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Courses: Linguistics
Linguistics (LING)

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature 

LING 102 Introduction to the Study of Language (3) Nature and workings of language; its role in culture and history. AH3

LING 170 The Language of Children (3) Survey of findings about the child's acquisition of language.

LING 320 General Linguistics (3) Approaches, concepts, component areas of linguistics; its development as a science.

LING 331 Computer Applications (3) Background; uses for machine translation, dictionary programs, speech synthesis, grammar modeling, etc. Pre: 320 (or concurrent) or consent.

LING 344 Languages of the World (3) Survey of major language families; typological classification and language universals; writing systems, "contact" languages. Variety of grammatical structures illustrated by selected languages. Pre: 320 or consent. 

LING 345 The Polynesian Language Family (3) Introduction to the language family of Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori, Tahitian, Tongan, etc. Theories of migration and settlement. Influence of present-day languages upon sound system, grammar, and vocabulary of proto-Polynesian. Pre: 102 and some familiarity with a Polynesian language, or consent.

LING 346 The Philippine Language Family (3) Introduction; phonological and grammatical systems; historical developments; emphasis on Filipino, Cebuano, and Ilokano. Pre: 102 and a Philippine language or enrollment in Ilokano or Filipino, or consent. 

LING 347 Pidgin and Creole Languages (3) Nature, history, structure, geographical distribution. Pre: 102.

LING 410 Articulatory Phonetics (3) Intensive training in recognition, reproduction, and recording of human speech sounds; preparation for fieldwork with unrecorded languages and for clinical work in speech pathology. Fall only.

LING 414 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (3) Ethnographic study of speech and language. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as ANTH 414)

LING 420 Morphology (3) Theory of word structure; analysis of a variety of morphological types. Pre: 320 (or concurrent). Spring only.

LING 421 Introduction to Phonological Analysis (3) Phonological analysis and theory. Pre: 410 (or concurrent). Fall only.

LING 422 Introduction to Grammatical Analysis (3) Syntactic analysis and grammatical theory. Pre: 421 (or concurrent). Fall only. 

LING 440 Semantics (3) Linguistic semantics, including lexical and logical semantics, and an introduction to speech acts. Pre: 320 or consent. 

LING 451 Induction of Linguistic Structure (3) Phonological and grammatical structures of a previously uncodified language are determined by linguistic analysis of data obtained from speakers of the language. Pre: 102 or 320.

LING 452 Induction of Linguistic Structure (3) Continuation of 451. Pre: 451.

LING 470 Children's Speech (3) Individual strategies, baby talk, language socialization, language variation including multilingualism. Relation of cognitive to language development. Pre: 320.

LING 499 Directed Research (V) Repeatable up to 3 credit hours. CR/NC only. Pre: one 400-level linguistic course and consent.

LING 500 Master's Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master's Plan B or C candidate and consent.

LING 611 Acoustic Phonetics (3) Stream of speech analyzed according to acoustic properties and function in given languages; articulatory correlates. Use of sound spectrograph. Pre: 410.

LING 615 The Nature of Language (3) Language as a communication system, current theories of grammar, meaning, sociolinguistics, linguistic change and comparison.

LING 616 Biological Foundations of Language (3) Human anatomy and neurology in relation to language and linguistic theory. Pre: 422.

LING 621 Phonology (3) Phonological theory and problems of analysis. Pre: 421. Spring only.

LING 622 Grammar (3) Grammatical theory and problems of analysis. Pre: 422. Spring only.

LING 623 Semantics and Pragmatics (3) Ways in which the interpretation of sentences in natural language depends upon the literal meaning of propositions and their logical (semantic) and conversational (pragmatic) inferences. Pre: 422 or consent.

LING 624 Discourse Grammar (3) Phonological, grammatical, semantic, and pragmatic dimensions of spoken and written discourse, placing the level of sentence grammar in context. Pre: 622 (or concurrent) or consent.

LING 625 Mathematical Properties of Natural Languages (3) Construction of logical and other mathematical systems that mirror properties of natural languages. Pre: 622 or background in formal logic.

LING 630 Field Methods (3) Work with native speakers of lesser-known languages to develop techniques for data collection and analysis. Repeatable. Pre: 421 and 422.

LING 631 Language Data Processing (3) Preparation of language data for computer processing; use ready-made programs; write simple language processing programs using SNOBOL4. Applications to student's research. Pre: 422.

LING 635 Language Variation (3) Review of various approaches to class, style, regional, and other variation; including sociolinguistics, dialectology, and studies of language contact, diglossia, pidgins, and creoles. Pre: 622.

LING 640 (Alpha) Topics in Linguistics (3) History of the discipline, schools of linguistic thought, current issues, etc. Repeatable. (E) English linguistics; (F) phonology and phonetics; (G) general; (H) history of the discipline; (S) sociolinguistics; (T) theory; (X) syntax; (Y) psycholinguistics. Pre: consent.

LING 645 The Comparative Method (3) Introduction to historical-comparative linguistics; attention to both Indo-European and languages with few or no written records. Pre: 421 and 422, or consent. Fall only.

LING 646 The Comparative Method (3) Continuation of 645. Pre: 645. Spring only.

LING 650 Advanced Linguistic Analysis (3) Advanced problems; discussion of theory and techniques in morphology and syntax. Repeatable. Pre: 621, 622, and consent.

LING 651 Advanced Linguistic Analysis (3) Advanced problems; discussion of theory and techniques in phonology. Repeatable. Pre: 650.

LING 660 Historical Linguistics (3) Survey of research in history of particular languages or language families. Repeatable. Pre: 645.

LING 661 Proto-Austronesian (3) Introduction to Austronesian comparative linguistics; Dempwolff's reconstruction and subsequent modifications; problems of subgrouping. Pre: 645.

LING 662 Indo-European (3) Reconstruction of proto-Indo-European, based mainly on five older languages (Sanskrit, Classical Greek, Latin, Old Church Slavic, Gothic). Pre: 645.

LING 663 Indo-European (3) Continuation of 662. Pre: 662.

LING 670 Developmental Linguistics (3) Survey of the literature in language acquisition; emphasis on relation to linguistic theory. Pre: 410, 421, and 422.

LING 699 Directed Research (V) CR/NC only. Repeatable. Maximum 6 credit hours. Pre: graduate standing and consent.

LING 700 Thesis Research (V) Repeatable up to 12 credit hours.

LING 750 (Alpha) Seminar (3) Reporting and discussion of current research in linguistics. Repeatable. (C) language data processing; (E) ethnolinguistics; (F) phonology and phonetics; (G) general; (M) semantics; (Q) language acquisition; (R) written language; (S) sociolinguistics; (T) theory; (X) syntax; (Y) psycholinguistics. Pre: consent.

LING 751 Literacy and Language (3) A survey of the literature on literacy, emphasizing origins and development, varieties of scripts, and the cognitive and social aspects of visual language. Pre: 422 or consent.

LING 760 Problems in Comparison and Prehistory (3) Reconstruction, classification, divergence measures, dialect geography, other historical-comparative studies. Repeatable. Pre: 645, 660, 661, 662, or 663 where applicable.

LING 770 Areal Linguistics (3) Structures of languages of various areas of the world; diffusion. Repeatable. Pre: 622.

LING 799 Apprenticeship in Teaching Linguistics (V) An experience-based introduction to college-level teaching; doctoral students serve as student teachers to professors; responsibilities include supervised teaching and participation in planning and evaluation. Repeatable. Pre: admission to doctoral program and consent.

LING 800 Dissertation Research (V) 

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