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RAB, Samia, Assistant Professor of Architecture; BArch 1987, Lahore; MS 1990, MIT; Diploma 1993, Inter. Cent. Conservation, Rome; PhD 1997, Georgia Inst. Tech.

RADTKE, Richard, Researcher in HIGP; BA 1974, Wabash College; PhD 1978, South Carolina; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1996

RADWAY, JoAnn C., Assistant Professor of Ocean and Resources Engineering; BA 1974, Connecticut; MS 1977, Miami; PhD 1984, Oregon

RAHALL, Ann M., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; BA 1987, University of Dayton; MD 1992, Loyola University of Chicago

RAJA, Narayan S., Assistant Specialist in IFA; BTech 1982, MTech 1984, Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay); PhD 1992, Michigan State

RALEIGH, C. Barry, Dean, SOEST and Professor of Geology; BA 1956, Pomona; MA 1958, Claremont; PhD 1963, UCLA

RAMADAN, Mohsen M., Junior Researcher in Entomology, CTAHR; BS 1974, Alexandria; MS 1985, PhD 1991, Hawai'i

RAMANATHAN, S., Associate Professor of Pharmacology; BS 1954, MA 1957, U of Madras; PhD 1964, Indian Institute of Science (India)

RAMOS, Teresita V., Professor of Tagalog and Filipino; BSE 1952, U of Philippines; MA 1958, Michigan; UCLA 1964; PhD 1972, Hawai'i; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1993

RAMSEY, L. Thomas, Professor of Mathematics; BA 1970, North Dakota; PhD 1975, Louisiana

RANDALL, Robert L., Assistant Professor of Psychology; BA 1985, UCLA; MS 1989, Cal State Los Angeles; PhD 1998, UCLA

RAPPA, Peter J., Associate Extension Agent in SGCP; BA 1975, NYU; MLS 1977, MURP 1987, Hawai'i

RAPPORT, Mark D., Professor of Psychology; BA 1972, MA 1974, South Florida; PhD 1981, Florida State

RAPSON, Richard L., Professor of History; BA 1958, Amherst; PhD 1966, Columbia

RATLIFFE, Clarke, Instructor in Nursing; BS 1977, Colorado; MS 1991, Hawai'i

RAUSCH, Paul J., Junior Specialist in Korean Studies; BA 1992, MA 1994, Hawai'i

RAY, Chittaranjan, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; BS 1980, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology; PhD 1994, U of Illinois

RAY, Grace E., Instructor in Japanese; BA 1987, MA 1990, Hawai'i

RAYNER, John T., Associate Astronomer in IFA; BSc 1983, London; MSc 1984, PhD 1988, Edinburgh (UK)

RAYNER, Martin D., Director, Bekesy Laboratory and Professor of Genetics & Molecular Biology; BA 1958, PhD 1962, Cambridge

RAYSON, Ann L., Associate Professor of English; BA 1968, Northern Illinois; MA 1969, Northwestern; PhD 1973, Northern Illinois

RECHNITZ, Garry A., Professor of Chemistry; BS 1958, Michigan; MS 1959, PhD 1961, Illinois; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1998

REDDY, Venudhar, Professor of Pediatrics; BS 1957, MD 1957, Hyderabad (India); MPH 1963, UCLA

REDIGER, Glenn A., Assistant Professor of Medicine; BA 1976, Taylor; MD 1980, Indiana

REED, Gay G., Associate Professor of Education; BA 1968, California Western; MEd 1987, PhD 1991, Virginia; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1996

REESE, Ernst S., Professor of Zoology; BA 1953, Princeton; PhD 1960, UCLA

REGAN, Alison E., Assistant Professor of English; BA 1986, MS 1986, U of Penn; MA 1991, PhD 1995, Texas-Austin

REHBOCK, Philip F., Professor of History; BA 1965, Stanford; PhD 1975, Johns Hopkins

REHG, Kenneth L., Associate Professor of Linguistics; BA 1962, Illinois-Urbana; MA 1965, Southern Illinois-Carbondale; PhD 1986, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1996

REID, Lawrence A., Researcher in SSRI; MA 1964, PhD 1966, Hawai'i

REMUS, William E., Professor of Decision Sciences; BS 1967, Michigan; MBA 1972, PhD 1974, Michigan State; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1990

RESIG, Johanna, Researcher in Geology; BS 1954, MS 1956, Southern California; Dr rer nat 1965, Kiel (Germany)

REYNOLDS, Katsue A., Professor of Japanese; BA 1958, Chiba (Japan); PhD 1978, UCLA

RHEE, Sanghon, Professor & K. J. Luke Chair of International Finance and Banking; BA 1965, Seoul National; MBA 1974, Rutgers; PhD 1978, Ohio State

RHOADS, Pui-Hin, Assistant Specialist in IFA; BS 1984, MS 1986, Hawai'i

RICHARDSON, Allen B., Professor of Surgery; BA 1969, Yale; MD 1973, UCLA 

RICHARDSON, Gaila R., Instructor in Dental Hygiene; Certificate 1985, BS 1987, MPH 1993, Hawai'i

RICHARDSON, James E., Associate Professor of Management & Industrial Relations; BA 1979, MS 1982, MIT; PhD 1988, Wharton

RICHARDSON, Karol, Instructor in Nursing; BSN 1974, UC San Diego; MPH 1988, MSN 1988, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1999

RIDGLEY, Mark A., Associate Professor of Geography; BA 1979, North Carolina State-Raleigh; MS 1980, PhD 1986, Pennsylvania State

RIEDER, John, Professor of English; BA 1974, Cincinnati; MA 1976, PhD 1980, Yale

RIGGS, H. Ronald, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering; BS 1975, Cal State Chico; MS 1976, PhD 1981, UC Berkeley

ROBB, David, Director of Admissions and Records; BA 1969, MA 1976, PhD 1983, Hawai'i

ROBERT, Francoise M., Associate Professor of Microbiology; BS 1964, Liege; MS 1976, PhD 1981, Minnesota

ROBERTS, Glenda S., Associate Director of and Assistant Specialist, Center for Japanese Studies; BA 1978, Michigan; MA 1980, MA 1983, PhD 1986, Cornell

ROBERTS, Rodney C., Assistant Professor of Philosophy; AA 1988, Hawai'i, Leeward Comm Coll; BGS 1991, Indiana, IUPUI; MA 1994, Wisconsin-Madison; PHD 1997, Wisconsin-Madison

ROBERTSON, A. Kathleen, Librarian in IFA; BA 1967, Cal State San Francisco; MLS 1969, UC Berkeley; MA 1976, Calgary

ROBERTSON, Ian N., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; BS 1978, Witwatersrand; MS 1985, PhD 1990, Rice

ROBILLARD, Albert B., Professor of Sociology; BA 1966, MS 1968, Cal State San Jose; MA 1973, PhD 1974, UCLA

ROBINOW, Steven N., Assistant Professor of Zoology; BA 1978, UC Berkeley; PhD 1989, Brandeis

ROCHELEAU, Richard E., Associate Researcher in HNEI; BS 1973, Delaware; MS 1977, Hawai'i; PhD 1980, Delaware

RODDIER, Claude, Astronomer in IFA; BS 1960, Grenoble (France); MS 1964, Paris; PhD 1976, Nice (France)

RODDIER, Fran‡ois J. H., Astronomer in IFA; BS 1958, MS 1960, PhD 1963, Paris

RODECK, Robert, Associate Professor of Art; BA 1971, Illinois; MFA 1974, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

RODERICK, George, Associate Researcher in PBRC; AB 1981, Dartmouth College; PhD 1987, UC Berkeley; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1998

RODRIGUEZ, Beatriz L., Assistant Professor of Medicine; MD 1985, Instituto Technologico de Monterey (Mexico); MPH 1986, PhD 1990, Texas

ROGERS, Kenneth, Associate Professor of Mathematics; BA 1951, Trinity College (UK); PhD 1954, Cambridge

ROHRBACH, Kenneth G., Assistant Director, CTAHR; BS 1962, Ohio; MS 1964, Idaho; PhD 1967, Colorado

ROHTER, Ira S., Associate Professor of Political Science; BS 1960, IIT; MA 1964, PhD 1967, Michigan State

ROITBLAT, Herbert L., Professor of Psychology; BA 1974, Oregon; PhD 1978, UC Berkeley

ROLETT, Barry V., Associate Professor of Anthropology; BA 1980, Pomona College; MA 1985, PhD 1989, Yale

ROSEN, Linda M., Associate Professor of Pediatrics; BA 1975, UCLA; MD 1979, Baylor

ROSEN, Marc D., Assistant Specialist in Physics & Astronomy; BA 1974, MA 1977, Cal State Sonoma

ROSENHEIMER, Julie L., Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Reproductive Biology; BS 1973, Carthage College; PhD 1984, Wisconsin; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1999

ROSS, David A., Associate Professor of Mathematics; BA 1978, Swarthmore; MA 1980, PhD 1983, Wisconsin

ROSTER, Fred, Professor of Art; BA 1967, MA 1968, San Jose; MFA 1970, Hawai'i

ROTH, Randall W., Professor of Law; BS 1970, Regis College; JD 1974, Denver; LLM 1975, Miami, Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1998

ROWE, George Dail, Assistant Researcher of SOEST; BS 1990, Guilford College; PhD 1996, U of Rhode Island

ROUMASSET, James A., Professor of Economics; BA 1965, UC Berkeley; MA 1969, Hawai'i; PhD 1973, Wisconsin-Madison

ROWLAND, Scott K., Assistant Researcher in HIGP; BS 1982, Oregon State; PhD 1987, Hawai'i

RUBIN, Kenneth H., Assistant Professor in Geology and Geophysics; BA 1984, MS 1985, PhD 1991, UCSD

RUBY, Edward G., Professor in PBRC; BS 1971, Stetson; PhD 1977, UC San Diego

RUCH, Libby O., Professor of Sociology; BA 1964, Vassar; MA 1967, Hawai'i; PhD 1973, Stanford

RUDOY, Raul C., Professor of Pediatrics; BS 1967, MD 1968, Cayetano Heredia (Peru); MPH 1974, Hawai'i

RUSSO, Gerard G., Associate Professor of Economics; BA 1977, George Washington; MA 1981, Delaware; PhD 1989, Northwestern

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