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Courses: Women's Studies
Women's Studies (WS)

College of Social Sciences 

WS 151 Introduction to Women's Studies (3) Introduction to feminist interdisciplinary analysis; relationships between women and men and among women in contemporary society; women in diverse backgrounds, social structures, cultures, and nature. SS

WS 151A Introduction to Women's Studies (3) Introduction to feminist interdisciplinary analysis; relationships between women and men and among women in contemporary society; women in diverse backgrounds, social structures, cultures, and nature. SS

WS 200 Culture, Gender, and Appearance (3) Social construction of gender within culture and its visual expression through appearance. Analysis of role, identity, conformity, and deviance in human appearance. Open to nonmajors. (Cross-listed as TXCL 200) SS

WS 202 Psychology of Women (3) Survey of topics in psychology relevant to women's lives: socialization of gender, mental health, violence against women, achievement motivation, lifespan issues, domestic violence. Pre: 151 or PSY 100. (Cross-listed as PSY 202) SS

WS 245 Women Writers of World Literature (3) Major women writers of world literature examined in context of female literary tradition. Pre: ENG 100 or consent.

WS 257 Sexual Identity in Literature (3) Selected themes in major works of various types, cultures, periods. Requires a minimum of 3,000 words of writing. Pre: ENG 100. (Cross-listed as ENG 257Y) AH3

WS 275 Women in Art (3) An interdisciplinary survey of the role of women as subject/object in the visual arts, their activity as creators of art and as participants in the art world. Pre: ART 101 and one of 151, PHIL 100, or SOC 100; or consent. (Cross-listed as ART 275)

WS 304 Women, War, and the Military (3) The military as it includes and excludes women as soldiers, nurses, wives, prostitutes, and victims. Women and war economics; feminism, war, and peace. Pre: one of 151, 362, 375, or consent.

WS 305 Women and Health (3) Explores current issues in the conceptualization and delivery of health care for women. Pre: one of 151, 202, POLS 110, or SOC 100. (Cross-listed as NURS 305)

WS 315 Sex and Gender (3) Cross-cultural theories and perceptions of sexual difference; linkage between biology and cultural constructions of gender; relationship of gender ideology to women's status. Pre: ANTH 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as ANTH 315)

WS 318 Women and Social Policy (3) Social and economic policies affecting women in families, education, social services, government, health care, the economy; public policy implementation and development; policy impact on women. Pre: one of 151, 362, SOC 100, or consent. (Cross-listed as SOC 318)

WS 320 Women and Madness (3) Interdisciplinary critical examination of the relationship between gender and mental health. Psychological research, feminist theory, autobiography, literature, and cinema. Pre: one of 202, 245, PSY 202, or consent.

WS 345 20th-Century Literature by Women (3) Twentieth-century women writers and their works; novels, short stories, poems, autobiographies. Interrelations of gender and literature. Pre: one of 245 or ENG 250-257, or consent.

WS 346 20th-Century Literature by Chinese Women (3) A survey and critical examination of contemporary Chinese women writers from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This course traces a genealogy of women's writing from the early 1920s up until now through novels, poetry, drama, and film. Pre: one of 151, EALL 271, EALL 361, or ENG 250. (Cross-listed as EALL 364)

WS 350 Sex Differences in the Life Cycle (3) Human sex differences, their biological basis and significance; genetic, hormonal, and behavioral determinants of sexual differentiation; biology of gender, sexuality, menopause, and aging. Pre: one semester of biological sciences. (Cross-listed as BIOL 350) NS1

WS 351 Women, Ideas, and Society (3) Status of women in American society today in light of the cultural, historical, and philosophical forces that have produced it. Pre: HIST 151 and HIST 152, or consent.

WS 353 Alternatives to Bureaucracy (3) Theory and practice of non-hierarchical organizations: feminist and women's organizations; co-ops, communes, and collectives; indigenous people's organizations; workplace democracy and social change. Pre: one of 151, POLS 110, POLS 120, or consent. (Cross-listed as POLS 353)

WS 360 Pacific/Asian Women in Hawai'i (3) Adaptive strategies of Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Samoan, and Southeast Asian women in Hawai'i; feminist anthropological and historical analysis. Pre: any ANTH, SOC, or WS course. (Cross-listed as ES 365) SS

WS 361 Third-World Women and Change (3) Feminist comparative study of the position of women in both simple and complex cultures of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East; interaction with ecology, culture, and social organization. Pre: any ANTH or SOC course or consent.

WS 362 Sociology of Gender (3) Effect of sex and gender roles (both traditional and nontraditional) on attitudes and behavior within the family and educational, economic, and governmental systems. (Cross-listed as SOC 362) SS

WS 365 Women in Business (3) Social and economic factors affecting working women; two-paycheck marriages; work relationships; attitudes toward working women. Pre: one of 151, 351, MGT 301, or consent.

WS 374 Women and Politics (3) Women's role in political institutions and processes in the U.S. and other countries; female and male approaches to power; feminist political goals and actions. Pre: one of 151, 362, POLS 110, or consent. Prerequisite may be taken concurrently. (Cross-listed as POLS 374)

WS 375 Women and the Media (3) Media portrayal of women and men; role of the media in reproducing gender inequality. Women as producers and consumers of media. Feminist alternatives to mainstream media. Pre: 151 or 362.

WS 377 Women and Genetics in Society (3) Interdisciplinary, cross-cultural study of physiological and behavioral evolution of women, fertility patterns, mating systems, eugenics, genetic counseling, genetic engineering health problems. Pre: one semester biological science or consent.

WS 381 Gender, Sexuality and Literature (3) Basic concepts and representative texts for the study of literary constructions of gender and sexuality. Pre: any two of the following: ENG 250, ENG 251, ENG 252, ENG 253, ENG 254, ENG 255, ENG 256, ENG 257; second may be taken concurrently; or consent. (Cross-listed as ENG 382)

WS 382 Hawai'i's Female Heritage (3) Learning to reclaim the ethnically diverse creative expressions of Hawai'i's women. Pre: any WS or ES course.

WS 390 Gender and Race in U.S. Society (3) Historical and sociological studies of race and gender in U.S. society; grassroots feminist and race/ethnic activism in the mainland and Hawai'i. A-F only. Pre: 151, ES 101, or Social Science Cores. (Cross-listed as ES 390)

WS 399 Directed Reading (V) Pre: consent.

WS 405 Feminist Theory (3) Knowledge, power, and action in contemporary feminist theory. Naming differences among women across cultures. Discussing tensions between articulating women's voice and deconstructing gender. Pre: any 300-level WS or POLS course. (Cross-listed as POLS 305D)

WS 414 Women in Drama and Theater (3) The role of women and their representation in the theater from ancient Greece to the present; focus on the socio-political status of women. Pre: THEA 311 or consent. (Cross-listed as THEA 414)

WS 418 Women and Work (3) Gender division of labor nationally and internationally; sex differentials in labor supply, training, wages, working conditions, and unemployment; historical trends and future directions. Pre: any 300-level SOC or WS course. (Cross-listed as SOC 418)

WS 419 Feminist Issues in Philosophy (3) Examination of a number of feminist issues in philosophy within the areas of ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of religion and epistemology/methodology. Pre: PHIL 100, PHIL 101, or any WS course; or consent. (Cross-listed as PHIL 418)

WS 420 Seminar in Feminist Psychology (3) Feminist criticisms of traditional models of women's psychological development. Recent contributions by contemporary theorists. Pre: one of 202, PSY 202, or consent.

WS 434 Seminar in the Biology of Women (3) Embryological, anatomical, and physiological development of human female; hormonal, neural, and behavioral determinants of female sexual behavior; psychology of pregnancy, ovariectomy, and menopause. Pre: one of 350, 377, BIOL 222, or consent. (Cross-listed as BIOL 434)

WS 435 Women and Crime (3) Women's relations with the criminal justice system; types of women's offenses; responses to women's crime; women as victims; women as workers in the criminal justice system. Pre: any SOC or WS course. (Cross-listed as SOC 435)

WS 436 Women and the Law (3) Past and present roles of women in American political and legal institutions; common law, judicial decisions, and federal and state legislation affecting women of various socioeconomic groups. Pre: junior standing or consent. (Cross-listed as AMST 436)

WS 438 Gender and Environmental Philosophy (3) Interdisciplinary approach to women's perspectives and roles on ecological and environmental issues; critical analysis of eco-feminism as a social and political movement; cross-cultural comparison of women's roles in human ecology. Pre: any one of ANTH 150, BIOL 310, PHIL 100, PHIL 101, PHIL 102, PHIL 103, PHIL 316, WS 151, WS 362, or instructor's consent. (Cross-listed as PHIL 438)

WS 443 History of Families (3) How and by whom family has been historically defined. Compare and contrast various family structures in pre- and post-industrial societies. Pre: either 151 or 351 and either HIST 151 or HIST 152.

WS 446 Analysis in Rape and Sexual Abuse (3) Theories, methodologies, and research findings on rape victimization and treatment; sexual abuse of women and children in Hawai'i. Pre: SOC 275 or consent. (Cross-listed as SOC 446)

WS 452 Marriage and Family: Feminist Perspective (3) Sex-role socialization, mate selection, motherhood, career-family conflicts. Alternative family structures in U.S. and other countries. Pre: 351, a 200-level SOC, or upper division social science course. (Cross-listed as SOC 452)

WS 453 Gender Issues in Education (3) Examination of current and historical issues in education and how they are impacted upon by gender, with particular reference to gender as it intersects with ethnicity and class, locally and globally. Pre: 151 or junior standing or consent. (Cross-listed as EDEF 453 and TECS 453)

WS 455 Gender, Culture and Science (3) Seminar/discussion course on how the nature, implementation, and findings of science have both influenced and been influenced by their development within a western, masculine context. Pre: one of 151, 350, BIOL 101, BIOL 103, BIOL 171, or BIOL 350; or consent.

WS 462 Asian Women (3) History, culture, and contemporary reality of Asian women in Asia and the U.S. Includes critical analysis of American feminist methodology and theory. Pre: one of 360, 361, 405, POLS 305D, or consent. (Cross-listed as AMST 438 and POLS 462)

WS 463 Gender Issues in Asian Society (3) Construction of gender identities in contemporary Asia. How these interface with other aspects of social difference and inequality (e.g. with class, religion, ethnicity). Pre: any WS course or ASAN 242, or consent. (Cross-listed as ASAN 463)

WS 481 Women and Film (3) Exploration of film as a philosophical and artistic form in the context of gender, race, and sexuality. Pre: 151 or one of ENG 250-257 or THEA 201 or consent.

WS 482 Women in Japanese Art (3) Issues relating to representations of women in Japanese art. Emphasis on social class and gender roles. Pre: ART 180, any WS course, or consent. (Cross-listed as ART 482)

WS 483 Studies in Literature and Sexuality and Gender (3) Intensive study of selected problems and issues in the construction and representation of sexuality and gender in specific genres, social and cultural contexts, thematic or figurative clusters. Repeatable one time. Pre: ENG 320 and two other 300-level ENG courses, or consent. (Cross-listed as ENG 482)

WS 484 Gender Issues in Multimedia and Video (3) Studio/lecture course investigating social, cultural, and gendered representations as informed by contemporary theory and practice. Pre: any WS course or ART 201; or consent. (Cross-listed as ART 404)

WS 491 Woman's Place (3) Historical explanations of woman's proper place and roles in the home, outside, and in the struggle for emancipation. (Cross-listed as HIST 491)

WS 492 Women in Revolt (3) Conditions under which women's protest develops. Women's rights movements in the 19th- and 20th-century U.S.; cross-cultural comparisons. Recommended: 491. (Cross-listed as HIST 492)

WS 495 Selected Topics (3) Problems and issues for reading and research: feminist theory, criticism, affirmative action, etc. Pre: any WS course in appropriate area.

WS 610 Faculty Seminar Series (1) Seminar/discussion course to indroduce students pursuing the Graduate Certificate to the Woman's Studies faculty and their areas of research, and to initiate student's graduate studies in a Woman's Studies field. Repeatable one time. Pre: classified graduate status (or status pending) and consent.

WS 612 Women in American Culture (3) Historical/contemporary status of women in the United States; women's roles as defined by legal, educational, political, economic, and social institutions; implications for social science method. (Cross-listed as AMST 612)

WS 613 Feminist Research and Methods of Inquiry (3) Examination of an emergent body of literature about how to shape questions concerning gender, sex, race, class, colonialism, and other vectors of power. Includes methods from social sciences and humanities and debates in the philosophy of science. Repeatable one time. Pre: classified graduate status and consent.

WS 615 Feminist Theory (3) Selected ideas from contemporary feminist theory concerning power, knowledge, and self; articulating women's voice; deconstructing gender. (Cross-listed as POLS 615C)

WS 650 Research in Feminist Studies: Capstone Experience (2) This course will provide Women's Studies graduate certificate students with an opportunity to design, develop and complete a research project culminating in a publishable quality work and a professional quality seminar presentation. A-F only. Pre: classified graduate status and consent.

WS 699 Directed Reading and Research (V) Pre: classified graduate standing and consent of chair.

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