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HAAK, John R., University Librarian, University Libraries; BA 1961, MLS 1962, UC Berkeley

HABTE, Mitiku, Soil Scientist in CTAHR; BS 1970, Ethiopia Agricultural College; MS 1974, PhD 1976, Cornell

HAC, Anna, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; MS 1977, PhD 1982, Warsaw U of Technology (Poland)

HACKER, Peter W., Senior Research Scientist in HIGP; BS 1964, UC Berkeley; MS 1966, PhD 1973, Scripps Institute of Oceanography

HADFIELD, Michael, Director, Kewalo Marine Lab and Professor of Zoology; AB 1959, MS 1961, Washington; PhD 1967, Stanford; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1989

HAIG, John H., Associate Professor of Japanese; BA 1969, PhD 1978, Harvard

HAINA, Pamela A., Instructor in Nursing; BS 1990, MS 1991, Hawai'i

HALEY, Janice, Instructor in Nursing; BSN 1987, Azusa Pacific University; MSN 1992, Cal State Long Beach

HALFORD, Peter, Associate Professor of Surgery; MD 1970, Tulane

HALEY, Samuel R., Professor of Zoology; BA 1962, MA 1964, PhD 1967, Texas-Austin; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1986; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching 1990; CASE Hawai'i Professor of the Year, 1990

HALL, Donald N. B., Astronomer in IFA; BS 1966, Sydney; PhD 1970, Harvard

HALLETT, Brien R., Assistant Professor, Matsunaga Institute for Peace; BA 1966, Coe College; MA 1982, PhD 1995, Hawai'i

HALVERSON, Richard P., Professor of Electrical Engineering; BS 1951, North Dakota; MS 1954, Ohio State; PhD 1961, Minnesota

HALVERSON, Vivian B., Director, School and College Services and Specialist in Student Affairs; BS 1964, Brigham Young; MS 1967, Purdue; PhD 1978, Florida State

HAM, Shelley, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; MD 1993, St. Louis University; BA 1989, Rutgers University, Cook College

HAMADA, Harold S., Professor of Civil Engineering; BS 1957, Hawai'i; MS 1958, PhD 1962, Illinois

HAMAMOTO, Kay K., Lecturer of Medical Technology; BS 1965, Hawai'i

HAMASAKI, Randall T., Associate Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1982, MS 1987, Hawai'i

HAMMAR, Sherrel L., Professor of Pediatrics; BA 1953, Idaho; MD 1957, Washington

HAMMOND, Mary E., Assistant Specialist, Hawai'i English Language Program; BA 1979, Westmont College; MA 1986, Washington

HAMNETT, Michael P., Director of and Researcher in SSRI; BA 1969, Upsala; MA, PhD 1977, Hawai'i

HANING, William F. III, Associate Professor of Psychiatry; BA 1971, Princeton; MD 1975, Hawai'i

HANLON, David L., Professor of History; BA 1970, Holy Cross; MA 1976, Johns Hopkins, PhD 1984, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1989

HANNA, Joel M., Professor of Anthropology and Physiology; BA 1961, MA 1965, Pennsylvania State; PhD 1968, Arizona

HANSEL, Sonja M., Junior Specialist in Student Affairs; BA 1981, BS 1982, MEd 1987, Hawai'i

HANSEN, Gary, Assistant Researcher in HIGP; BS 1975, California Institute of Technology; MS 1980, PhD 1996, Washington

HARA, Arnold H., Entomologist in CTAHR; BS 1974, MS 1977, Hawai'i; PhD 1982, California

HARA, Marie M., Instructor in English; BA 1965, MA 1970, Hawai'i

HARADA, Violet H., Associate Professor of Library and Information Science Program, ICS; BEd 1964, MEd 1966, MLS 1976, EdD 1982, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1998

HARDMAN, John M., Professor of Pathology; BS 1954, Colorado; MS 1965, Baylor; MD 1958, Colorado

HARGER, Barbara A., Associate Professor of Textiles & Clothing; BS 1961, SUNY Oneonta; MS 1967, Pennsylvania State; PhD 1996, Florida State

HARRIGAN, Rosanne C., Dean, School of Nursing and Professor of Nursing; BS 1965, St. Xavier; MSN 1974, PNP 1974, EdD 1979, Indiana

HARRINGTON, H. Michael, Interim Dean, CTAHR and Professor of and Researcher in Plant Molecular Physiology; AB 1972, MS 1974, Miami; PhD 1978, Ohio

HARRIS, Andrew, Assistant Researcher in HIGP; BA 1988, Exeter University; MS 1992, Dundee University; PhD 1996, Open University

HARRIS, Frederick A., Professor of Physics; BS 1963, MS 1965, PhD 1970, Michigan

HARRISON, John T., Associate Specialist/Environmental Coordinator, Water Resources Research Center and Environmental Center; BS 1974, Stanford; PhD 1981, Hawai'i

HARTEN, Stuart J., Assistant Professor of History; BA 1983, UC Berkeley; PhD 1994, Cornell

HARTLINE, Daniel, Researcher in PBRC; BA 1961, Swarthmore College; MA 1966, PhD 1968, Harvard

HARTNETT, Anne M., Junior Specialist, School of Public Health; Center on Aging; BS 1964, St. Mary's College; MSW 1979, Hawai'i

HARTWELL, Jay C., Junior Specialist in Student Affairs, BA 1978, Colorado College; MS 1979, Columbia University

HARWELL, David E., Assistant Professor of Chemistry; BS 1989; PhD 1993, Texas Tech

HARWIT, Eric, Associate Professor of Asian Studies; BA 1984, Cornell; MA 1985, PhD 1992, UC Berkeley

HASEGAWA, Helen M., Junior Specialist in Education; BS 1969, BYU; MEd 1996, Hawai'i

HASHIMOTO, Clark S., Assistant Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1971, California Polytechnic

HASTINGS, James E., Professor of Medicine; BA 1957, Amherst; MD 1961, NYU

HATFIELD, Elaine C., Professor of Psychology; BA 1959, Michigan; PhD 1963, Stanford; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1989

HATHAWAY, Toni L., Junior Specialist in Social Work; BA 1974, Carleton; MSW 1978, Hawai'i

HAWK, Alan, Chief of Psychiatry; MD 1968, Harvard University; BA 1964, Amherst College

HAWKE, B. Ray, Associate Director, HSGCP and Associate Scientist in HIGP; BS 1970, MS 1976, Kentucky; PhD 1978, Brown

HAWKINS, Emily, Associate Professor of Hawaiian; BA 1966, MA 1969, PhD 1975, Hawai'i

HAYES, Charles F., Interim Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Professor of Physics; AB 1963, Wheaton College; MS 1965, PhD 1967, West Virginia

HAYES, Michael T., Assistant Professor of Education; BS 1988, Utah; MEd 1991, Utah; PhD1998, Utah

HAYMER, David S., Professor of Genetics & Molecular Biology; BS 1976, MS 1979, San Diego State; PhD 1982, Purdue

HAYNES, Stephen; Professor of Psychology; MA 1969, PhD 1971, Colorado

HEAD, John D., Professor of Chemistry; BSc 1973, University College (London); PhD 1979, British Columbia

HEASLEY, James N., Professor of Astronomy and Astronomer in IFA; BA 1969, Chicago; PhD 1973, Yale

HEBEL, Dale V., Assistant Specialist in Oceanography; BS 1971, UC Irvine; MS 1983, San Francisco State

HEBERLE, Mark A., Associate Professor of English; BA 1968, U of Penn; MA 1972, PhD 1981, Harvard

HECK, Ronald H., Professor of Education; BA 1973, MA 1980, PhD 1986, UC Santa Barbara

HEIBY, Elaine M., Professor of Psychology; BA 1971, Case Western Reserve; MA 1976, PhD 1980, Illinois

HELBLING, Mark I., Associate Professor of American Studies; BA 1961, UC Berkeley; MA 1964, San Francisco State; PhD 1972, Minnesota; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1988

HELSLEY, Charles E., Director, SGCP; BS 1956, MS 1957, California Institute of Technology; PhD 1960, Princeton

HEMSCHEIDT, Thomas K., Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Diplom Biology 1979, Bochum (Germany); PhD 1983, Munich

HENCH, Virginia E., Associate Professor of Law; BA 1970, American U; JD 1987, Richmond; LLM 1993, Temple

HENNINGSEN, Manfred, Professor of Political Science; PhD 1967, Munich

HENRIE, James R., Associate Specialist in Student Affairs; BS 1976, Brigham Young; PhD 1985, Utah

HENRIKSEN, Margot A., Associate Professor of History; AB 1980, MA 1982, PhD 1989, UC Berkeley

HENRY, J. Patrick, Professor of Physics & Astronomy and IFA; AB 1969, LaSalle College; PhD 1974, UC Berkeley

HENRY, Thomas, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; MD 1993, Hawai'i

HENSLEY, Randall B., Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1972, UC Santa Barbara; MLS 1973, UC Berkeley; MA 1980, Cal State Chico

HERBIG, George, Astronomer in IFA; PhD 1948, UC Berkeley

HERENIKO, Vilsoni, Associate Professor of Pacific Islands Studies; BA 1977, U of South Pacific; MEd 1982, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK); PhD 1991, U of South Pacific

HERMAN, Louis M., Professor of Psychology; BSS 1951, MA 1952, City College of New York; PhD 1961, Pennsylvania State

HERRERO-BERVERA, Emilio, Associate Geophysicist in HIGP; BS 1973, Mexico; MS 1981, PhD 1984, Hawai'i

HERRING, Eileen C., Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1972, MLS 1992, Hawai'i

HERSHINOW, Lorna, Instructor in English; BA 1968, Witwatersrand (S Africa); MA 1975, Hawai'i

HETZLER, Ronald K., Associate Professor of Kinesiology & Leisure Science; BS 1974, Illinois; MS 1984, PhD 1988, Southern Illinois

HEW, Cynthia S., Assistant Professor of Medicine; AB 1977, Brown; MD 1981, Hawai'i

HEY, Richard N., Geophysicist in HIGP; BA 1969, CIT; PhD 1975, Princeton

HICKMAN, Patricia L., Associate Professor of Art; BA 1962, Colorado; MA 1977, UC Berkeley

HICKSON, Letitia, Assistant Specialist in Pacific Islands Studies; BA 1966, William and Mary; PhD 1975, Harvard

HIGA, Lynne M., Junior Specialist in Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services; BA 1987, MS 1991, Hawai'i

HIGUCHI, Carl M., Assistant Professor of Medicine; BA 1978, Connecticut; MD 1982, Hawai'i

HIHARA, Lloyd H., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1983, Hawai'i; SM 1985, PhD 1989, MIT; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1995

HIJIRIDA, Kyoko, Professor of Japanese and Education; BA 1964, Keio (Japan); MA 1970, EdD 1980, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1992

HILDEN, Hugh M., Professor of Mathematics; BS 1958, Rutgers; MS 1966, PhD 1968, Stevens Institute of Technology

HILE, Gerald N., Professor of Mathematics; BS 1966, Harvard; PhD 1972, Indiana

HILGERS, Thomas L., Director, M_anoa Writing Pro-gram and Professor of English; BA 1968, St John's; MA 1970, Claremont; PhD 1980, Hawai'i

HILT, Douglas R., Professor of Spanish; BA 1954, Bristol; MA 1965, U of the Americas (Mexico); PhD 1967, Arizona

HIPLE, David V., Specialist, Second Language Teaching & Curriculum Center; BA 1971, George Washington; EdM 1975, EdD 1987, Rutgers

HIPPENSTEELE, Susan K., Associate Specialist in Student Affairs; BGS 1985, Chaminade; MA 1989, PhD 1991, Hawai'i

HIRAE, Howard H., Associate Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1967, MS 1984, Hawai'i

HIRAI, Carol, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; BS 1976, Ohio; MD 1980, Hawai'i

HIRANO, Robert, Associate Specialist, Harold L. Lyon Arboretum; BS 1962, MS 1967, Hawai'i

HIRATA, Greigh, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology; BS 1979, MD 1983, Southern California

HIRATE, Susan H., Instructor in Japanese; BA 1973, MA 1978, Hawai'i

HIROHATA, Edson T., Instructor of SPA-Audiology; BS 1985, Hawai'i, MS 1990, Hawai'i

HIROTA, Jed, Associate Professor of Oceanography; BS 1965, MS 1967, Washington; PhD 1973, UC San Diego

HISAKA, Lloyd I., Specialist in Student Affairs; BS 1965, MEd 1969, Oregon State; EdD 1981, East Texas State

HISHINUMA, Earl S., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; BA 1981, MA 1985, PhD 1990, Hawai'i

HITOSUGI, Claire, I., Instructor in Japanese; BA 1978, Wako (Japan); MA 1987, Hawai'i

HITZ, Randy, Dean, College of Education and Professor of Education; BS 1973, MS 1975, PhD 1980, Indiana State

HO, Curtis P., Associate Professor of Education; BEd 1974, MEd 1976, Hawai'i; PhD 1983, Arizona State 

HO, Kwok-Wai, Associate Professor of Kinesiology & Leisure Science; BS 1957, Wuhan College (China); MA 1970, PhD 1975, Michigan State

HODAPP, Klaus-Werner, Associate Director, Instrumentation and Astronomer in IFA; PhD 1984, Heidelberg (Germany)

HODGSON, Aurora S., Professor of and Specialist in Food Science & Human Nutrition, CTAHR; BS 1971, College of the Holy Spirit (Philippines); MS 1977, PhD 1978, Massachusetts

HOFFENBERG, Peter H., Assistant Professor of History; AB 1983, Harvard; MA 1987, PhD 1993, UC Berkeley

HOFFMANN, Kathryn A., Associate Professor of French; BA 1975, SUNY; MA 1979, PhD 1982, Johns Hopkins; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1998

HOKAMA, Yoshitsugi, Professor of Pathology; AB 1951, MA 1953, PhD 1957, UCLA

HOLLAND, Kim N., Associate Researcher in HIMB; BA 1971, MS 1975, Hawai'i; PhD 1980, Pennsylvania State

HOLLYER, James R., Junior Researcher in Agricultural & Resource Economics, CTAHR; BS 1980, Michigan; MS 1987, Hawai'i

HOLM-KENNEDY, James, Professor of Electrical Engineering; AB 1960, UC Riverside; MS 1963, PhD 1969, Minnesota

HOOPER, Paul F., Professor of American Studies; BA 1961, East Washington U; MA 1965, PhD 1972, Hawai'i

HOOVER, Thomas B., Professor of Mathematics; BS 1964, Redlands; MS 1966, UC San Diego; PhD 1970, Michigan

HORI, Joan M., Librarian IV, University Libraries; BA 1967, MLS 1968, MA 1975, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1992

HORIE, Ruth H., Librarian III, University Libraries; BA 1979, MLS 1981, Hawai'i

HOROWITZ, Susan, Junior Specialist in Outreach College; BA 1971, Antioch College

HORTON, Keith, Assistant Researcher in HIGP; BS 1970, MS 1977, PhD 1995, Hawai'i

HOWELL, Steven, Assistant Researcher of SOEST; BA 1983, Earlham College; PhD 1996, U of Rhode Island

HOWERTON, Robert D., Assistant Specialist, SGCP; BA 1985, MS 1988, Hawai'i; PhD 1991, Auburn

HOWES, William C., Professor of English; BA 1977, Toronto; PhD 1980, Princeton; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1986; Regent's Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1998

HSIA, Y. Edward, Professor of Genetics & Molecular Biology and Pediatrics; BA 1953, MA 1957, MD 1960, London Hospital Medical College

HSIEH, Hsin-I, Professor of Chinese; BA 1963, MA 1966, Taiwan; PhD 1971, UC Berkeley

HSU, Ruth Y., Associate Professor of English; BA 1981, MA 1985, Cal State Fullerton; PhD 1992, Southern California

HTUN, Ko Moe, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1957, Lehigh; MS 1958, PhD 1965, Wisconsin\

HU, Bingren, Adjunct Assistant Professor in Neurosciences; MS 1983, MD 1986, Bethune (Canada); PhD 1993, Lund (Sweden) 

HU, Esther M., Astronomer in IFA; BS 1974, MIT; MSc 1976, PhD 1980, Princeton

HU, John S., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Plant Pathology, CTAHR; BS 1982, Nanjing Agricultural; MS 1985, PhD 1987, Cornell

HUANG, Alvin S., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Food Science & Human Nutrition, CTAHR; BS 1978, MS 1980, National Taiwan U; PhD 1985, Wisconsin-Madison

HUANG, Thomas T. F., Jr., Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology; BA 1973, Swarthmore; PhD 1980, UC San Francisco

HUBBARD, Amy S. E., Assistant Professor of Speech; BBA 1989, MA 1991, Hawai'i; PhD 1996, Arizona

HUDSON, Thomas D., Associate Professor of Second Language Studies; BS 1971, UC Berkeley; MA 1978, PhD 1989, UCLA

HUE, Nguyen V., Soil Scientist in CTAHR; BS 1972, Saigon; MS 1976, PhD 1981, Auburn

HUEBERT, Barry J., Professor of Oceanography; BA 1967, Occidental; MS 1968, PhD 1970, Northwestern

HUEY, Robert N., Associate Professor of Japanese; BA 1973, Puget Sound; MA 1979, MA 1980, PhD 1985, Stanford

HUFF, Lenard C., Jr., Assistant Professor of Marketing; BSc 1976, Brigham Young; MBA 1978, Harvard; PhD 1994, Michigan

HUGHES, Judith R., Dean, College of Arts & Humanities and Professor of American Studies; BA 1962, MA 1963, PhD 1967, Michigan

HUGHES, Robert S., Jr., Associate Professor of English; BA 1973, MA 1976, Cal State Chico; PhD 1981, Indiana

HUI, George S. N., Researcher in Tropical Medicine & Medical Microbiology; BA 1982, PhD 1986, Hawai'i

HUMPHREYS, Tom D. II, Professor of Genetics & Molecular Biology and Researcher in PBRC; BS 1958, PhD 1962, Chicago

HUNLEY, Alan J., Junior Specialist in Outreach College; BA 1985, MA 1990, Hawai'i

HUNT, John A., Professor of Genetics & Molecular Biology; BA 1956, PhD 1960, Cambridge

HUNT, Peggy, Associate Professor of Theater & Dance; BA 1972, Goddard College; MA 1980, Western Michigan; EdD 1991, North Carolina-Greensboro

HUNT, Tamara R., Professor of Theater; BA 1966, MA 1967, Arizona State; PhD 1975, Southern California

HUNT, Terry L., Associate Professor of Anthropology; BA 1976, UH Hilo; MA 1980, Auckland; PhD 1989, Washington; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1991

HUNTLEY, Mark E., Researcher; BS 1976, Victoria (Canada); PhD 1980, Dalhousie (Canada)

HUTTO, John L., Assistant Professor of Military Science; BS 1987, Citadel

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