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SAGAWA, Yoneo, Professor of and Researcher in Horticulture, CTAHR; BA 1950, MA 1952, Washington; PhD 1956, Connecticut

SAIKI, Stanley M., Jr., Assistant Professor of Medicine; BA 1976, Hawai'i Loa College; MS 1979, MD 1983, Hawai'i

SAITO, Rose W., Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1970, Kansas State; MS 1977, Hawai'i

SAKAGUCHI, Ann M., Assistant Specialist, University Health Services, BA 1977, MPH 1986, Hawai'i

SAKAI, Damon H., Assistant Professor of Medicine; BS 1985, UC Berkeley, MD 1991, JABSOM, Hawai'i

SAKAKI, Sylvia K., Assistant Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1968, Utah State

SAKAMOTO, Karen K., Assistant Specialist in Student Affairs; BEd 1974, Hawai'i; MS 1978, Cal State Long Beach

SALAS, Beverly A., Assistant Professor of Special Education; BA 1977, MA 1983, PhD 1988, Texas-Austin

SALZMAN, Michael B., Assistant Professor of Education, BA 1968, Brooklyn College; MA 1978, Oregon; PhD 1987, Arizona

SAMMONS, Todd H., Associate Professor of English; BA 1973, Stanford; MA 1974, Indiana; PhD 1980, Stanford; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1990

SANDERS David B., Associate Director, Research Support and Astronomer in IFA; BS 1970, Virginia; MS 1972, Cornell; PhD 1982, SUNY

SANDERS, Paula, Instructor in Nursing; BSN 1995, Central Florida; MSN 1998, Vanderbilt 

SANG, Jrgen G., Professor of German; Dr Phil 1966, Munich

SANSONE, Francis J., Associate Professor of Oceanography; BS 1973, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; MS 1976, PhD 1980, North Carolina

SASAKI, Galen H., Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; BS 1981, Hawai'i; MS 1984, PhD 1987, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

SASAKI, Mary T. P. H., Junior Specialist in Education; BEd 1989, PD 1989, MEd 1993, Hawai'i

SATO, Dwight M., Associate Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1976, Hawai'i; MS 1978, UC Riverside

SATO, Mamoru, Professor of Art; BA 1963, MFA 1965, Colorado

SATTLER, Klaus D., Professor of Physics; Diploma-Phys 1970, Karlsruhe (Germany); DrScNat 1975, Zurich; Habilitation 1982, Konstanz (Germany)

SAXENA, Narendra K., Professor and Director, Pacific Mapping Program, SOEST; BSc 1955, Agra; MS 1959, Roorkee; DrTech 1972, Austria

SAUL, Stephen H., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Entomology, CTAHR; BA 1961, Brooklyn; MS 1966, PhD 1970, Rochester

SCEARCE, J. Mark, Assistant Professor of Music; BA, BM 1983, Northeast Missouri State; MM 1986, DM 1993, Indiana

SCHATZ, Irwin J., Professor of Medicine; FS 1951, MD 1956, Manitoba (Canada)

SCHERER, William F., Associate Professor of German; BA 1961, Colorado; MA 1962, PhD 1967, Southern California

SCHMIDT, Richard W., Professor of Second Language Studies; AB 1963, Harvard; MA 1971, PhD 1974, Brown

SCHMITT, Donald P., Professor of and Researcher in Plant Pathology, CTAHR; BS 1967, MS 1969, PhD 1971, Iowa State

SCHNEIDER, Randi C., Junior Researcher in CTAHR; BA 1973, MS 1976, Hawai'i

SCHOLLY, Kristen, Junior Specialist in University Health Services; BS 1985, Colorado State; MSW 1987, Denver

SCHROEDER, Thomas A., Associate Professor of Meteorology and Director of JIMAR; BS 1969, Indiana Central; MS 1971, PhD 1974, Purdue

SCHUBERT, Glendon, Professor of Political Science; AB 1940, PhD 1948, Syracuse; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1975

SCHULTZ, Elaine, Librarian II, University Libraries; BA 1962, UC Berkeley; MLIS 1977, Hawai'i

SCHULTZ, Susan M., Associate Professor of English; BA 1980, Yale; MA 1984, PhD 1989, Virginia

SCHWEIZER, Niklaus R., Professor of German; MA 1966, PhD 1968, UC Davis

SCOTT, Edward R. D., Planetary Scientist in HIGP; BA 1968, MA 1972, PhD 1972, Cambridge

SEEGER, Leinaala, Associate Professor of Law and Librarian, School of Law; BA 1966, Washington; JD 1977, Puget Sound (Seattle); MLaw Libr 1979, Washington

SEFF, Karl, Professor of Chemistry; BS 1959, UC Berkeley; PhD 1964, MIT

SEIDL, Ludwig H., Professor of Ocean and Resources Engineering; BSME 1961, MS 1964, DSc 1970, Vienna U of Technology

SEIFERT, Josef, Pesticide Chemist in CTAHR; MS 1964, PhD 1973, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology (Czech Republic)

SEIFRIED, Steven E., Associate Professor of Genetics and Molecular Biology; AB 1979, Wittenberg; PhD 1986, Wisconsin

SEKI, Mickiko, Junior Specialist, Outreach College, BA 1988, Rikkyo University (Japan); MA 1991, Hawai'i

SEKIOKA, Terry T., Associate Horticulturist in CTAHR; BS 1963, MS 1967, PhD 1969, Minnesota

SELF, Stephen, Professor of Geology; BS 1970, Leeds; PhD 1974, Imperial College of Science & Technology (UK)

SENGUPTA, Partha, Assistant Professor of Accounting; BS 1983, U of Calcutta (India); MA 1986 SUNY Stony Brook; PhD 1991, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U; PhD 1995, Florida

SEO, Kap-Kyung, Professor of Financial Economics & Institutions; BA 1956, South Carolina; MBA 1957, Xavier; PhD 1960, Cincinnati

SERAFIM, Leon A., Associate Professor of Japanese; BA 1968, UC Berkeley; MA 1975, Hawai'i; PhD 1984, Yale

SERRANO, Alberto, Professor of Psychiatry; MD 1956, University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine; BA 1948, Colegio Nacional Mariano Moreno

SEYMOUR, Patricia J., Assistnat Professor of SPA-Speech-Language Pathology; BA 1982, Cal State Fullerton; MA 1985, Cal State Fullerton

SHAPARD, Robert P., Associate Professor of English; BBA 1966, BA 1972, MA 1974, Southern Methodist; MFA 1978, North Carolina Greensboro; PhD 1986, Utah; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1997

SHAPIRO, Michael J., Professor of Political Science; BA 1962, Tufts; MA 1964, Hawai'i; PhD 1966, Northwestern

SHAPIRO, Samuel I., Professor of Psychology; BA 1961, Brooklyn College; AM 1962, Michigan; MS 1965, PhD 1966, Pennsylvania State

SHARKEY, William F., Associate Professor of Speech; BA 1985, Glassboro State; MA 1987, PhD 1990, Ohio State

SHARMA, Jagdish P., Professor of History; BA 1955, Agra (India); BA 1959, SOAS (London); PhD 1962, London

SHARMA, Khem R., Assistant Researcher of SOEST; BS 1988, U of Peradeniya; MA 1994, Hawai'i; PhD 1996, Hawai'i

SHARMA, Miriam, Professor of Asian Studies; BA 1962, Brooklyn College; MA 1966, Virginia; PhD 1973, Hawai'i

SHARMA, Rama Nath, Professor of Hindi and Sanskrit; BA 1957, Banaras; MA 1959, Allahabad; MA 1962, Agra (India); PhD 1971, Rochester

SHARMA, Santosh D., Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology; MBBS 1960, Poona (India)

SHARMA, Shiv K., Associate Director of and Geophysicist in HIGP; BSc 1966, MSc 1968, Jiwaji (India); PhD 1973, India Institute of Technology

SHELDON, Pauline J., Professor of Travel Industry Management; BS 1972, Southampton U (UK); MBA 1980, Chaminade; PhD 1984, Hawai'i; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1995

SHELLY, Todd, Associate Researcher in PBRC; BA 1974, Penn; MS 1976, Pennsylvania State; PhD 1983, UCLA

SHEN, Edward N., Professor of Medicine; BSc 1972, MD 1976, Canada

SHERRILL, David M., Associate Professor of Education; BA 1965, PhD 1968, Texas-Austin

SHERRY, Annette C., Associate Professor of Education; BSEd 1963, MEd 1974, Bridgewater State College; EdD 1984, Boston

SHI, Mingzheng, Assistant Professor of History; BA 1986, Peking; MA 1988, Connecticut; MPhil 1990, PhD 1993, Columbia

SHIBATA, Shoji, Professor of Pharmacology; MD 1952, Nara Medical College; PhD 1957, Kyoto (Japan)

SHIGEZAWA, Esther S., Assistant Specialist in Education; BEd 1961, 5-Yr Certificate 1962, MEd 1965, Hawai'i

SHIKUMA, Cecilia, Assistant Professor of Medicine and PBRC; BS 1972, MD 1977, Hawai'i

SHIMABUKU, Robin S., Assistant Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1982, MS 1986, Hawai'i

SHIMIZU, Hisaaki, Instructor in Japanese; BA 1988, Nagoya (Japan); MA 1992, Hawai'i

SHINNERS, Patricia E., Instructor in Nursing; BSN 1985, U of Wisconsin (Madison); MSN 1996, Hawai'i

SHIRAMIZU, Bruce T., Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics; BA 1977, MS 1979, MD 1983, U of Utah, Salt Lake City

SHIROMA, Wayne A., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, BS 1986, Hawai'i; MEngr 1987, Cornell; PhD 1996, Colorado

SHOJI, Kakuko, Instructor in Japanese; BA 1958, International Christian (Japan); BA 1962, Tokyo; MA 1973, Hawai'i

SHOULTZ, Janice E., Associate Professor of Nursing; BSN 1984, Hawai'i Loa College; MPH 1986, MS 1991, DrPH 1993, Hawai'i

SHOVIC, Anne C., Associate Professor of Food Science & Human Nutrition; BS 1974, Montana State; MS 1977, PhD 1982, Washington State

SIBERT, John R., Researcher in SOEST; BA 1962, U of Pacific; PhD 1968, Columbia

SIBLEY, Gay P., Associate Professor of English; BA 1967, Cal State San Jose; MA 1978, Nevada; PhD 1982, Oregon

SIEGEL, Lee A., Professor of Religion; BA 1967, UC Berkeley; MFA 1969, Columbia; PhD 1975, Oxford; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1986; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1990; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1996

SILEO, Thomas W., Professor of Education; BS 1963, MA 1968, Seton Hall; EdD 1977, Northern Colorado

SILVA, James A., Soil Scientist in CTAHR; BS 1951, MS 1959, Hawai'i; PhD 1964, Iowa State

SILVA, Jana K., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; BS and BA 1982 University of Washington, MD 1991, Hawai'i

SILVA, Noeneoe, Assistant Professor of Hawaiian, BA 1991, MILS 1993, PhD 1999, Hawai'i

SIMON, Theodore, Astronomer in IFA; BS 1963, Case Institute of Technology; MA 1965, PhD 1970, Harvard

SINAVAIANA-GABBARD, Caroline, Assistant Professor of English; BA 1975, Sonoma State; MA 1981, UC Berkeley; PhD 1992, Hawai'i

SINCLAIR, Gwen E., Librarian II, Government Documents Collection, University Libraries; BA 1984, Trinity; MLIS 1999, Hawai'i

SINGH, Amarjit, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; BS 1976, Indian Institute of Technology; MS 1987, Texas A&M; PhD 1990, Purdue U

SINTON, John M., Professor of Geology; AB 1969, UC Santa Barbara; MS 1971, Oregon; PhD 1976, Otago (New Zealand); Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1991

SIPES, Brent S., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Plant Pathology, CTAHR; BS 1983, Purdue; MS 1987, PhD 1991, North Carolina State

SIU, James K. M., Associate Professor of Mathematics; BA 1953, MA 1956, Hawai'i

SLAUGHTER, Helen B., Professor of Education; BSEd 1959, Northern Arizona; MEd 1965, EdD 1974, Arizona

SLAUGHTER, Timothy R., Associate Specialist in Outreach College; BA 1979, North Carolina State; MFA 1983, PhD 1992, Hawai'i

SLOAT, Ann R., Associate Professor of Nursing; BS 1963, Cal State Los Angeles; MS 1967, UCLA, PhD 1998, Hawai'i

SMITH, Celia M., Professor of Botany; AB 1976, Mount Holyoke College; MS 1979, Hawai'i; PhD 1983, Stanford

SMITH, Craig R., Professor of Oceanography; BS 1977, Michigan State; PhD 1983, UC San Diego

SMITH, Dean O., Senior Vice President and Executive Vice Chancellor and Professor of Physiology; BA 1967, Harvard; AM 1969, PhD 1971, Stanford

SMITH, Douglas, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; ScB 1984, Brown; MD 1989, Johns Hopkins 

SMITH, Douglas C., Assistant Professor of Education; AB 1973, Emory; MEd 1974, Georgia; PhD 1981, UCLA 

SMITH, Garnett J., Assistant Professor of Education; BA 1970, Eastern Montana College; MA 1974, EdD 1981, Northern Colorado

SMITH, John R., Jr., Assistant Reseacher in HURL; BS 1983, Florida Tech, MS 1989, Hawai'i, PhD 1996, Hawai'i

SMITH, Michael J. S., Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; BS 1978, MS 1981, PhD 1985, Stanford

SMITH, Nancy L., Associate Professor in Nursing; BSN 1969, MS 1977, Cal State Long Beach; MS 1990, PhD 1997, U of Colorado Denver

SMITH, Richard M., Professor of Physiology; AB 1964, PhD 1969, Indiana; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1991

SMITH, Stephen V., Researcher in Oceanography; BA 1964, Texas; MS 1966, Northwestern; PhD 1970, Hawai'i

SMITH, Virginia E., Assistant Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1983, Hawai'i

SMITH, Wayne S., Professor of Mathematics; BA 1974, MA 1977, PhD 1983, UC Berkeley

SMOLENSKI, Janusz M., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; MA 1972, Gdansk Polytechnik (Poland); MD 1990, UC Davis

SNEAD, Ron W., Associate Professor of Psychiatry; MD 1968, Medical College of Virginia; BS 1964, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U

SOGUK, Nevzat, Assistant Professor of Political Science; BA 1985 Gazi U; MA 1990, Ohio; PhD 1995, Arizona State

SOHN, Ho-min, Professor of Korean; BA 1956, MA 1965, Seoul National; PhD 1969, Hawai'i; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1985

SOLIS, Ron D., Instructor in Hawaiian, BA 1996, MA 1999, Hawai'i

SOLL, Bruce A., Associate Professor of Medicine; BA 1967, MD 1971, UCLA

SOLYOM, Bronwen, Librarian IV, University Libraries; BA 1964, Tasmania; MLS 1971, MA 1976, Hawai'i

SOPHIAN, Catherine, Professor of Psychology; BA 1974, Florida; MA 1978, PhD 1980, Michigan

SOUSA, Patrick J., Assistant Professor of Medicine; BS 1987, Seattle, MD 1992, JABSOM, Hawai'i

SOUZA, Kathleen R., Instructor in Nursing; BSN 1977, Northern Michigan; MS 1983, Hawai'i

SPAHR, Juliana, Assistant Professor of English; BA 1988, Bard College; MA 1992, PhD 1996, SUNY Buffalo 

SPEIDEL, Michael P., Professor of History; PhD 1962, Freiburg (Germany); Regent's Medal for Excellence in Research, 1995

SPEITEL, Thomas W., Professor of Education, CRDG; BS 1967, Manhattan College; PhD 1975, Hawai'i

SPENCER, Khalil J., Associate Specialist in Geology & Geophysics; BS 1976, Rochester; MS 1980, PhD 1987, SUNY Stony Brook

SPENCER, Melvin E. III, Assistant Specialist in Education; BEd 1983, MEd 1990, Hawai'i

SPOCK, Napualani, Junior Specialist, Outreach College; BA 1990, MA 1998, Hawai'i

SPONSEL, Leslie E., Professor of Anthropology; BA 1965, Indiana; MA 1973, PhD 1981, Cornell; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1986

SPOTKAEFF, Maryknoll K. K. L., Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1974, MA 1975, Michigan

SPRAGUE, Ralph H., Professor of Decision Sciences; BS 1960, Anderson College; MBA 1962, DBA 1964, Indiana

SPRINGER, Hisami K., Librarian IV, University Libraries; BA 1964, International Christian (Tokyo); MA 1967, MLS 1968, PhD 1993, Hawai'i

STAFF, Martha C., Junior Specialist (Interim Director) in International Student Services; BA 1971, Wisconsin; MPH 1990, Hawai'i

STAMPE, David, Associate Professor of Linguistics; BA 1960, Indiana; MA 1966, PhD 1973, Chicago

STANNARD, David E., Professor of American Studies; BA 1971, San Francisco State; MA 1972, MPhil 1973, PhD 1975, Yale; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1987

STANTON, Joseph C., Associate Professor of Arts & Humanities; BA 1971, MacMurray College; MA 1972, Claremont Graduate School; PhD 1989, NYU

STARK, Maria Iliana, Acting Assistant Professor of Nursing; BS 1979, Cal State Fullerton; MS 1990, Hawai'i

STARK, Miriam J., Assistant Professor of Anthropology; BA 1984, Michigan; MA 1987, PhD 1993, Arizona 

STARKUS, John G., Researcher in PBRC; BS 1967, St. Joseph College; MS 1970, Puerto Rico; PhD 1976, Duke

STARN, Jane R., Professor of Nursing; BSN 1968, San Diego State; MPH 1976, MS 1976, DrPH 1987, Hawai'i

STAROSTA, Stanley, Professor of Linguistics; BA 1961, PhD 1967, Wisconsin

STEGENGA, David A., Professor of Mathematics; BS 1968, Purdue; MA 1971, PhD 1973, Wisconsin

STEINHOFF, Patricia, Professor of Sociology and Asian Studies; BA 1963, Michigan; PhD 1969, Harvard

STELOVSKY, Jan, Associate Professor of Information & Computer Sciences; MA 1979, Washington State; DrTechSc 1983, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

STENGER, Victor J., Professor of Physics; BS 1956, Newark; MS 1959, PhD 1963, UCLA

STEPHAN, John J., Professor of History; BA 1963, MA 1964, Harvard; PhD 1969, London

STEPHENS, Diane L., Professor of Education; BS 1969, SUNY Geneseo; MS 1978, Nazareth College; PhD 1986, Indiana

STEPHENSON, Carolyn M., Associate Professor of Political Science; BA 1966, Mount Holyoke; MA 1974, PhD 1980, Ohio State

STEVENS, Duane E., Professor of Meteorology; BS 1972, Wheaton; MS 1973, PhD 1977, Harvard

STEVERSON, Misako T., Instructor in Japanese; BA 1972, Hiroshima; MA 1995, Hawai'i

STEWART, R. Frank, Professor of English; BA 1968, MA 1972, Hawai'i

STILES, John I., Associate Professor of and Associate Researcher in Plant Molecular Physiology, CTAHR; AB 1970, Indiana; PhD 1976, Cornell

STIMSON, John S., Professor of Zoology; BA 1963, Occidental College; MA 1965, PhD 1968, UC Santa Barbara

STOCKTON, Alan N., Astronomer in IFA; BA 1964, UC Berkeley; PhD 1968, Arizona

STODDEN, Robert A., Professor of Education; BA 1965, Western Washington; MS 1974, Cal State Long Beach; PhD 1976, Florida

STOLLBERG, Jes, Associate Researcher in PBRC; AB 1977, 1979, UC Berkeley; PhD 1985, UC San Diego

STRELTZER, Jon M., Professor of Psychiatry; BA 1966, Yale; MD 1970, Colorado

SU, Wei-Wen, Associate Professor of Biosystems Engineering; BS 1985, Chenkung (Taiwan); MS 1987, Johns Hopkins; PhD 1991, Lehigh

SUGIHARA, Kazuo, Associate Professor of Information & Computer Sciences; BS 1980, MS 1982, PhD 1985, Hiroshima

SUGII, Nellie C., Junior Researcher, BS 1980, MS 1982, Hawai'i

SUH, Dae Sook, Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies; BA 1956, Texas Christian; MA 1958, Indiana; PhD 1964, Columbia

SUMIDA, Kenneth N., Assistant Professor of Medicine; BA 1978, MS 1981, MD 1982, Hawai'i

SUN, Piera, Associate Researcher in PBRC; BSc 1966, Chinese U (Hong Kong); MSc 1971, UC Davis; PhD 1976, Wisconsin

SUN, Samuel S. M., Professor of and Researcher in Plant Molecular Physiology, CTAHR; BS 1966, BS 1968, MS 1971, Hong Kong; PhD 1974, Wisconsin

SUNDBERG, Dagmar, Instructor, Hawai'i English Language Program; BA 1977, MA 1980, U of Heidelberg (Germany)

SURYANATA, Krisnawati, Assistant Professor of Geography; Sarjana 1978, Institute Pertanian Bogor; MA 1985, Hawai'i; PhD 1994, UC Berkeley

SUTHERLAND, Ross A., Associate Professor of Geography; BSc 1981, MSc 1983, PhD 1988, Toronto

SUTHERS, Daniels D., Assistant Professor of Information and Computer Sciences, BFA 1979, Kansas City Art Institute; MS 1988, PhD 1993, U of Mass

SUVERKROPP, Bastiaan P., Junior Researcher in Entomology, CTAHR; MS 1989, PhD 1997, Wageningen Agricultural U (Netherlands)

SUYAMA, Edith, Instructor in English; BA 1986, MA 1989, Hawai'i

SUYDERHOUD, Jack P., Associate Dean, College of Business Administration and Professor of Financial Economics & Institutions; BS 1971, Jamestown College; MS 1972, PhD 1978, Purdue; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1992

SUZUKI, Mabel K., Librarian III, University Libraries; BEd 1968, MLS 1980, Hawai'i

SWAN, Sandy, Assistant Extension Agent in CTAHR; BA 1988, Western Illinois; MA 1992, Minnesota

SWIFT, David W., Professor of Sociology; AB 1950, MA 1960, PhD 1967, UC Berkeley
SYNODINOS, Nicolaos E., Professor of Marketing; BA 1974, American U of Beirut (Lebanon); PhD
1979, Stirling (UK)

SYRMOS, Vassilis L., Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; PhD 1991, Georgia Tech

SZARMES, Eric B., Associate Professor of Physics; BS 1985, British Columbia; PhD 1992, Stanford

SZYPER, James P., Assistant Specialist in SGCP; BS 1968, MS 1972, PhD 1976, Hawai'i

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