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Courses: French
French (FR)

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature 

All courses are conducted in French.

FR 101 Elementary French (4) Conversation, laboratory drill, grammar, reading. FL

FR 102 Elementary French (4) Continuation of 101. Pre: 101. FL

FR 104 Accelerated Elementary French (3) Covers material of 101 at an accelerated pace. Designed for students having some prior exposure to French but in need of review before 102. Pre: consent.

FR 110 Immersion French-Elementary (8) Meets two hours daily, Monday-Friday. Work of 101 and 102 covered in one semester. FL

FR 111 Introduction to French for TIM Majors (3) Basic grammar and vocabulary emphasized through conversation, reading, and writing. Laboratory drill. Not applicable to language requirements of Arts and Sciences. Pre: TIM 101 or concurrent.

FR 112 Introduction to French for TIM Majors (3) Continuation of 111.

FR 201 Intermediate French (3) Reading, conversation, laboratory drill, composition. Pre: 102 or equivalent. FL

FR 202 Intermediate French (3) Continuation of 201. Pre: 201. FL

FR 210 Immersion French-Intermediate (6) Course content of 201-202 covered in one semester. Three two-hour sessions per week plus laboratory practice. Pre: 102. FL

FR 260 Intensive Intermediate French Abroad (V) Intensive course of formal instruction on the second-year level in French language and culture in a French-speaking country. Pre: 102. FL

FR 301 French Phonetics (3) Analysis of phonological system; methods of teaching pronunciation; understanding various types of spontaneous speech. Drills in pronunciation, intonation, stress, and rhythm. Pre: 202 or consent.

FR 306 Structure of French (3) Structure of contemporary French as analyzed by descriptive linguists. Pre: 202.

FR 309 Business French (3) Reading and writing commercial materials. Pre: 202.

FR 311 Conversation (3) Systematic practice for control of spoken French. Further development of vocabulary for accurate, mature expression. Pre: 202.

FR 312 Composition (3) Emphasis on strengthening facility with language through further training in syntax, structure, and composition writing. Pre: 202.

FR 331 Survey of French Literature (3) Major authors and movements. Pre: 311 and 312; only one may be concurrent.

FR 332 Survey of French Literature (3) Continuation of 331. Pre: 311 and 312; only one may be concurrent.

FR 360 Intensive Third-Level French Abroad (V) Intensive course of formal instruction on the third-year level in French language and culture in a French-speaking country. Pre: 202 or 260.

FR 361 Contemporary French Civilization (3) Survey of culture and institutions of modern France. Pre: 202.

FR 364 Survey of French Civilization (3) A historical survey of the development of French culture. The course is interdisciplinary, focusing on the relations between politics, literature, science, and the arts. Pre: 202 or consent.

FR 391 (Alpha) Topics in French Literature (3) (B) French film; (C) the Fantastic; (D) Francophone literature. Pre: 311 or 312, or consent. Repeatable with consent.

FR 405 Advanced Oral and Written Expression (3) Further development of listening, comprehension, speaking, and writing skills through viewing of French videotapes, reading French newspapers, frequent oral and written reports. Pre: 311 and 312, 306, or 358.

FR 406 French-English Translation Techniques (3) Practice in techniques based on contrastive linguistics. Translation of texts from various fields from French into English and the reverse. Pre: 306 or 309, and 312.

FR 408 Masterpieces of Medieval Literature (3) Samplings from epic, novel, verse and prose, tale, lyric poetry, chronicle, theater, didactic literature. Elementary readings in original text in editions giving modern French translation. Pre: 331.

FR 410 Masterpieces of 16th-Century Literature (3) Samplings from all major writers of the period. Readings in original text in editions giving modern French equivalents for difficult words. Pre: 331 or consent.

FR 411 Masterpieces of 17th-Century Literature (3) Principal works of major dramatists: Corneille, Moliere, Racine. Principal movements and major authors of non-dramatic prose and poetry. Pre: 331 or consent.

FR 413 Masterpieces of 18th-Century Literature (3) Pre: 332 or consent.

FR 415 Masterpieces of 19th-Century Literature (3) Poetry. Pre: 332 or consent.

FR 416 Masterpieces of 19th-Century Literature (3) Continuation of 415. Prose. Pre: 332 or consent.

FR 420 20th-Century French Novel (3) Major French novelists of 20th century and their works: Gide, Proust, Mauriac, Sartre, Camus, etc. Pre: 332 or consent.

FR 421 20th-Century French Theater (3) Major French playwrights and their works: Claudel, Giraudoux, Anouilh, Sartre, Camus, etc. Pre: 332 or consent.

FR 422 20th-Century French Poetry (3) Explication and discussion of poems by Valery, Claudel, Apollinaire, Supervielle, Saint-John Perse, Breton, Desnos, Eluard, Aragon, Char, Reverdy. Goal is appreciation. Pre: 332 or consent.

FR 460 Intensive Fourth-Level French Abroad (V) Intensive course of formal instruction on the fourth-year level in French language, culture and literature in a French-speaking country. Pre: 360 or equivalent.

FR 491 Seminar in French Literature (3) Study of authors, a period, or a topic. Repeatable. Pre: senior standing, Honors Program, or permission of division chair.

FR 506 French for Reading Proficiency (3) Reading of scholarly and technical French for graduate students; open to undergraduates with consent of department chair. Not applicable to undergraduate language requirement. CR/NC only. Repeatable.

FR 601 Seminar in 20th-Century French Literature (3) Authors and movements of modern period.

FR 602 Seminar in French Poetry (3) Representative poems from Renaissance to the present.

FR 609 French Renaissance (3) Poetry, theater, prose. Emphasis on Montaigne and Rabelais. Lectures, discussions, reports.

FR 620 Masterpieces of the 17th Century (3) Dramatic or prose works of the classical period.

FR 651 Philosophic Currents in 18th Century (3) Philosophic movements and their impact on the social, political, and literary life of the period and the modern era.

FR 661 Stylistics (3) Designed to give mastery of structure and phrasing. Translation into French, discussion, composition.

FR 671 History of the French Language (3) Origins and development of French language in its cultural context. Contrastive analysis. 

FR 672 (Alpha) Seminar in Medieval Literature (3) Genesis and evolution of literary genres from the 12th to 15th centuries. (B) epic and romance; (C) drama and prose; (D) lyric poetry. Repeatable.

FR 681 Seminar: The Novel in France (3) Novels which have influenced movements or established techniques. Repeatable with consent of chair of graduate field.

FR 690 The Theater in France (3) Historical development; major dramatists who have influenced movements or established techniques. Pre: 6 credit hours at 400 level.

FR 699 Directed Research (V) Pre: consent of department chair.

FR 735 Seminar in French Literature (3) Study of authors or a period. Repeatable. Pre: consent of chair of graduate field.

For key to symbols and abbreviations, see the first page of this section.

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