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GAARDER, N. Thomas, Professor of Electrical Engineering; BS 1961, Wisconsin; MS 1962, PhD 1965, Stanford

GAINES, James R., Professor of Physics; BA 1956, Berea College; PhD 1961, Washington

GAITHER ADAMS, Patricia E. (Peggy), Associate Professor of Dance; BFA 1976, Arizona State; MFA 1979, Utah

GANGNES, Byron, Associate Professor of Economics; BA 1982, Puget Sound; PhD 1990, Pennsylvania State

GARCES, Milton A., Assistant Researcher in HIGP; BS 1989, Florida Institute of Technology; PhD 1995, California

GARCIA, Michael O., Professor of Geology; BA 1971, Cal State Humboldt; PhD 1976, UCLA

GARIBAY-TUPAS, Jermelina, Assistant Researcher in PBRC; BS 1979, MS 1983, U of Philippines; PhD 1991, Tokyo

GARNEAU, Marie-Christine, Assistant Professor of French; BA 1977, MA 1978, PhD 1981 University of Lyon (France)

GARROD, Peter V., Associate Dean, Graduate Division and Professor of Agricultural & Resources Economics; BS 1966, UC Davis; MS 1967, PhD 1972, UC Berkeley

GATES, Patrick M., Librarian II, University Libraries; BA 1991, MLIS 1997, Hawai'i

GAULDIE, Robert, Associate Researcher in HIGP; BSc 1972, Otago (New Zealand); PhD 1982, British Columbia

GAUTZ, Loren D., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Biosystems Engineering; BS 1971, Michigan State; MS 1974, Hawai'i; PhD 1990, UC Davis

GAZMEN, Connie P., Instructor in Nursing; BSN 1983, San Francisco; MS 1993, Hawai'i

GEARY, Gregg, Librarian IV, University Libraries; BS 1980, King's College; MMus 1984, Baylor; MLS 1988, North Texas

GEBBIA-PINETTI, Karen M., Associate Professor of Law; BA 1980, Villanova; JD 1983, Georgetown; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1999

GEE, Chuck Y., Dean, School of Travel Industry Management and Professor of Travel Industry Management; Interim Dean, College of Business Administration; BA 1957, BS 1957, Denver; MA 1958, Michigan State; PhD (Hon) 1991, Denver

GERSCH, Wilbert, Professor of Information & Computer Sciences; BEE 1950, City College of New York; MS 1956, NYU; DrEngSc 1961, Columbia

GHASEMI NEJHAD, Mehrdad, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1980, Arya-Mehr (Iran); MS 1987, PhD 1992, Delaware; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1998

GHIM, Anthony T., Specialist and Physician, University Health Services; BS 1981, MD 1985, Georgetown

GHOSH, Monica G., Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1984, Hawai'i; MLS 1988, Michigan; MA 1999, Hawai'i

GHOWS, Maimona B., Assistant Professor of Surgery; MD 1979, Singapore

GIAMBELLUCA, Thomas W., Professor of Geography; BS 1974, MA 1977, Miami; PhD 1983, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1990

GIBSON, Robert E., Associate Professor of Second Language Studies; BA 1963, Cal State Long Beach; MA 1968, PhD 1993, Hawai'i

GILBERT, Helen, Professor of Art; BA 1943, Mills College; MFA 1968, Hawai'i

GILLARY, L., Professor of Physiology; AB 1961, Oberlin; PhD 1966, Johns Hopkins

GILLESPIE, Rosemary, Associate Researcher in PBRC; BSc 1980, Edinburgh (UK); PhD 1986, Tennessee; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1999

GIOIA, Isabelle M., Astronomer in IFA; PhD 1970, U of Bologna (Italy)

GLADNEY, Dru, Professor of Asian Studies; BA 1978, Westmont; MA (Cross-cultural Studies), MA (Theology), 1981, Fuller Theology Seminary; MA (Anthropology) 1983, PhD 1987, Washington

GLANZ, Karen, Researcher in CRCH; BA 1974, MPH 1977, PhD 1979, Michigan

GLENN, Craig R., Associate Professor of Geology; BS 1978, MS 1980, UC Santa Cruz; PhD 1987, Rhode Island

GLOVER, Nancy L., Program Officer, Secretariat for Conservation Biology and Assistant Specialist in PBRC; BS 1978, New Mexico State; MS 1986, PhD 1994, Hawai'i

GOCHROS, Harvey L., Professor of Social Work; AB 1953, Bridgeport; MS 1955, DSW 1964, Columbia; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1999

GOFF, Madison L., Professor of and Researcher in Entomology, CTAHR; BA 1966, Hawai'i; MA 1974, Cal State Long Beach; PhD 1977, Hawai'i

GOLDBERG-HILLER, Jonathan, Assistant Professor of Political Science; BA 1979, Reed; MA 1983, PhD 1991, Wisconsin; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1997

GOLDKUHLE, Ute, Assistant Professor of Nursing; BSN 1976, George Mason; MS 1979, Maryland; MPH 1990, DrPH 1995, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1993

GOLDSBERRY, Steven T., Associate Professor of English; BA 1971, BYU Hawai'i; MA 1973, Hawai'i; PhD 1979, Iowa

GOLDSTEIN, Guillermo H., Professor of Botany; BS 1969, Buenos Aires (Argentina); MS 1978, PhD 1981, Washington

GOMEZ, Rafael, Assistant Professor of Spanish; BA 1975, MA 1981, Queen's College; PhD 1992, Indiana

GOODMAN, Marc T., Associate Researcher in CRCH; BA 1976, Columbia College; MPH 1980, UCLA; MPhil 1984, PhD 1985, Yale

GOPALAKRISHNAN, Chennat, Researcher in Agricultural & Resource Economics, CTAHR; BA 1955, MA 1957, Kerala (India); PhD 1967, Montana State

GOSS, Jonathan, Associate Professor of Geography; BA 1982, Oxford; PhD 1990, Kentucky

GOTAY, Carolyn C., Associate Researcher in CRCH; BA 1973, Duke; MA 1975, PhD 1977, Maryland

GOTAY, Mark J., Professor of Mathematics; BS 1973, Duke; MS 1975, PhD 1979, Maryland

GOZUN, Benjamin V. III, Assistant Professor of Family Practice & Community Health; BA 1990, Boston; MD 1987, Santo Tomas (Philippines)

GRACE, Donna J., Assistant Professor of Education; BA 1977, UCLA; MEd 1989, Toronto

GRACE, J. Kenneth, Jr., Professor of and Researcher in Entomology, CTAHR; BA 1980, PhD 1986, UC Berkeley

GRACE, Robert A., Professor of Civil Engineering; BESc 1960, Western Ontario; SM 1962, PhD 1966, MIT

GRAMLICH, Jeffrey D., Associate Professor of Accountancy; BA 1980, Western State College of Colorado; CPA 1980, Colorado; MAcc 1981, Denver; PhD 1988, Missouri-Columbia

GRANDINETTI, Andrew, Assistant Researcher in PBRC; BA 1978, MS 1989, PhD 1994, Hawai'i

GRAU, E. Gordon, Interim Director, HIMB and Professor of Zoology; BA 1968, Loyola; MS 1973, Morgan State; PhD 1978, Delaware; Fujio Matsuda Fellow, 1988; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1988

GRAVES, J. Elon, Assistant Specialist in IFA; BS 1977, MA 1979, Texas-El Paso

GRAVES, Michael W., Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President & Executive Vice Chancellor and Professor of Anthropology; BA 1974, Washington; MA 1980, PhD 1981, Arizona

GREENE, Gordon M., Assistant Professor of Family Practice & Community Health; BA 1972, Williams College; MS 1977, PhD 1981, Michigan

GREENFIELD, David W., Professor of Zoology and Research Affiliate in HIMB; BA 1962, Cal State Humboldt; PhD 1966, Washington

GREENFIELD, Teresa Ar˜mbula, Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Education; BA 1964, MA 1973, Cal State Fullerton; EdD 1984, Northern Illinois-DeKalb

GREENWOOD, Frederick C., Director, PBRC and Professor of Genetics & Molecular Biology; BS 1950, King's College (UK); MS 1951, PhD 1953, UC of London; DSc, London; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1974

GREESON, Bernard Dandridge, Specialist in HURL; BS 1964, U. S. Naval Academy; M.Eng. 1976, Texas A&M U; PhD 1997, Hawai'i

GREGSON, Terry L., Professor of Accounting; BS 1980, Purdue; CPA 1980, Illinois; MAcc 1982, New Mexico State; PhD 1987, Arkansas

GRIFFIN, Percival B., Professor of Anthropology; BA 1963, Maine; PhD 1969, Arizona

GRIGG, Richard W., Marine Biologist in Oceanography; BA 1958, Stanford; MS 1964, Hawai'i; PhD 1970, UC San Diego

GROSSMAN, Jerome, Professor of Public Health; BA 1945, MPH 1946, PhD 1954, UC Berkeley

GROVE, John S., Professor of Public Health; BA 1964, MS 1966, Arizona-Tucson; PhD 1969, Hawai'i

GUERRERO, Anthony, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; BA 1991, Hawai'i; MD 1994, Hawai'i

GUILLORY, Andrea W., Assistant Professor of Public Health; BA 1977, St. Leo College; MS 1982, PhD 1989, U of Oklahoma

GUILLORY, Richard J., Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics; BA 1953, Reed College; PhD 
1962, UCLA

GUO, Chuanfa, Assistant Specialist; BS 1982, Jilin University (China); PhD 1998, Johns Hopkins University

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