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WADA, Randal K., Associate Researcher in CRCH; BA 1979, MS 1979, Northwestern; MD 1983, Emory

WADA, Yuka, Instructor in Japanese; BA 1988, UH Hilo; MA 1992, Hawai'i

WAGEMAN, Lynette M., Librarian IV, University Libraries; BA 1959, Park; MLS 1966, MA 1977, Hawai'i

WAINSCOAT, Richard J., Specialist in IFA; BS 1981, Western Australia; PhD 1986, Australia National U

WAITE, Deborah, Professor of Art; AB 1961, Mount Holyoke; MA 1964, PhD 1969, Columbia

WAKABAYASHI, Mark T., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology; BS 1983, Santa Clara; MD 1988, Loyola U of Chicago

WAKAI, Wendy A. N., Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene; BA 1983, Hawai'i; DMD 1987, Oregon Health Sciences

WAKAYAMA, Teruhiko, Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Reproductive Biology, MS 1992, Ibaraki University (Japan); PhD 1996, University of Tokyo (Japan)

WALDRON, Jane A., Professor of Psychiatry; BA 1960, Newton; MSW 1965, Boston College; PhD 1974, Smith College

WALKER, Daniel A., Seismologist in HIGP; BS 1963, John Carroll; MS 1965, PhD 1971, Hawai'i

WALL, Ronald W., Specialist in Family Resources, CTAHR; BA 1967, MA 1974, Maryland; PhD 1981, Kansas State

WALSH, Ted W., Assistant Specialist in SOEST; BS 1972, Ashland U; MS 1975, Hawai'i

WALTON, Frank C., Associate Specialist in Education; BA 1974, MA 1976, Cal State Los Angeles; PhD 1985, Maryland

WANG, Bin, Professor of Meteorology and IPRC; BS 1967, Shandong College of Oceanography (China); MS 1982, U of Science & Technology (China); PhD 1984, Florida State

WANG, Chen-Yen, Assistant Professor of Nursing; BS 1976, MS 1978, Chinese U (Taiwan); MS 1984, PhD 1987, BS 1992, MS 1995 Tennessee-Knoxville

WANG, Jaw-Kai, Professor of and Researcher in Biosystems Engineering; BS 1953, National Taiwan U; MS 1956, PhD 1958, Michigan State

WANT, Mark S., Junior Specialist, Outreach College, BS 1983 San Jose State; MA 1997, Griffith University (Australia)

WARD, Barbara J., Instructor of SPA-Speech-Language Pathology; BS 1973, Arizona State U, MS 1981, Hawai'i

WARD, Cynthia A., Associate Professor of English; BA 1982, UC San Diego; MA 1988, PhD 1990, Stanford

WARD, Deborah J., Associate Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1979, MS 1981, Hawai'i

WARD, Jack H., Associate Professor of Hawaiian and Tahitian; BA 1951, Kansas; MA 1963, Hawai'i; PhD 1973, Cornell

WARNER, Sam No'eau, Assistant Professor of Hawaiian; BA 1978, MA 1984, PhD 1996, Hawai'i

WASLIEN, Carol, Professor of Public Health; BA 1961, Santa Barbara; MSc 1963, Cornell; PhD 1968, UC Berkeley

WATANABE, Barbara H., Junior Specialist in Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services; BA 1978, Colorado State; MS 1985, Wisconsin

WATANABE, Daniel S., Professor of SOEST; AB 1962, AM 1967, PhD 1970, Harvard

WATKINS-VICTORINO, Lisa, Junior Specialist in Social Work; BA 1986, MA 1991, Hawai'i

WATSON, David L., Professor of Psychology; BA 1959, Vanderbilt; MS 1961, PhD 1963, Yale

WATSON, Joyce M., Librarian III, University Libraries; BS 1957, Tennessee; BLS 1967, Toronto

WATT, John, Instructor in Nursing; BSN 1980, Idaho State; MSN 1993, Hawai'i

WATTS, Margit M., Director and Assistant Professor of Rainbow Advantage/Freshman Seminars; BA 1970, Certificate 1972, Michigan; MA 1974, PhD 1989, Hawai'i

WAYNE, Valerie, Professor of English; AB 1966, DePauw; MA 1972, PhD 1978, Chicago; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1985

WEBB, David T., Assistant Professor of Botany; BA 1967, West Chester State; PhD 1978, Montana

WEDEMEYER, Dan J., Professor of Communication; BS 1968, Iowa State; MA 1971, Hawai'i; AM 1976, PhD 1978, Southern California; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1987

WEEMS, Charles W., Professor of and Researcher in Animal Sciences, CTAHR; BS 1964, MS 1966, East Tennessee State; PhD 1975, West Virginia

WEGNER, Eldon L., Professor of Sociology; BA 1963, Redlands; MA 1965, PhD 1967, Wisconsin

WEINER, Joel L., Professor of Mathematics; BA 1965, MA 1968, PhD 1971, UCLA; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1995

WEINSTEIN, Michael G., Associate Professor of Sociology; PhB 1963, Wayne State; MA 1966, PhD 1968, Harvard

WEIRATHER, Randy, Assistant Professor of SPA-Speech-Language Pathology; BA 1971, Rockford College; MS 1976, Illinois State U; PhD 1979, U of De Haute Bretagne (Rennes, France)

WEISS, Audrey J., Assistant Professor of Speech; BA 1988, Wells College; MA 1990, PhD 1994, UC Santa Barbara

WEISS, Lois E., Assistant Professor of SPA-Speech-Language Pathology; BA 1972, Kent State U, MA 1983, Kent State; MS 1990, U of Nevada-Reno; PhD 1996, U of Nevada-Reno

WENDELL, John P., Professor of Accounting; BA 1980, Upsala College; CPA 1983; PhD 1989, Union College

WERGOWSKE, Gilbert L., Associate Professor of Medicine; BS 1970, Cincinnati; MD 1978, Autonoma de Guadalajara (Mexico)

WERMAGER, Paul N., Librarian III, University Libraries; BS 1968, North Dakota State; BSN 1982, MLIS 1992, MPH 1999, Hawai'i

WESLEY-SMITH, Terence A., Associate Professor of Pacific Islands Studies; BCA 1977, BCA (Hons) 1978, Victoria-Wellington (New Zealand); PhD 1988, Hawai'i

WESSEL, P+l, Professor of Geophysics; BS 1982, MS 1984, Oslo (Norway); MPhil 1987, PhD 1990, Columbia; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1998

WESTCOTT, Nancy D., Librarian, Law Library; BA 1978, Aquinas College; MSLS 1981, Western Michigan

WESTER, Lyndon L., Professor of Geography; BA 1967, Adelaide; MA 1969, PhD 1975, UCLA
WHEAT, C. Geoffrey, Assistant Professor of Geology & Geophysics; BS 1983, New Hampshire; MS 1986, PhD 1990, Washington

WHITE, Karen M., Assistant Professor of Art; BA 1989, Rutgers; MFA 1994, Virginia Commonwealth

WHITE, Lon, Professor, School of Nursing; MD 1963, Washington; MPH 1979, John Hopkins 

WHITLOCK, Roger D., Associate Professor of English; BA 1963, Whitman College; MA 1964, Chicago; PhD 1973, Washington; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1981

WHITMAN, Nancy C., Professor of Education; BA 1954, Illinois; MA 1956, Illinois; PhD 1961, Illinois

WHITTIER, Timothy, Junior Researcher in PBRC; BA 1986, Idaho State; MS 1989, PhD 1993, Hawai'i

WHITTOW, G. Causey, Professor of Physiology; BSc 1952, FLS 1976, FI Biol 1992, London; PhD 1957, Malaya

WICHMANN-WALCZAK, Elizabeth A., Professor of Theater; BA 1971, Iowa; MA 1973, PhD 1983, Hawai'i; Fujio Matsuda Fellow, 1987; ACLS/SSRC Fellow, 1995-1996

WIE, Byung-Wook, Associate Professor of Travel Industry Management; BS 1983, Hanyang (Korea); MUP 1985, San Jose State; PhD 1988, Pennsylvania

WILKENS, George R., Jr., Associate Professor of Mathematics; BS 1980, MS 1983, PhD 1987, North Carolina-Chapel Hill

WILKENS, Lynne R., Assistant Specialist/Biostatistician in CRCH; BS 1981, MS 1983, DrPH 1999, North Carolina

WILKENS, Roy, Associate Researcher in HIGP; BA 1969, SUNY New Paltz; MA 1977, SUNY Binghamton; PhD 1981, Washington

WILKINSON, Robert W., Professor of Pediatrics; BS 1963, Notre Dame; MD 1967, Tulane

WILLIAMS, Betty Lou, Assistant Professor of Education; BA 1977, UC, Davis; Cert of Fine Art 1979, Oxford; PhD 1994, Florida

WILLIAMSON, Michael R., Professor of and Specialist in Biosystems Engineering; BS 1967, Texas A&M; MS 1969, PhD 1986, Hawai'i

WILLINGER, Wanita M., Associate Specialist in Student Affairs; BA 1970, UC Berkeley; MEd 1974, PhD 1983, Hawai'i

WILLS, James R., Jr., Professor of Marketing; BA 1968, Taylor; MBA 1970, Western Michigan; DBA 1976, Kent State

WILSON, John F., Associate Professor of Political Science; BS 1964, State U Maritime College; MA 1966, PhD 1973, SUNY-Albany

WILSON, Lee F., Assistant Professor of Spanish; BA 1990, MA 1993, PhD 1997, California Riverside

WILSON, Leslie C., Professor of Mathematics; BA 1969, Oregon; MS 1970, PhD 1973, Illinois

WILSON, Robert J., Professor of English; AB 1969, MA 1973, PhD 1976, UC Berkeley

WILTSHIRE, John C., Associate Specialist in HURL; BS 1976, Carleton U (Canada); PhD 1983, Hawai'i

WINGERT, Everett A., Professor of Geography; BA 1964, Michigan; MA 1967, PhD 1973, Washington

WINJUM, Roberta, Librarian III, University Libraries; BEd 1974, MSLS 1980, Missouri-Columbia

WINN, Christopher D., Assistant Oceanographer in Oceanography; BS 1974, San Diego State; MS 1978, Cal State Fullerton; PhD 1984, Hawai'i

WISNOSKY, John, Professor of Art; BFA 1962, MFA 1964, Illinois

WITHY, Kelly M., Assistant Professor of Family Practice & Community Health; BA 1987, Harvard; MD 1991, UC San Diego

WOLFE, Suzanne, Professor of Art; BA 1965, BSD 1968, MFA 1970, Michigan

WOLFE-QUINTERO, Kathryn, Associate Professor of Second Language Studies; BA 1982, Oakland; MA 1986, Michigan State; PhD 1992, Hawai'i

WOMACK, Donald R., Assistant Professor of Music; BA 1988, BM 1989, Furman; MM 1990, DM 1993, Northwestern

WOMERSLEY, Christopher, Professor of Zoology; BSc 1973, PhD 1977, Newcastle Upon Tyne; Regent's Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1993

WONG, George J., Associate Professor of Botany; BA 1972, MA 1977, San Francisco State; PhD 1983, UC Davis

WONG, Jan H., Professor of Surgery; BA 1974, Stanford; MD 1978, Rush

WONG, Kerry, Instructor in Hawaiian; BA 1978, Colorado-Boulder; MA 1993, Hawai'i

WONG, Leslie K. L., Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene; BA 1966, Hawai'i; DDS 1972, Washington

WONG, Linda L., Assistant Professor of Surgery; BS 1982, Stanford; MD 1986, UC Irvine

WONG, Livingston M. F., Professor of Surgery; BS 1952, Hawai'i; MD 1959, Oregon

WONG, Lorrie, Instructor in Nursing; BSN 1979, Hawai'i; MSN 1988, Columbia

WONG, Melvin K., Extension Agent in CTAHR; BS 1964, MS 1966, Hawai'i; PhD 1971, Michigan

WONG, Nancy Y. C., Assistant Professor of Marketing; BBA 1984, York U (Canada); MBA 1989, UCLA; MA, PhD 1996, Michigan

WONG-KIM, Evaon C., Assistant Professor of Social Work, BA 1985, MSW 1989, MPH 1990, UC Berkeley

WOO, Chi-Kwong Patrick, Instructor in Japanese; BA 1988, MA 1990, Hawai'i

WOOD, D. William, Professor of Public Health; BA 1968, Saskatchewan (Canada); MPH 1979, MA 1980, PhD 1983, Hawai'i

WOODCOCK, Deborah W., Associate Professor of Geography; BA 1975, Duke; MA 1983, Kansas; PhD 1987, Nebraska

WOODROW, Robert J., Junior Researcher in Entomology, CTAHR; BS 1991, MS 1993, SUNY Syracruse; PhD 1997, Hawai'i

WOODRUFF, Rosemarie, Assistant Specialist in Student Affairs; BEd 1970, MEd 1974, Hawai'i

WORTHLEY, Reginald G., Professor of Decision Sciences; BA 1965, Maine; MS 1967, PhD 1969, Kansas State; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1993

WRIGHT, Eva, Instructor in Nursing; BS 1973, MS 1975, Cal State Los Angeles

WRIGHT, Lesley, Associate Professor of Music; BA 1972, Smith College; MFA 1974, PhD 1981, Princeton

WU, I-Pai, Professor of and Researcher in Biosystems Engineering; BSAE 1955, National Taiwan U; MSAE 1960, PhD 1963, Purdue

WU, Xiaoping, Assistant Researcher in Pacific Mapping Program; BS 1982, Jiangxi School of Metallurgy, China; MS 1984, Seimol. Inst.; PhD 1993, Colorado

WYLIE, A. Michael, Assistant Professor of Psychology; BA 1978, Nebraska; MA 1983, Texas; PhD 1985, Hawai'i

WYNN-WILLIAMS, Gareth, Astronomy Graduate Chair and Professor of Physics & Astronomy and IFA; BA 1966, MA 1970, PhD 1971, Cambridge

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