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Courses: Marketing
Marketing (MKT)

College of Business Administration 

MKT 311 Consumer Behavior (3) Analysis of consumer behavior and motivation; principles of learning, personality, perception, and group influence, with emphasis upon mass communication effects. Pre: BUS 312 or consent. (Cross-listed as PSY 385)

MKT 321 Marketing Research (3) Research aids to marketing management; nature of the research process; planning research including problems of sampling and measurement; experimental and non-experimental methods and techniques; analysis of data. Pre: BUS 312 and DS 305, or consent.

MKT 331 Advertising and Promotion Management (3) In-depth coverage of the major communication tools used in marketing such as advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and public relations. Pre: BUS 312 or consent.

MKT 332 Advertising Campaigns (3) Planning and development of advertising campaigns, creative copy and media strategies, creation and execution of broadcast and print advertisements and advertising research. Pre: 331 or consent.

MKT 341 Retailing Management (3) Principles, functions, and analysis of opportunities and problems in retailing: location and layout; merchandise planning; buying and selling; organizational forms and design; expense analysis and control; coordination of store activities. Pre: BUS 312 or consent.

MKT 351 Professional Selling (3) Emphasis on selling technique, social-psychological principles of persuasion, and interpersonal communication. Lecture, discussion, and application of relevant principles and techniques. CR/NC only. Pre: BUS 312 or consent.

MKT 352 Sales Management (3) Course delves into the Sales Management process. Through a variety of activities, students gain experience in sales planning, recruiting and training sales people, methods of motivating and compensating, territory management and sales team communications. Pre: 351, BUS 312, or consent.

MKT 361 Seminar in Marketing (3) Study and discussion of significant topics and problems in the field of marketing. May be repeated with change in topic. Pre: consent and usually senior standing.

MKT 362 Internet Marketing (3) Examines use of Internet in the marketing of goods and services; for example new product development, marketing research, direct sales and marketing communications on the World Wide Web. Real world projects provide opportunities for application. Pre: BUS 311 and BUS 312; or consent. 

MKT 363 Database Marketing (3) This course focuses on the evolving fields of database marketing. Students learn optimal ways of developing and using a customer database to design, implement and evaluate direct, loyalty and other marketing programs. A-F only. Pre: BUS 311 and MKT 321; or consent. 

MKT 371 Marketing Management (3) Real world decision-making simulation providing strategic experience in a group setting. Pre: BUS 312 or consent.

MKT 381 Multinational Marketing (3) Principles and topics related to international marketing, with emphasis on strategic planning and applications. Pre: BUS 312 or consent.

MKT 391 Marketing Strategies (3) Decision-making by the marketing executive; integration of all elements of the marketing program based on actual business situations. Pre: 311, 321, and one other marketing course above 311; or consent.

MKT 399 Directed Reading and Research (V) Reading and research in a special area of major under direction of faculty member(s). Project must include statement of objectives, outline of activities planned, results expected, and how they are to be reported and evaluated. Must be approved in advance by the department chair and the faculty adviser.

MKT 410 Software Tools in Marketing (3) This course focuses on computer software tools designed to help managers make more informed marketing decisions. Through hands-on experience, students learn software skills useful in marketing management, marketing research, sales and advertising. A-F only. Pre: BUS 310 and BUS 312; or consent.

MKT 411 (Alpha) Topics in Marketing (3) Selected topics in marketing. (B) entrepreneurial marketing; (C) Asia market analysis. Pre: BUS 312 or consent.

MKT 651 Advanced Marketing Management (3) A case course in the application of advanced marketing methods. Pre: BUS 615 or consent.

MKT 652 Japanese Marketing Systems (3) Specialized study of Japanese marketing systems, considers both global and domestic marketing activities in the context of the Japanese economy. Pre: BUS 615 or consent.

MKT 653 International Marketing Management (3) Integrated and comparative approach to international marketing management. Emphasis on the development of a competitive strategy in a global environment. Applications to both developing and industrialized markets. Pre: BUS 615 or consent.

MKT 654 Promotion Management and Strategy (3) Emphasis on the major communication tools of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity used to motivate consumers to action; includes relevant consumer behavior theory. Pre: BUS 615 or consent.

MKT 655 Marketing Research Methodology (3) Research aids to marketing management: problem specification, hypothesis formulation, sample design, questionnaire construction, data collection, analysis, and policy recommendations. Pre: BUS 615 or consent.

MKT 656 Creativity in Marketing (3) Thought processes that relate to creativity. Through a series of exercises, students experience enriched creativity and enhanced communication skills. Pre: BUS 615 or consent.

MKT 657 Services Marketing (3) Conceptual understanding of distinctive aspects of services, services management, and services research. Pre: BUS 615 or consent.

MKT 690 Advanced Seminar in Marketing (3) Significant topics, problems in marketing. May be repeated with change in topic. Pre: BUS 615 or consent.

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