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KA'AWA, Makalapua, Instructor in Hawaiian; BA 1977, MA 1991, Hawai'i

KADOHIRO, Jane, Assistant Professor of Nursing; BA 1969, BSN 1977, MPH 1990, MS 1994, DrPH 1999, Hawai'i

KA'IAMA, C. Manu, Instructor in Accounting; BBA 1982, MAcc 1988, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1999

KAISER, Nicholas, Astronomer in IFA; BSc 1978, Leeds; MS 1979, PhD 1982, Cambridge

KAM, Samuel H. C., Assistant Information Specialist in CTAHR; BA 1962, MS 1965, Hawai'i

KAME'ELEIHIWA, Lilikala, Director and Associate Professor of Hawaiian Studies; BA 1980, MA 1982, PhD 1986, Hawai'i

KAMEMOTO, Lori E., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology; BS 1980, MD 1984, Hawai'i

KAMEOKA, Velma A., Professor of Social Work; BA 1972, MA 1975, PhD 1979, Hawai'i; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1989

KANE, Kathleen O., Assistant Specialist, Center for Teaching Excellence; BA 1983, MA 1988, PhD 1994, Hawai'i 

KANE, Thomas J., III, Assistant Professor of Surgery; BA 1973, Santa Clara; MD 1977, UC Davis

KANEHIRO, Naomi A., Assistant Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1969, Hawai'i; RD 1970, MS 1971, Iowa

KANESHIRO, Kenneth Y., Researcher in PBRC; BA 1965, MS 1968, PhD 1974, Hawai'i

KANG, Hugh H. W., Professor of History; BA 1956, Berea College; MA 1958, Chicago; PhD 1964, Washington

KANNO, Kazue, Associate Professor of Japanese; BA 1980, MA 1983, Cal State; PhD 1992, Hawai'i

KANUHA, Valli, Assistant Professor of Social Work; BA 1973, U of Wisconsin, MSW 1975, U of Minnesota, PhD 1997, U of Washington

KARL, David M., Professor of Oceanography; BA 1971, SUNY Buffalo; MS 1974, Florida State; PhD 1978, UC San Diego; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1985 and 1993

KARSTEN, Jill L., Associate Researcher in Geology & Geophysics; BA 1977, Wellesley; MA 1980, PhD 1988, Washington

KASPER, Gabriele, Professor of Second Language Studies; MA 1975, PhD 1980, Bochum (Germany)

KASUYA, Richard T., Assistant Professor of Medicine; MD 1989, Hawai'i; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1996

KATAOKA-YAHIRO, Merle R., Associate Professor of Nursing; BSN 1979; Hawai'i; MS 1982, Rush; MPH 1984, Northwestern; DrPH 1991, Illinois

KATHARIOU, Sophia, Associate Professor of Microbiology; BA 1975, Austin College; PhD 1981, UC Berkeley

KATO, Gerald Y., Assistant Professor of Journalism; BA 1971, Hawai'i; MA 1972, Missouri

KATSURA, Karen Y., Instructor in Dental Hygiene; Certificate 1988, BS 1989, Hawai'i

KATZ, Alan R., Associate Professor of Public Health; BA 1976, UC San Diego; MD 1980, UC Irvine; MPH 1987, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1989; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1992

KAUKA, Crystella T., Librarian, Law Library; BA 1965, MLS 1970, Hawai'i; AS 1982, Kapi'olani Community College

KAULUKUKUI, C. Malina, Assistant Specialist in Psychiatry; BA 1966, Oregon; MSW 1981, Portland

KAWAHIGASHI OSHIRO, Joanne N., Instructor of SPA-Speech-Language Pathology; BS 1986, Hawai'i; MS 1990, Hawai'i

KAWAMURA, Laura Jean Y., Assistant Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1979, Oregon State, MPH 1980, Hawai'i

KAWATE, Michael K., Associate Specialist in CTAHR, BS 1979, MS 1973, Hawai'i; PhD 1987, Oregon State

KAZENSKI, Paul M., Associate Professor of Accounting; AB 1971, Syracuse; MBA 1974, Cornell; PhD 1991, Georgia State

KEATING, Barbara H., Associate Geophysicist in HIGP; BA 1971, Florida; MA 1975, PhD 1976, Texas-Dallas

KEELEY, Sterling C., Professor of Botany; AB 1970, Stanford; MS 1973, San Diego State; PhD 1977, Georgia; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1996

KEEVER, Beverly A., Professor of Journalism; BA 1957, Nebraska; MS 1958, Columbia; MLIS 1991, Hawai'i; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1987

KEIL, Klaus, Director of and Planetary Scientist in HIGP; MS 1958, Friedrich-Schiller, Jena (Germany); PhD 1961, Johannes-Gutenberg, Mainz (Germany)

KELLEHER, Thomas, Assistant Professor of Journalism; BA 1993, Flagler; MA 1996, Florida; PhD 1999, Florida

KELLEY, N. Lane, Professor of Management & Industrial Relations; BBA 1960, MBA 1965, Texas A&M; PhD 1970, North Texas State

KELLOGG, Judith L., Associate Professor of English; AB 1968, MA 1970, PhD 1978, UC Berkeley; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1991

KELLY, Kevin M., Junior Specialist in HURL; BS 1982, Texas-Austin; MS 1988, Hawai'i; MBA 1998, Portland State U

KELLY, Marion, Professor of Ethnic Studies; BA 1941, MA 1956, Hawai'i

KEMBLE, Stephen B., Assistant Professor of Medi-cine; BA 1969, Oregon; MD 1973, Massachusetts

KENNEY, Christopher J., Junior Physicist in Physics and Astronomy; BS 1982, Duke; MS 1984, PhD 1989, William & Mary

KENT, George, Professor of Political Science; BEE 1960, Rensselaer; MA 1961, Boston; PhD 1965, Illinois

KENT, Noel J., Professor of Ethnic Studies; BA 1965, Wisconsin; MA 1967, PhD 1979, Hawai'i

KEOLANUI, Kaleilani K. G., Junior Specialist in Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services; BA 1987, MA 1991, Hawai'i

KEYSER, Harold H., Professor of Soil Science; BS 1970, MSc, 1974, PhD 1978, UC Davis 

KIM, Chol Bae, Assistant Professor of Family Practice & Community Health; MD 1981, Catholic Medical College (Korea); MPH 1988, Harvard

KIM, Eun Sok, Associate Professor of Electrical Engi-neering; BS 1982, MS 1987, PhD 1990, UC Berkeley

KIM, Jong, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; BS 1989, U of Minnesota; PhD 1995, U of Minnesota

KIM, Joung-Im, Associate Professor of Communication; BA 1970, Yonsei; MA 1978, Hawai'i; PhD 1986, Stanford; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1991

KIM, Karl E., Professor of Urban & Regional Planning; BA 1979, Brown; PhD 1986, MIT

KIM, Min-Sun, Associate Professor of Speech; BA 1985, Korea; MA 1987, Maryland; PhD 1992, Michigan State

Kim, S. Peter, Professor of Psychiatry; MD 1963, Seoul National University College of Medicine; M.M.S. 1967, Seoul National University College of Medicine; Ph.D. 1984, Toho University/NY University Graduate School

KIM, Yong-Soo, Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Animal Sciences, CTAHR; BS 1982, Seoul; MS 1984, PhD 1988, UC Davis

KIM, Yung-Hee, Associate Professor of Korean; BA 1963, Ewha Woman's (Korea); MA 1968, Indiana; PhD 1984, Cornell

KIMURA, Iris F., Professor of Kinesiology and Leisure Science; BSE 1974, Drake, MS 1975, Indiana State, PhD 1981, Texas Women's U, BS 1992, Stockton State College

KING, Arthur R., Jr., Director, CRDG and Professor of Education; BA 1946, Washington; MA 1950, EdD 1955, Stanford

KING, Irvin L., Professor of Education; BA 1960, UC Riverside; MA 1965, South Carolina; PhD 1969, Wisconsin

KING, Pauline N., Professor of History; BA 1949, Sarah Lawrence; MA 1965, PhD 1976, Hawai'i

KINOSHITA, Charles M., Professor of Biosystems Engineering and Researcher in HNEI; BS 1972, MS 1974, Hawai'i; PhD 1980, UC Berkeley

KINZIE, Robert A. III, Professor of Zoology; BS 1963, Santa Clara; MS 1966, Hawai'i; PhD 1970, Yale

KIPNIS, Kenneth, Professor of Philosophy; BA 1965, Reed College; MA 1966, Chicago; PhD 1972, Brandeis; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1987

KIRK-KUWAYE, Michael, Assistant Specialist in Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services; BA 1975, MA 1980, PhD 1996, Hawai'i

KISTE, Robert C., Professor of Pacific Islands Studies; BA 1961, Indiana; PhD 1967, Oregon

KITSUTANI, Kathy S., Instructor in Japanese; BA 1974, UH Hilo; MEd 1978, Hawai'i

KLAFEHN, Terry D., Instructor in Japanese; BS 1969, Valparaiso; MA 1978, Hawai'i

KLEMM, E. Barbara, Associate Professor of Education; BA 1964, Ohio Wesleyan; 5-Yr Certificate 1971, MEd 1972, EdD 1982, Hawai'i

KLINGEBIEL, Kathryn A., Associate Professor of French; BA 1965, UC Berkeley; MA 1979, San Francisco State; PhD 1985, UC Berkeley; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1996

KLINGLE, Renee S., Assistant Professor of Speech; BA 1986, Concordia College; MA 1988, Wyoming; PhD 1994, Arizona

KLOBE, Thomas, Professor of Art; BFA 1964, MFA 1968, Hawai'i

KLOOSTERZIEL, Rudolf C., Assistant Researcher in SOEST; BS 1983, MS 1986, PhD 1990, U of Utrecht (Netherlands)

KNABB, Richard, Assistant Meteorologist in IFA, BS 1990, Purdue; MS 1993, PhD 1999, Florida State

KNAPP, Ronald H., Professor of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1967, Hawai'i; MS 1968, CIT; PhD 1973, Hawai'i

KNAPP, Terence R., Professor of Theater; Diploma 1954, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (UK); Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1978

KNUTH, Rebecca, Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science Program, ICS; BS 1971, Colorado; MA 1975, N Colorado; MLIS 1989, Hawai'i; PhD 1995, Indiana

KO, Wen-hsiung, Researcher in Plant Pathology in CTAHR; BS 1962, National Taiwan U, PhD 1966, Michigan State

KOBAYASHI, Kent D., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher and Associate Specialist in Horticulture, CTAHR; BS 1972, Hawai'i; MAg 1975, PhD 1981, Oregon State

KOBAYASHI, Victor N., Dean, Outreach College and Professor of Education; EdB 1954, MEd 1960, Hawai'i; PhD 1964, Michigan; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1981

KOIDE, Frank T., Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physiology; BS 1958, Illinois; MS 1961, Clarkson U; PhD 1966, Iowa

KOIKARI, Mire, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies; BA 1998, Sophia University (Japan); MS 1990, PhD 1997, Wisconsin-Madison

KOLONEL, Laurence N., Professor of Public Health and Researcher in CRCH; BA 1964, Williams; MD 1968, Harvard; MPH 1970, PhD 1972, UC Berkeley

KOMEYA, Michael, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; MD 1992, University of Hawai'i, John A. Burns School of Medicine; BS 1987, University of Hawai'i, John A. Burns School of Medicine

KONAN, Denise E., Associate Professor of Economics; BA 1988, Goshen College (Indiana); MA 1990, PhD 1993, Colorado-Boulder

KONDO, Kimi, Assistant Professor of Japanese; BA 1983, Tokushima (Japan); MA 1987, Utah; EdD 1998, Hawai'i

KOO, Hagen, Professor of Sociology; BA 1966, Seoul National; MA 1971, PhD 1974, Northwestern

KOOKER, Barbara M., Associate Dean, School of Nursing; Professor of Nursing; BSN 1968, MPH 1980, MS 1980, DrPH 1989, Hawai'i

KOSANKE, Suzanne M., Instructor in English; BA/BS 1966, Minnesota; MA 1988, Hawai'i

KOSASA, Thomas S., Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology; AB 1967, BMS 1969, Dartmouth; MD 1971, McGill

KOWALKE, Ronald, Professor of Art; BA 1959, Rockford College; MFA 1960, Cranbrook

KRAFT, James P., Associate Professor of History; BA 1975, Texas-Austin; MA 1985, Cal State Los Angeles; PhD 1990, Southern California

KRAMER, Kenton J., Associate Professor in Tropical Medicine & Medical Microbiology; BS 1972, MS 1982, PhD 1990, Hawai'i

KRATKY, Bernard A., Horticulturist in CTAHR; BS 1967, MS 1969, PhD 1971, Purdue

KRAUSE, Loretta, Administrator, University Lab School and Professor of Education; BA 1960, Minnesota; MA 1961, Nebraska; EdD 1969, South Dakota

KRISHNA, S., Associate Professor of Political Science; BS 1980, Loyola; MA 1986, PhD 1989, Syracuse

KROCK, Hans-Jurgen, Professor of Ocean and Resources Engineering; BS 1965, Arizona State; MS 1967, PhD 1972, UC Berkeley

KROENKE, Loren, Geophysicist in HIGP; BS 1960, Wisconsin; MS 1968, PhD 1972, Hawai'i

KROHN-CHING, Waldtraut L., Professor of Education, CRDG; BS 1968, MA 1969, Eastern Michigan; MFA 1974, Hawai'i

KROOP-MARTIN, Ellen, Assistant Professor of Medicine; BA 1985, Pennsylvania, MD 1989, New York

KUBA, Carolyn K., Instructor in Dental Hygiene; BEd 1972, Diploma 1973, MEd 1986, Hawai'i

KUCERA, Geoffrey Z., Professor of Education; BS 1959, MA 1960, Florida; PhD 1968, Michigan State

KUDO, E. Takeo, Professor of Music; BEd 1965, MA 1977, Hawai'i; MM 1975, Indiana; DMA 1980, Miami; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1991

KUEHNLE, Adelheid R., Professor of and Researcher in Horticulture, CTAHR; BA 1982, Middlebury; PhD 1988, Cornell

KUH, Anthony, Professor of Electrical Engineering; BS 1979, UC Berkeley; MS 1980, Stanford; MA 1984, PhD 1987, Princeton

KUHN, Jeffrey R., Astronomer in IFA, BA 1977, Kalamazoo College; MS 1979, PhD 1981 , Princeton

KUMABE, Marie H., Junior Specialist in Travel Industry Management; BA 1985, UCLA; MA 1996, Hawai'i Pacific

KUMASHIRO, Kristin K., Assistant Professor of Chemistry; BS 1989, Hawai'i; PhD 1995, Yale

KUNIMOTO, Elizabeth N., Associate Professor of Communication; BA 1951, Michigan; MA 1965, PhD 1971, Hawai'i

KUNISAKI, John T., Assistant Professor of and Assistant Researcher in Horticulture, CTAHR; BS 1960, MS 1964, Hawai'i

KUNKEL, Dennis D., Assistant Researcher in PBRC; BS 1972, PhD 1980, Washington

KUPKE, Renata, Assistant Astronomer in IFA; BS 1989, Arizona; MS 1993, PhD 1998, Hawai'i

KURODA, Yasumasa, Professor of Political Science; BA 1956, MA 1959, PhD 1962, Oregon

KUTARA, Pamela, Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1976, Hawai'i; MS 1977, Purdue

KWAN, Julia, Instructor in Chinese; BA 1961, National Taiwan U; MA 1966, Washington

KWOK, Reginald Y., Professor of Asian Studies and Urban & Regional Planning; Diploma (Arch) 1963, Polytechnic London; Diploma (Tropical Studies), Architectural Association London; MS (Architecture), MS (Urban Planning), 1969, PhD 1973, Columbia

KWOK, Theodore J., Librarian IV, University Libraries; BM 1982, Indiana; MA 1988, MLIS 1989, Hawai'i

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