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Courses: Second Language Studies
Second Language Studies (SLS)

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature 

Courses below 380 are not applicable toward the MA in English as a second language.

SLS 111 Practicum for Foreign T.A.'s (3) Extensive practice for foreign teaching assistants in speaking in classroom situations with an emphasis on oral skills, American cultural expectations, and classroom management. Pre: ELI 080.

SLS 302 Second Language Learning (3) Theoretical foundations for the learning and teaching of second/foreign languages. Pre: upper division standing.

SLS 303 Second Language Teaching (3) Survey of methodology; basic concepts and practices. Pre: 302.

SLS 312 Techniques in Second Language Teaching: Reading and Writing (3) Methods and materials. Issues in teaching; survey of available materials and practice in their adaptation. Pre: 302.

SLS 313 Techniques in Second Language Teaching: Listening and Speaking (3) Methods and materials. Issues in teaching; survey of available materials and practice in their adaptation. Pre: 302.

SLS 380 Bilingual Education (3) Survey and analysis of current thinking and practices in bilingual/bicultural education; special emphasis on ESL/EFL. Pre: 302, graduate standing; or consent.

SLS 418 Instructional Media (3) Theoretical foundation and practical applications of using electronic and audiovisual media in second language teaching. Pre: 303 or graduate standing; or consent.

SLS 430 Pidgin and Creole English in Hawai'i (3) Major historical descriptive, pedagogical aspects; pidgin and creole languages, linguistic change, language variation. Work with actual language data. Laboratory work required. Pre: 302 and LING 102, or graduate standing; or consent. AH3

SLS 441 Language Concepts for Second Language Learning and Teaching (3) Language analysis-phonology, syntax, semantics, discourse for teaching second languages. Pre: one of 302, LING 102, LING 320, or graduate standing; or consent.

SLS 460 English Phonology (3) Basic course in English phonetics and phonology; emphasis on areas of interest to language teachers. 
Pre: 302.

SLS 490 Second Language Testing (3) Measurement and evaluation of achievement and proficiency in second language learning. Pre: 302, 441, LING 102, or graduate standing.

SLS 499 Directed Reading/Research (V) For liberal studies majors. Pre: a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 or a minimum GPA of 3.0 in major, or consent of department chair.

SLS 500 Master's Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master's Plan B or C candidate and consent.

SLS 520 Topics in Second Language Teaching (V) Approaches and methodology in teaching second languages; research in second language acquisition and sociolinguistics. Repeatable three times. CR/NC only. Pre: teaching certificate.

SLS 600 Introduction to Second Language Studies (3) Introduction to basic professional and research issues in second language studies; integration of theory, research, and practice for prospective ESL teachers and researchers. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

SLS 612 Alternative Approaches to Second Language Teaching (3) Examination, comparison with conventional approaches; interpersonal relationships in language teaching. Pre: 600 or consent.

SLS 613 Second Language Listening and Speaking (3) Key issues; overview and critique of published materials; practice in developing syllabi and other materials. Pre: 600 or consent.

SLS 614 Second Language Writing (3) Problems in teaching second language composition. Survey materials; use, modification, and development. Error analysis. Pre: 600 or consent.

SLS 620 Second Language Reading (3) Survey of research in reading process; teaching methodology; psycholinguistic investigations; comparison of reading in first and second languages. Pre: 600 or consent.

SLS 630 Second Language Program Development (3) Designing, implementing, and evaluating language programs; systems-based approach to program and curriculum development. Pre: 600 or consent.

SLS 640 English Syntax (3) English clause structure in relation to second language learning and teaching. Pre: 441 and 600 (or concurrent), or consent.

SLS 642 Comparative Grammar and Second Language Acquisition (3) Comparative study of structures of two or more languages; native speaking informants used. Consideration of language transfer in second language learning, role of typological features. Pre: 441, 460, or ENG 401.

SLS 650 Second Language Acquisition (3) Theory and research. A-F only. Pre: 490 and 600; or consent.

SLS 660 Sociolinguistics and Second Languages (3) Theoretical and practical aspects of language, culture, and society. A-F only. Pre: 600 or consent.

SLS 670 Second Language Quantitative Research (3) Quantitative research methods; design of research studies; techniques in collecting data; statistical inference; and analysis and interpretation of data. Pre: 490, 600, and graduate standing; or consent. 

SLS 671 Research in Language Testing (3) Advanced issues in language testing research including recent developments in the following areas: language testing hypotheses, item analysis, reliability, dependability, and validity. Pre: 490 or consent.

SLS 672 Second Language Classroom Research (3) Survey of research on second language classrooms and analysis of methodological issues. Pre: 600. 

SLS 673 Applied Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition (3) Theory and research in psycholinguistics as related to second language perception, production, acquisition, and instruction. Pre: 441 or LING 422, and 600; or consent.

SLS 675 Second Language Interpretative Qualitative Research (3) Philosophical and theoretical aspects of second language interpretative qualitative research. Pre: 600 and 660 (or concurrent); or consent. 

SLS 678 Microanalysis in Second Language Research (3) Discourse analysis and verbal report as qualitative approaches to second language research; their theories and methodologies; practical application. Pre: 600 or consent. 

SLS 680 (Alpha) Topics in Second Language Acquisition (3) Variable topics in special areas of second language studies: (E) second language learning (Pre: 650); (N) second language analysis (Pre: 640); (P) second language pedagogy (Pre: 600 or consent); (R) second language research methodology (Pre: 670 or 675 or 678; or consent); (U) second language use (Pre: 660). Repeatable if different alpha.

SLS 690 ESL Teaching Practicum (3) Student teaching in ESL classroom. Pre: 600, 610, advancement to candidacy, and consent.

SLS 699 Directed Reading/Research (V) Individual reading in various fields of ESL. CR/NC only. Pre: consent of department chair and instructor.

SLS 700 Thesis Research (V) Thesis research for Plan A students.

SLS 710 Teaching Second Languages (3) Analysis of methods; implications of recent and current research. A-F only. Pre: 650 and 660; or consent.

SLS 730 Seminar in Second Language Education (3) Current issues and problems. Repeatable. Pre: 600 and advancement to candidacy; or consent.

SLS 750 Seminar in Second Language Acquisition (3) Issues in theory and research in second language acquisition of child and adult. Repeatable. Pre: 441 and 460; or consent.

SLS 760 Seminar in Second Language Use (3) Second language/dialect use in multilingual communities. Repeatable. Pre: 660 or consent.

SLS 775 Seminar in Second Language Qualitative Research: Methods (3) Methodology of qualitative research in second language and multilingual contexts; data collection and analysis; ethics and style in research reporting. Pre: 675 or consent. 

SLS 799 Apprenticeship in Teaching (V) An experienced-based introduction to college-level teaching; doctoral students serve as student teachers to professors; responsibilities include supervised teaching, and participation in planning and evaluation. Repeatable. CR/NC only. Pre: graduate standing and consent.

For key to symbols and abbreviations, see the first page of this section.

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