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CADMAN, Edwin C., Dean, School of Medicine; Interim Dean, School of Public Health; Professor of Medicine; BA 1967, Stanford; MD 1971, Oregon 

CALLIES, David L., Benjamin A. Kudo Professor of Law; BA 1965, De Pauw; JD 1968, Michigan; LLM 1969, Nottingham

CAMBRA, Ronald E., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Speech; BEd 1970, MA 1971, Hawai'i; PhD 1975, Washington

CAMPBELL, I. Scott, Assistant Specialist; BS 1971, MS 1973, Colorado State; PhD 1980, Florida

CANADY, Claudia J., Assistant Professor of SPA-Speech-Language Pathology; BA 1974, U of New Mexico; MS 1975, U of New Mexico; PhD 1989, U of Utah

CANHAM, Stephen W., Associate Professor of English; BA 1968, UC Santa Barbara; MA 1976, PhD 1977, Washington; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1987

CANN, Rebecca L., Professor of Genetics & Molecular Biology; BS 1972, PhD 1982, UC Berkeley; Fujio Matsuda Fellow, 1987

CANNON, Glenn, Professor of Theater; BA 1954, Temple

CARLILE, Lonny E., Assistant Professor of Asian Studies; BA 1974, Hawai'i; MA 1979, Kyushu; PhD 1989, UC Berkeley

CARLSON, John G., Professor of Psychology; BA 1963, PhD 1967, Minnesota

CARLTON, Barry S., Associate Professor of Psychiatry; BA 1968, Lehigh; MD 1977, SUNY

CARON, James E., Associate Professor of English; BA 1974, Loyola-Los Angeles; MA 1979, PhD 1983, Oregon

CARPENTER, James R., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Animal Sciences, CTAHR; BS 1967, Vermont; MS 1969, Hawai'i; PhD 1976, Cornell; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1993

CARR, Gerald D., Professor of Botany; BA 1968, Eastern Washington U; MS 1970, Wisconsin; PhD 1975, UC Davis

CARROLL, Jeffrey G., Associate Professor of English; BA 1972, Reed College; MA 1980, Hawai'i; PhD 1987, Washington

CARROLL, W. Dennis, Professor of Theater; BA 1962, MA 1966, Sydney; MFA 1964, Hawai'i; PhD 1969, Northwestern

CARTWRIGHT, James F., Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1966, MA 1969, Brigham Young; MS 1982, Utah; MLIS 1988, UC Berkeley

CASKEN, John, Assistant Professor of Public Health; BA 1962, Swansea (UK); MA 1967, UC Santa Barbara; MPH 1979, PhD 1994, Hawai'i

CAUFIELD, Rick A., Assistant Professor of Family Resources; BEd 1977, MEd 1979, Hawai'i; PhD 1983, Minnesota; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1997

CAVALETTO, Catherine G., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Horticulture, CTAHR; BS 1959, UC Davis; MS 1968, Hawai'i

CERIA, Clementina, Assistant Professor of Nursing; BS 1982, MS 1988, Hawai'i; PhD 1992, Medical College of Virginia

CHADWICK, Richard W., Professor of Political Science; BS 1962, IIT; PhD 1966, Northwestern

CHAI, Dennis X., Associate Professor of Kinesiology & Leisure Science; BS 1966, MEd 1970, Hawai'i; PhD 1976, Southern California

CHAKRABARTI, Arindam, Professor of Philosophy; MA 1978, Calcutta (India); PhD 1982, Oxford

CHAMBERLAIN, Peter, Professor of Art; BA 1973, MA 1976, SUNY Albany; MFA 1975, SUNY New Paltz

CHAMBERS, Kenneth C., Associate Astronomer in IFA; BA 1971, MS 1982, Colorado; MA 1985, PhD 1990, Johns Hopkins; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1999

CHAN, Charn-Sing, Assistant Professor of Medicine; BS 1996, Hong Kong U Medical School

CHAN, Gaye, Associate Professor of Art; BFA 1979, Hawai'i; MFA 1982, San Francisco Art Institute

CHANDLER, David B., Professor of Sociology; BA 1960, MA 1964, McMaster; PhD 1970, Cornell; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1984

CHANDLER, Paul M., Associate Professor of Spanish; BA 1983, Indiana-Purdue Universities; MAT 1985, PhD 1992, Indiana

CHANDLER, Susan M., Professor of Social Work; BS 1967, Cornell; MSW 1970, Hawai'i; DSW 1976, UC Berkeley; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1989

CHANDO, Andrew J., Assistant of Military Science; BS 1986, Rutgers; MS 1993, Troy State U

CHANG, Erica Soonyoung, Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1985, Keimyung; MLIS 1989, Hawai'i

CHANG, Healani, Assistant Specialist in PBRC; BS 1979, MPH 1981, Hawai'i

CHANG, Nathan K. T., Junior Specialist in Social Work; BA 1973, MSW 1975, Hawai'i

CHANG, Rosita, Professor of Finance; BA 1976, Mills College; MBA 1977, PhD 1982, Pittsburg

CHANG, Saeyoung, Associate Professor of Finance; B.Comm. 1979, Calgary; MBA 1981, Indiana; PhD 1989, Ohio State

CHANG, Sandra P., Professor in Tropical Medicine & Medical Microbiology; BS 1973, MS 1977, Hawai'i; PhD 1983, Oregon

CHANG, Sen-dou, Professor of Geography; BA 1949, Chin-nan (China); MA 1955, Wisconsin; PhD 1961, Washington

CHANG, Williamson B. C., Professor of Law; AB 1972, Princeton; JD 1975, UC Berkeley

CHANTINY, Martha E., Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1977, UH Hilo; MLS 1981, Hawai'i

CHAO, Beei-Huan, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1978, National Taiwan; MS 1983, PhD 1987, Northwestern

CHAPMAN, Ellen L., Librarian IV, University Libraries; BA 1964, New Mexico; MLS 1968, MA 1975, Hawai'i

CHAPMAN, Linley E., Assistant Specialist in Pacific Islands Studies; BA 1958, Auckland; MA 1993, Hawai'i

CHAPMAN, Murray T., Professor of Geography and Population Studies; BA 1957, MA 1960, Auckland; PhD 1970, Washington

CHAPMAN, William R., Professor of American Studies; BA 1971, Virginia; MS 1978, Columbia; PhD 1982, Oxford

CHAPPELL, David A., Associate Professor of History; BA 1968, Syracuse; MA 1971, Stanford; PhD 1991, Hawai'i

CHAPPELL, David W., Professor of Religion; BA 1961, Mt. Allison; BD 1965, McGill; PhD 1976, Yale

CHAR, Lan Hiang, Librarian IV, University Libraries; BA 1951, MA 1956, Indonesia; MSc 1959, Columbia

CHARUSHEELA, S., Assistant Professor of Women's Studies; BA 1985, Delhi University; PhD 1997, Massachusetts-Amhearst

CHARLOT, John P., Professor of Religion; BA 1962 Louvain; DTh 1968, Munich

CHATTERGY, Rahul, Professor of Electrical Engineering; BEE 1962, Jadarpur (India); DIC 1964, Imperial College (UK); MS 1966, PhD 1968, UCLA; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1999

CHATTERGY, Virgie O., Interim Assistant Dean of Student Academic Services, College of Education and Professor of Education; BS 1960, St. Theresa's College (Philippines); MA 1966, EdD 1969, UCLA

CHAUDRON, Craig J., Professor of Second Language Studies; BA 1968, Wabash College; MEd 1976, PhD 1982, Toronto

CHAVE, E. H., Associate Specialist in HURL; BA 1959, MA 1962, UC Berkeley; PhD 1971, Hawai'i

CHEN, Hong-Mei, Associate Professor of Decision Sciences; BA 1983, National Taiwan U; MA 1988, PhD 1992, Arizona; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1998

CHEN, Wai-Fah, Dean, College of Engineering and Professor of Civil Engineering; BS 1959, National Cheng-Kung; MS 1963, Lehigh; PhD 1966, Brown

CHEN, Tai-Ho, Assistant Professor of Family Practice and Community Health; AB 1991, Stanford; MD 1996, UCSF

CHEN, Yi-Leng, Professor of Meteorology; BS 1972 National Central (Taiwan); MS 1976, PhD 1980, Illinois

CHENG, Chung-Ying, Professor of Philosophy; BA 1956, National Taiwan U; MA 1958, Washington; PhD 1964, Harvard

CHENG, Edmond D. H., Professor of Civil Engineering; BS 1961, National Taiwan U; PhD 1969, Utah State

CHENG, Ping, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1958, Oklahoma State; MS 1960, MIT; PhD 1965, Stanford; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1989

CHENG, Robert L., Professor of Chinese and Japanese; BA 1960, MA 1963, Taiwan Normal U; PhD 1966, Indiana

CHENG, Susie, Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1962, Taiwan Normal U; MA 1965, Indiana; MA 1979, Hawai'i

CHEONG, Kwang Soo, Assistant Professor of Economics; BA 1984, MA 1986, Seoul National U; PhD 1994, Stanford

CHESIRE, Rebecca, Professor of Psychology; BA 1972, Incarnate Word College; MA 1974, St Mary's; PhD 1979, Nebraska; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1986

CHESNEY-LIND, Meda, Professor of Women's Studies; BA 1969, Whitman College; MA 1971, PhD 1977, Hawai'i; Regent's Medal for Excellence in Research, 1994

CHEUNG, Alan H. S., Associate Professor of Surgery; BS 1980, Hawai'i; MD 1984, Harvard

CHEUNG, Kwok Fai, Associate Professor of Ocean and Resources Engineering; BASc 1985, Ottawa; MASc 1987, PhD 1991, British Columbia

CHIA, Chian Leng, Specialist in Horticulture, CTAHR; BS 1968, MS 1969, Hawai'i; PhD 1975, Cornell

CHIAO, Jung-Chih, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, BS 1988, National Taiwan University; MS 1991, PhD 1995, Caltech

CHIN, David N., Associate Professor of Information & Computer Sciences; BS 1980, MIT; PhD 1987, UC Berkeley

CHING, Chauncey T. K., Professor of Agricultural & Resource Economics; BS 1962, UC Berkeley; MS 1965, PhD 1967, UC Davis

CHING, Constance K., Instructor in Nursing; BS 1978, MS 1989, Hawai'i

CHING, Donna R., Specialist in Family Resources, CTAHR; BS 1974, Hawai'i; MS 1976, MLIR 1982, PhD 1986, Michigan State

CHING, Donna, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; BA 1979, UH Manoa; MPH, 1984, Hawai'i; MD 1993, Hawai'i

CHING, Doris M., Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Education; BEd 1963,

MEd 1971, Hawai'i; EdD 1977, Arizona State

CHING, Lincoln Y. T., Junior Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1970, Hawai'i

CHINN, Pauline W.U., Assistant Professor of Education; BEd 1967, MEd 1969, MBA 1984, EdD 1995, Hawai'i

CHISMAR, William G., Associate Professor of Decision Sciences; BS 1976, MS 1981, PhD 1986, Carnegie-Mellon; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1999

CHO, John J., Researcher in Plant Pathology, CTAHR; BA 1968, Hawai'i; MS 1972, PhD 1974, UC Berkeley

CHOE, Yong-ho, Professor of History; BA 1961, Arizona; MA 1963, PhD 1971, Chicago

CHONG, Vanessa M.L., Junior Specialist and Study Abroad Advisor, BS 1984, Santa Clara U; MBA 1989, Hawai'i; MA 1999, Hawai'i

CHOPEY, Michael A., Librarian II, University Libraries; BS 1982, Dayton; MA 1993, New York; MS 1999, Palmer School of Library and Information Sciences

CHORPITA, Bruce F., Assistant Professor of Psychology; AB 1989, Brown; PhD 1997, SUNY-Albany

CHOY, Dexter J. L., Professor of Travel Industry Management; BBA 1967, MBA 1970, MA 1973, PhD 1978, Hawai'i

CHRISTENSEN, Ross A., Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1979, MA 1982, MLIS 1990, Hawai'i

CHRISTOPHER, David A., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Plant Molecular Physiology, CTAHR; BS 1980, New Hampshire; MS 1983, Weizmann Institute of Sci (Israel); PhD 1989, Arizona

CHU, Pao-Shin, Associate Professor of Meteorology; BS 1970, College of Chinese Culture (Taiwan); MS 1974, PhD 1981, Wisconsin

CHUN, Allan B., Assistant Professor of Family Practice & Community Health; BA 1980, Hawai'i; MPH 1984, Michigan; DO 1988, College of Osteopathis Medicine of the Pacific

CHUN, Kyungmi, Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1980, Hanyang (Seoul); MLS 1988, Tennessee; PhD 1999, North Texas

CHUNG, Diane L. F., Assistant Professor of Textiles and Clothing; BS 1967, MEd 1971, Hawai'i

CIBOROWSKI, Thomas J., Associate Professor of Psychology; BS 1961, Long Beach State College; PhD 1971, UC Irvine

CLARKE, Antony D., Researcher in Oceanography; BS 1967, Delaware; MS 1978, Portland State; PhD 1983, Washington

CLARKE, Felicia, Assistant Specialist in Student Affairs; BEd 1972, MEd 1976, Hawai'i

CLARKE, Thomas A., Associate Researcher in HIMB; BS 1962, Chicago; PhD 1968, UC San Diego

CLAUSEN, Josie P., PhD, Assistant Professor of Ilokano, BA 1953, University of the Philippines; MA 1986, PhD 1995, Hawai'i

COHAN, Charles H., Assistant Professor of Art; BFA 1985, California College of Arts and Crafts; MFA 1988, Cranbrook

COHN, Joel R., Associate Professor of Japanese Literature; AB 1971, Cornell; AB 1975, Tokyo U of Foreign Studies; AM 1978, PhD 1984, Harvard

COLE, Daniel, Junior Specialist in Chinese Studies; BA 1981, UCLA; Certificate Chinese Language 1983, Zhongshan U; MA 1985, UCLA

COLEMAN, David E., Librarian IV, University Libraries; BA 1974, Cal State San Francisco; MA 1980, MLS 1986, Hawai'i

COLLISON, Fredrick M., Professor of Travel Industry Management; BSE 1969, Michigan; MBA 1976, Delaware; PhD 1982, Michigan State

COLVIN, Marilyn A., Assistant Specialist in Education; BBA 1966, BSEd 1972, MEd 1976, EdD 1980, Houston

COMCOWICH, Jerome M., Specialist in SOEST; BS 1962, Holy Cross College; MS 1965, SUNY-Albany; PhD 1969, Denver

CONANT, Sheila, Professor of Zoology; BA (Hons) 1966, MS 1968, Hawai'i; MS 1972, PhD 1972, Oklahoma; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1985; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1990; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1992; CASE Hawai'i Professor of the Year, 1994

CONNER, Alison W., Professor of Law; BA 1967, Florida; MA 1970, PhD 1979, Cornell; JD 1973, Harvard

CONSTAND, Richard L., Associate Professor of Finance; BS 1982, MBA 1983, PhD 1989, Florida State

COODE, William L., Professor of Aerospace Studies; BA 1976, MA 1981, Tennessee Tech

COOK, Haruko M., Associate Professor of Japanese; BA 1970, 1972, Sophia (Japan); MA 1978, California State; MA 1986, PhD 1988, Southern California

COOKE, Ian M., Professor of Zoology and PBRC; AB 1955, MA 1959, PhD 1962, Harvard

COONEY, Robert V., Associate Researcher in CRCH; BA 1976, Washington U; PhD 1981, UC San Diego

COONEY, Thomas F., Assistant Researcher in HIGP; BA 1975, Connecticut; PhD 1988, Oregon

COOPER, Joanne E., Associate Professor of Education; BA 1967, Oregon State; MA 1969, MA 1981, PhD 1989, Oregon; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1994

COOPER, Patricia A., Associate Geophysicist in Geology & Geophysics; BA 1971, Rutgers; MA 1974, PhD 1985, Hawai'i

CORAGGIO, Peter A., Professor of Music; BS 1962, MS 1963, Juilliard School

CORBETT, James, Associate Professor of Information & Computer Sciences; BS 1987, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; MS 1990, PhD 1992, Massachusetts-Amherst

COST, Dean, Instructor in Business Law and Travel Industry Management; BS 1968, Ohio State; JD 1975, Denver

COUVILLON, Patricia A., Associate Professor in Psychology and PBRC; BA 1972, MA 1976, PhD 1982, Hawai'i

COWEN, James P., Researcher in Oceanography; BA 1973, MA 1976, UC Santa Barbara; PhD 1983, UC Santa Cruz

COWIE, Antoinette S., Astronomer in IFA; BSc 1971, Glasgow U (UK); PhD 1980, Boston

COWIE, Lennox L., Astronomer in IFA; BSc 1970, Edinburgh (UK); PhD 1976, Harvard; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1997

COX, Evelyn F., Junior Researcher in HIMB; BA 1970, Stanford; MS 1983, Hawai'i; PhD 1991, New Mexico

COX, John R., Assistant Professor of Travel Industry Management; BA 1961, MA 1966, Washington State

COX, Linda J., Specialist in Agricultural & Resource Economics, CTAHR; BS 1976, MS 1978, Montana State; PhD 1982, Texas A&M

COYNE, Barry, Associate Specialist in Social Work; BA 1969, Stanford; MS 1976, PhD 1983, Washington State

CRAMER, Roger E., Professor of Chemistry; BS 1965, Bowling Green; PhD 1969, Illinois

CRAVEN, Thomas C., Professor of Mathematics; BA 1969, Reed; MA 1971, PhD 1973, Cornell

CRAWFORD, S. Cromwell, Professor of Religion; BD 1952, Serampore; MAT 1959, Indiana; ThD 1965, Pacific School of Religion

CREAGER, Frederick L., Associate Professor of Architecture; BS Arch 1956, Illinois

CREMER, Maximilian D., Assistant Specialist in HURL; Vordiplom ("Pre-diploma"), 1987, U of Bonn (Germany); BS Equivalent 1988, U of Kiel (Germany); MS 1994, Hawai'i

CRILEY, Richard A., Professor of and Researcher in Horticulture, CTAHR; BS 1962, MS 1964, Pennsylvania State; PhD 1968, UCLA

CROOK, Keith A. W., Specialist in HURL; BS 1954, MS 1956, U of Sydney; PhD 1959, New England; BA 1967, Australian National U

CROOKER, Peter P., Professor of Physics; BS 1959, Oregon State; PhD 1967, Naval Postgraduate School; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1997

CROOKES, Graham, Associate Professor of Second Language Studies; BSc 1972, London; MA 1984, PhD 1988, Hawai'i

CROSBY, Martha E., Professor of Information & Computer Sciences; BS 1959, Colorado State; MS 1975, PhD 1986, Hawai'i

CROW, Evelyn, Instructor, Hawai'i English Language Program; BA 1962, CUNY (Brooklyn); MA 1975, Hawai'i

CSISZAR, Katalin, Associate Researcher in PBRC; BSc 1979, MSc 1981, PhD 1983, Jozsef Attila U (Hungary)

CSORDAS, George L. E., Professor of Mathematics; BA 1964, Toronto; MS 1966, PhD 1969, Case Western Reserve; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1985

CURB, J. David, Professor of Medicine and Family Practice & Community Health; BA 1967, Colorado; MD 1971, New Mexico; MPH 1973, Texas

CURRY, Steven S., Associate Professor of English; BA 1969, Cal State Hayward; MA 1972, PhD 1976, UC Davis; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1983

CURRY, Stewart A., Instructor in Japanese; AB 1987, UC Berkeley; MA 1991, Hawai'i

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