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Courses: Travel Industry Management
Travel Industry Management (TIM)

School of Travel Industry Management 

TIM 100 Internship (1) Introduction to travel industry. Discussion of job search strategies, TIM internship requirements, career and academic planning. CR/NC only.

TIM 101 Introduction to Travel Industry Management (3) Overview of travel industry and related major business components. Analysis of links between hotel, food, transportation, recreation, and other industries comprising tourism. Includes lectures by industry leaders.

TIM 184 Principles of Food Preparation (3) Scientific principles of food preparation and their application in home and institutions. Nutrient content of foods, food product quality standards, food selection and menu planning, and food safety and handling. 

TIM 200 Internship II (1) Four hundred hours of travel industry experience. Comprehensive report by student and performance evaluation from employer required. CR/NC only. Pre: TIM major, 100, and 101.

TIM 300 Internship III (1) Four hundred hours of travel industry experience. Position must be different from TIM 200 position and of a more responsible nature or in a different organization. Comprehensive report by student and performance evaluation from employer required. CR/NC only. Pre: TIM major and 200.

TIM 310 Institutional Purchasing (3) Procurement responsibilities in travel industry management. Emphasis on institutions supplying hotels, restaurants, air lines, etc. and legislation that controls standards of industrial supplies and goods. Pre: 184.

TIM 311 Restaurant and Club Operations (3) Introduction to restaurant and club operations. Operational techniques in different types of food services in hotels, restaurants, clubs, and institutions. A-F only. Pre: 184.

TIM 312 Quantity Food Production (3) Principles of food and beverage management applied to quantity food production operations; consideration of system components including marketing, menu planning, logistical support, production, and control. Pre: 184. (Cross-listed as FSHN 312)

TIM 316 Special Events Management I (1) Application of special events management concepts. Includes planning, marketing, staffing, producing, and fiscal and quality control. Repeatable once. CR/NC only. Instructor's approval required to enroll.

TIM 317 Special Events Management II (2) Continuation of 316. Repeatable once. 
CR/NC only. Pre: 316 and instructor's approval to enroll.

TIM 318 Food Quality Assurance (3) Establishment of quality assurance program in a food service operation; proper use of both objective and sensory perception to evaluate food and beverage products. Pre: 311 and one of AREC 310, BUS 310, SOCS 225, or ECON 321.

TIM 321 Sociocultural Issues in Tourism (3) Positive and negative impacts of tourism on society, social change, culture, residents, developing countries, and environment. Role of social planning. Pre 101. 

TIM 324 Geography of Global Tourism (3) Tourism and the use of land resources, spatial patterns of supply and demand, impacts of tourism development, models of tourist space. Comparison of flows between major world regions. (Alt. years) (Cross-listed as GEOG 324)

TIM 325 Tourism Development: Hawai'i and Asia Pacific (3) Tourism development in Hawai'i and other Asia Pacific destinations. Analysis of key factors essential to stages of development, travel trends, and structural changes. Pre: 101.

TIM 327 Travel Agency Management (3) Agency organization and operations; development of retail, wholesale, and group operations; providing services to individuals, tour groups, conventions, incentive groups; special purpose travel. Pre: 101 and either 363 or BUS 315.

TIM 331 Hotel Operations (3) Operational practices; organizational structure, personnel administration, international standards and practice; decision-making and policy formulation. A-F only. Pre: 101.

TIM 332 Hotel Management Controls (3) Cost accounting/controls for hotel and food service operations, including budgeting, front office accounting, food and beverage controls, payroll controls, financial analysis. Pre: ACC 202 or consent.

TIM 333 Hotel Design, Engineering, and Maintenance (3) Manager's role in architectural design, engineering, and maintenance problems in hotels and resorts, including food service facilities. Pre: 184 or consent.

TIM 334 Hotel and Convention Sales (3) Functions, methods, and problems of hotel, convention, and restaurant sales. Needs of different classifications of properties; market segmentation and the sale of services vs. products. A-F only. Pre: 101.

TIM 361 Legal Environment of Travel Industry (3) Origin, development, and principles of common, statutory, constitutional, international, and maritime law relating to hospitality industry. A-F only.

TIM 362 Information Systems Technology (3) Computer applications in the travel industry; operation and evaluation of specific travel industry systems and applied business systems. Pre: 101, ICS 101, and ICS 101L.

TIM 363 Management of Service Enterprises (3) Principles and philosophies of management with special emphasis on those principles and theories that are most relevant to management in service-based industries. Students may not earn credit for 363 and BUS 315. Pre: 101 or consent.

TIM 364 Principles of Travel Industry Marketing (3) Concepts, problems, processes of marketing within the travel industry; development of marketing strategies including product, place, promotion, and price for travel institutions. Students may not earn credit for 364 and BUS 312. Pre: 101 and either ECON 120 or ECON 130 or consent.

TIM 365 Economics in Travel Industry (3) Microeconomic theory of consumer behavior and demand production cost analysis, market structure and pricing in travel companies. Economic impact of tourism. Students may not earn credit for 365 and BUS 313. Pre: either ECON 120 or ECON 130, and one of AREC 310, BUS 310, ECON 321, or SOCS 225.

TIM 366 Human Resource Management: Travel Industry (3) Principles of human resource management applied to contemporary theories and practices in the travel industry; employee productivity, recruitment, and retention. Pre: 101.

TIM 368 TIM Study Abroad (V) Study abroad instructional experience emphasizing international travel, tourism and hospitality-related topics at equivalent, accredited programs. Course content varies depending on locus of instruction and instructor. Course qualifies as either a TIM or general elective with pre-approval or department. Repeatable. Pre: consent.

TIM 369 (Alpha) Current Topics in Travel Industry Management (3) Current topics in travel industry management. (B) resort development; (C) advanced logistics; (D) transportation and public policy. Pre: 363 or BUS 315; or consent; for (C) only: TRNS 351; for (D) only: TRNS 350.

TIM 399 Directed Reading and Research (V) Reading and research into problems in hotel, restaurant, or tourism sectors of the travel industry. Pre: junior standing or above, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and consent of dean's office and instructor based upon student's written proposal of content and objectives of course program.

TIM 400 (Alpha) Internship IV: Advanced Level (1) (B) executive internship; (C) community service internship. Restricted to majors. CR/NC only. Pre: 200 and consent. 

TIM 410 Food Service Systems Management (3) Current types of food service systems and components; managerial methods applied to produce effective systems. Systems approach to food service management, planning, and decision-making. Pre: 311 and senior standing. (Cross-listed as FSHN 410)

TIM 421 Tourism Policy and Planning (3) Formulation of tourism policies and plans. Development of national tourism organizations; relationships between public and private sector. Pre: 101, 364, and senior standing. 

TIM 431 Lodging Industry Administration (3) Application of administrative concepts to problems of lodging/accommodation management and operation. Policy and decision-making assisted by systems analysis, data processing, and other internal controls. Pre: 331 and graduating senior.

TIM 469 Advanced Topics: Travel Industry Management (3) Advanced topics in hotel management, restaurant/institutional management, tourism or transportation. Repeatable once with consent. Pre: either 311, 331, 365, or TRNS 350.

TIM 500 Master's Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master's Plan B or C candidate with consent.

TIM 602 Strategic Travel Marketing (3) In-depth study of marketing principles and problems related to travel industry organizations. Emphasis on strategic marketing. Research applications, international and domestic marketing of travel industry services. Pre: one of 364, BUS 312, or BUS 615.

TIM 603 Travel Information Systems (3) Applications of information technology to the travel industry from a management perspective. System design and choice; use in decision making; impacts. Trends in database management; reservation networks; Internet application and others. Students may not earn credit for 603 and BUS 651. A-F only. Pre: ICS 101 and ICS 101L, or consent.

TIM 604 Managerial Accounting for Travel Industry (3) Advanced study of management accounting within travel industry: responsibility accounting, pricing decisions, concepts and application of central systems, financial planning, price level impacts, performance evaluation. Pre: ACC 202 or BUS 614.

TIM 605 International Hospitality Management (3) Advanced human relations and operating issues; use of accounting, behavioral, financial, marketing, and informational systems in managing hospitality organizations. Pre: 363 or BUS 315.

TIM 610 Research Seminar (3) Research designs and applications of multivariate analysis techniques in the travel industry. Pre: undergraduate quantitative methods course. 

TIM 691 Transportation Systems Management (3) Advanced study of the management of passenger transportation systems in the travel industry. Focus on different forms of transportation as they relate to travel industry management and policy. Pre: 364 or BUS 312; or consent.

TIM 692 Financial Management in Travel Industry (3) Advanced topics in financial management for the travel industry. Application of financial analysis to the unique challenges of the multifaceted travel industry, domestic and international. Pre: 604 and BUS 314.

TIM 693 Advanced Tourism Analysis (3) International trade theory and regional analysis methodologies applied to tourism and service industry, including travel balance account, interregional transactions flow, economic impacts, environmental economics, demand theory and forecasting. Pre: ECON 120 or ECON 130.

TIM 695 Seminar: Travel Industry Management Policy (3) Integration of learning through analysis of comprehensive problems in the travel industry, resolution of policy issues, and practice in tourism planning methods. Pre: 602, 603, and 605; or consent. 

TIM 696 Tourism Field Studies (3) Integration of concepts learned in other courses with work experience applied to a selected field study project. Pre: 602 (or concurrent) and 605 (or concurrent); or consent. 

TIM 699 Directed Reading and Research (V) Outline (including research methods, sources, results expected, and means of measurement) prepared by student and approved by supervisor and graduate chair before registration.

TIM 700 Thesis Research (V) Independent supervised research. Formal and oral written presentation of research findings.

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