Interim Associate Dean/Associate Director for Research, and Associate Horticulturist
HARADA, Walter, Director, Planning & Management Systems; BS 1968, MS 1970, MS 1971, Hawai'i
*MAU, Ronald F. L., Associate Dean and Associate Director for Cooperative Extension
LEBECK, Lynn, Interim Assistant Director for Research
WONG, Ruddy, Director of Administrative Services; BBA 1969, Hawai'i
AIHARA-SASAKI, Maria, Research Associate, BA 1998, Hawai'i
*AKO, Harry, Associate Professor of Environmental Biochemistry
*ALVAREZ, Anne M., Plant Pathologist
AMORE, Teresita D., Assistant Researcher
ARAGAKI, Minoru, Emeritus Plant Pathologist
*ARAKAKI, Alton S., Assistant Extension Agent
ARTHUR, Linda, Associate Professor
*BARTHOLOMEW, Duane P., Emeritus Agronomist,BS California Polytechnic, PhD 1965, Iowa State
*BAUTISTA, Renato C., Junior Researcher in Entomology
*BITTENBENDER, Harry C., Specialist in Horticulture
BORTH, Wayne, Junior Researcher
*BORTHAKUR, Dulal, Associate Researcher, Plant Molecular Physiology
*BOWEN, John E., Plant Physiologist
*BOWEN, Richard L., Specialist in Public Policy
*BRENNAN, Barry M., Specialist in Pesticides
*BREWBAKER, James L., Horticulturist
*BUCKLEY, Brent A., Associate Extension Specialist
BUSHE, Brian, Research Associate
*CAMPBELL, I. Scott, Assistant Specialist in Agronomy
CAMPBELL, Sonia, Research Associate
*CARPENTER, James R., Associate Animal Scientist
*CAULFIELD, Rick, Assistant Professor
*CAVALETTO, Catherine G., Associate Horticulturist
CHEAH, Kheng Tuan, Assistant Researcher
CHEN, Ching-Chen, Junior Researcher
*CHIA, Chian Leng, Specialist in Horticulture
CHING, Chauncey, Researcher
*CHING, Donna R., Specialist in Agricultural Leadership
*CHING, Lincoln Y. T., Junior Extension Agent, Kaua'i
*CHO, John J., Researcher in Plant Pathology
CHONG, Joan L., Junior Extension Agent, Kona; BEd 1978, Hawai'i
*CHRISTOPHER, David A., Assistant Plant Physiologist
*CHUNG, Diane, Assistant Professor, Textiles and Clothing
CLEVELAND, Gordon, Research Associate
*COX, Linda, J., Specialist in CRD
COUGHLIN, Julia, Research Associate
*CRILEY, Richard A., Horticulturist
*DAVIDSON, Dana, Professor of Human Developement
*DeBARYSHE, Barbara, Associate Specialist, Center on the Family
*DeFRANK, Joseph, Horticulturist
*DE LA PENA, Ramon S., Agronomist
DEPUTY, J. C., Research Associate, BS 1964, Indiana; MS 1969, Hawai'i
*DERRICKSON, Joda P., Nutrition Specialist and EFNEP Coordinator
*DICKSON, Carol Anne, Associate Professor, Textiles and Clothing
DOOLEY, Dian, Associate Professor
*DUAN, Jian J., Junior Researcher in Entomology
*DUNN, Michael A., Associate Researcher in Nutrition
*DUPONTE, Michael M., Associate Extension Agent, Hilo
*EARLY, Richard J., Associate Animal Scientist
*EBESU, Richard H., Assistant Extension Agent, Kaua'i
*EL SWAIFY, Samir A., Soil Scientist
*ENGEL, John W., Researcher in Family Resources
EVENSEN, Carl I., Associate Specialist, Water Quality and Environmental Education
FALLON, Declan, Junior Researcher
*FERGUSON, Carol A., Associate Agricultural Economist
*FERREIRA, Stephen A., Associate Specialist in Plant Pathology
*FLEMING, Kent D., Associate Specialist in Horticulture, Kona
*FONG, Grace, Associate Professor, Family Resources
*FONTES, Ann M., Extension Agent, Hilo
FOX, Robert L., Emeritus Soil Scientist; BS 1948, MA 1950, PhD 1954, Missouri
FRIDAY, J. B., Assistant Specialist, Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry Extension
*FUKUDA, Steven K., Extension Agent, O'ahu
FUKUI, Hisae, Research Associate
*FUKUMOTO, Glen K., Associate Extension Agent, Kona
*GAUTZ, Loren D., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Biosystems Engineering
*GOFF, Madison L., Entomologist
GOKAN, Joni, Research Associate
GOO, Theodore, T. S., Research Associate; BS 1966, Hawai'i
*GOPALAKRISHNAN, Chennat, Professor, Agricultural Economist
*GRACE, J. Kenneth, Jr., Entomologist
GREEN, Richard E., Emeritus Soil Scientist, BS 1953, Colorado State; MS 1957, Nebraska, PhD 1962, Iowa State
GUSUKUMA-MINUTO, Laura R., Research Associate, Entomology; BS 1987, MS 1990, Hawai'i
*HABTE, Mitiku, Soil Scientist
*HALLORAN, John M., Associate Specialist in Marketing
*HAMASAKI, Randall T., Associate Extension Agent, O'ahu
*HARA, Arnold H., Entomologist
*HARGER, Barbara, Associate Professor, Textiles and Clothing
HARTSOCK, Marcia K., Junior Specialist, Center on the Family; BA 1963, Ball State; MA 1964, Hawai'i
*HASHIMOTO, Clark S., Assistant Extension Agent and Interim County Administrator, Maui
HATA, Trent, Research Associate
*HENSLEY, David, Specialist in Horticulture
HO, Merry Cris, Research Associate, ADSC; BS 1977, MS 1981, Hawai'i
HO-A, Elodie B., Research Associate; BS 1969, Hawai'i
*HODGSON, Aurora S., Specialist in Food Technology
*HU, John S., Associate Plant Pathologist
*HUANG, Alvin S., Associate Researcher in Food Science
HUANG, Xuexin, Research Associate
*HUE, Nguyen V., Soil Chemist
*IKEDA, Carol S., Extension Agent, Kona
*IWAOKA, Wayne T., Associate Researcher in Food Science
JACOBSEN, Christopher, Research Associate
JANG, Julana, Research Associate
*JOHNSON, Matthew T., Jr., Junior Researcher in Entomology
*JOHNSON, Marshall W., Entomologist
*JONES, Vincent P., Entomologist
JONES, Wendy E., Research Associate; BS 1983, UC Riverside; MS 1996, Hawai'i
KABLAN, Richard, Research Associate
*KAM, Samuel H. C., Assistant Information Specialist
KADOOKA, Chris, Research Associate
KAM, James, Research Associate
KANEHIRO, Naomi A., Assistant Extension Agent, O'ahu; BS 1969, Hawai'i; RD 1970, MS 1971, Iowa
KANESHIRO, Yoshinori, Emeritus Soil Scientist, BS 1942, MS 1948, PhD 1964, Hawai'i
KAWABATA, Osamu, Research Associate
*KAWAMURA, Laura Jean Y., Assistant Extension Agent, Kaua'i
*KAWATE, Michael K., Associate Specialist in Pesticide Registration
KEALA, Graydon, Research Associate
*KIM, Yong-Soo, Associate Animal Scientist
KINOSHITA, Charles M., Researcher
KLUNGNESS, Lester, Research Associate
*KO, Wen-Hsiung, Plant Pathologist
KOBA, Sally, Research Associate
*KOBAYASHI, Kent D., Associate Horticulturist
*KRATKY, Bernard A., Horticulturist
*KUEHNLE, Adelheid R., Horticulturist
KUNIMOTO, Richard, Research Associate
*KUNISAKI, John T., Assistant Horticulturist
*KUTARA, Pamela, Extension Agent, O'ahu
*LEAMASTER, Bradley R., Associate Specialist in Animal Sciences
*LEBECK, Lynn M., Assistant Specialist, Resource Development
*LEE, Chin Nyean, Dairy Specialist
LEONG, Gladys, Research Associate
*LEONHARDT, Kenneth W., Specialist in Horticulture
*LEUNG, Ping Sun, Agricultural Economist
*LI, Quing Xiao Li, Assistant Pesticide Chemist
*LIANG, Tung, Professor of Biosystems Engineering
LICHTY, Joanne S., Research Associate, BS 1976, MS 1980, Hawai'i
LICUDINE, Jocelyn, Research Associate
*MALECHA, Spencer R., Animal Scientist
*MANSHARDT, Richard M., Horticulturist
*MARTINI, Mary, Associate Professor Family Resources
*MASUO, Diane, Associate Professor Family Resources
MATSUYAMA, Dennis T., Research Associate; BS 1966, Hawai'i
*MCCOMBS, Susan D., Assistant Researcher in Entomology
*MERSINO, Edwin, Extension Agent, O'ahu
*MESSING, Russell H., Entomologist, Kaua'i
MEYER, Donna, Research Associate
*MIYASAKA, Susan C., Associate Professor
MOATS, Terri, Research Associate
MOISYADI, Istefo, Assistant Researcher
MONTERO, Rogerene K., Junior Extension Agent, Moloka'i; BS 1990, Hawai'i
*MORGADO, Marcia, Assistant Professor Textiles and Clothing
*MOTOOKA, Philip S., Specialist in Weed Science, Kona
*MOY, James H., Food Technologist
MURAKAMI, Paul, Research Associate
NAGAI, Natalie Y., Research Associate; MS 1983, Hawai'i
*NAGANO, Steven, Extension Agent, O'ahu
*NAGAO, Mike A., County Administrator, Hawai'i
NAGATA, Norman, Extension Agent, Maui
*NAKAMOTO, Stuart T., Specialist in Marketing
*NAKAMURA-TENGAN, Lynn C., Associate Extension Agent, Maui
*NAKATSUKA, Claire, Associate Extension Agent, O'ahu
*NELSON, Scot C., Associate Plant Pathologist
NEUPANE, Kabi Raj, Junior Researcher
NIINO-DuPONTE, Ruth, Research Associate
*NIP, Wai-Kit, Food Technologist
*NISHIJIMA, Wayne T., Specialist in Plant Pathology, Hilo
*NISHIMOTO, Roy K., Horticulturist
*NISHINA, Melvin S., Associate Extension Agent, Hilo
*NOVOTNY, Rachel, Associate Professor
OGATA, Desmond, Research Associate, Ag Diagnostic Srvc Center; BS 1982, MS 1985, Hawai'i
OGOSHI, Richard, Research Specialist
*OHAMA, Masako, Assistant Extension Agent, Kaua'i
OISHI, Darcy E., Research Associate; BA 1995, Washington U
OSHIRO, Robert, Research Associate
*OOKA, Jeri J., Associate Plant Pathologist
O'REILLY, Joseph P., Associate Researcher in Family Resources; BS 1962, Tufts; MA 1966, PhD 1969, Hawai'i 
*PAULL, Robert E., Plant Physiologist
PENG, Calvin, Research Associate
PETERS, Shannon, Research Assistant
PETERSON, Aaron, Research Associate
PITZ, Karen, Junior Researcher
*POWLEY, John S., Extension Agent, Maui
REYES, Marcelino, Junior Researcher
*ROHRBACH, Kenneth, Entomologist
*SAGAWA, Yoneo, Horticulturist
*SAITO, Rose W., Extension Agent, O'ahu
SAKUOKA, Richard T., UH Agriculture and Products Specialist; MS 1968, Hawai'i
SATO, Dale, Educational Specialist, O'ahu; BS 1975, Hawai'i
*SATO, Dwight M., Associate Extension Agent, Hilo
*SAUL, Stephen H., Associate Entomologist
*SCHMITT, Donald P., Plant Pathologist
SCHWARTZ, Stacie, Research Associate
*SEIFERT, Josef, Pesticide Chemist
*SEKIOKA, Terry T., County Administrator, Kaua'i
SETHER, Diane, Research Associate
SEWAKE, Kelvin T., Associate Extension Agent, Hilo; BS 1982, MS 1984, Hawai'i, Hilo
SHANG, Eugene Y. C., Emeritus Agricultural Economist, BA 1958, Chung Hsing; MS 1962 Southern Illinois; PhD 1969, Hawai'i
*SHIMABUKU, Robin S., Associate Extension Agent
SHOVIC, Anne, Associate Professor
*SILVA, James A., Emeritus Soil Scientist
*SINGLETON, Paul W., Director, NifTAL, and Agronomist
*SIPES, Brent S., Associate Plant Pathologist
*SMITH, Burton J., Specialist in Livestock & Pasture Management, Kamuela
*SMITH, Virginia E., Assistant Extension Agent, Kona
SPIELMAN, Steven P., Research Associate; BA 1975, Minnesota; MS 1980, Hawai'i
*SPOTKAEFF, Maryknoll K. K. L., Extension Agent, O'ahu
*STILES, John I., Associate Plant Physiologist
*SU, Wei-Wen, Associate Professor of Biosystems Engineering
SUEHISA, Robert H., Research Associate; BS 1959, Colorado; MS 1961, Hawai'i
*SUVERKROPP, Bastiaan P., Junior Researcher in Entomology
*TAKEDA, Kenneth Y., Assistant Horticulturist
TAMIMI, Y. N., Emeritus Soil Scientist, BS 1957, Purdue; MS 1959, New Mexico State; PhD 1964, Hawai'i
*TANG, Chung-Shih, Biochemist
TANIGUCHI, Glenn Y., Research Associate; BS 1973, MS 1977, Hawai'i
TARUTANI, Cathy, Research Associate
*TAVARES, James W., Associate Extension Agent, Maui
*TEVES, Glenn I., Junior Extension Agent, Moloka'i
TOME, Carrie H. M., Research Associate; BA 1988, Hawai'i
*TRUJILLO, Eduardo E., Plant Pathologist
TSUDA, Dick M., Research Associate; BS 1969, MS 1988, Hawai'i
TSUJI, Gordon, Soil Scientist
TURN, Scott, Assistant Researcher
*UCHIDA, Janice Y., Associate Plant Pathologist
UCHIDA, Raymond, Coordinator, Ag Diagnostic Srvc Center; BS 1967, MS 1973, Hawai'i
*UEHARA, Goro, Soil Scientist
URUU, Gail, Research Associate
*VALENZUELA, Hector R., Associate Specialist in Horticulture
*VIETH, Gary R., Assistant Agricultural Economist
*VINCENT, Douglas L., Associate Animal Scientist
*WALL, Ronald W., Specialist in Human Resources
*WANG, Jaw-Kai, Professor of Biosystems Engineering
*WARD, Deborah J., Associate Extension Agent, Hilo
*WEEMS, Charles W., Animal Scientist
WEEMS, Yoshie, Research Associate
*WONG, Melvin K., Extension Agent, O'ahu
WONG, Roland, Food Proc. Specialist
*WOODROW, Robert J., Junior Researcher in Entomology
*WU, I-Pai, Professor of Biosystems Engineering
YAHATA, Pat S., Research Associate; MS 1983, Hawai'i
*YAMAKAWA, Roy, Associate Extension Agent, Kaua'i
YAMAMOTO, Harry Y., Plant Physiologist
*YAMAUCHI, Hiroshi, Emeritus Professor and Agricultural Economist
*YANAGIDA, John F., Agricultural Economist
YANAGIHARA, Joan, Research Associate
YANAGIHARA, Karl, Research Associate
*YANG, Ping-Yi, Professor of Biosystems Engineering
*YATES, Julian R. III, Associate Specialist, Entomology
YOGI, Julie Ann, Research Associate
*YOSHINO, Rhoda M., Extension Agent, O'ahu
*YOST, Russell S., Agronomist
*YOUNG, Jean S., State Coordinator, Family Community Leadership
*YUEN, Sylvia, Director of the Center on the Family and Professor of Human Resources
*ZALESKI, Halina, Associate Specialist in Animal Science
*ZEE, Julia, Associate Extension Agent, Hilo
*ZEUG, Helene H., Assistant State 4-H Leader and Extension Specialist
ZHOU, Jiachun, Research Associate
ZHOU, Lili, Junior Researcher

An asterisk (*) before a name indicates that dates and institutions of degrees are listed under “The Faculty.”

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