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Colleges of Arts and Sciences
Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature
Spalding 255
2540 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-8672
(808) 956-7452
Fax: (808) 956-5978

T. V. Ramos, PhD (Chair)-Philippine linguistics, language learning and teaching, multilingualism, sociolinguistics, child acquisition of language, Filipino language
J. Clausen, Phd-Ilokono language, language learning and teaching, Philippine linguistics, language and multimedia
P. L. Espiritu, MA-Ilokono language, Philippine theater, language learning and teaching 
E. Hawkins, PhD-language learning and teaching, Polynesian linguistics, Hawaiian, immersion education
L. M. Ka'awa, MA-Hawaiian learning and instruction, immersion education, curriculum development 
F. Lesa, MA-language learning and teaching, Samoan
R. Lopes Jr., MA-innovative instruction of Hawaiian language through cultural means such as hula and music
N. C. Losch, MA-Hawaiian language and culture, Pacific cultures
K. K. Lucas, BA-Hawaiian language learning and instruction
R. E. S. Mabanglo, PhD-Philippine literature, poetry, drama, creative writing, Filipino language
K. Makekau-Whittaker, MEd-Hawaiian language, immersion education, curriculum development, culture and learning
W. H. Maurer, PhD-Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Indology, Indo-European comparative and historical linguistics
J. F. Mayer, MA-language learning and teaching, Samoan
M. R. Nogelmeier, MA-Hawaiian language and literature, language teaching and learning
S. D. O'Harrow, Doceo-Vietnamese language, philology and civilization, Sino-Vietnamese
R. N. Sharma, PhD-Indian linguistics, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Panini
N. Silva, PhD-Hawaiian language, literature, politics and history
R. Solis, MA-Hawaiian language learning and instruction, Hawaiian religion, newspaper translating and broadcasting
J. H. Ward, PhD-Polynesian linguistics, Tahitian, Balinese
S. L. Warner, PhD-Hawaiian language, Hawaiian language immersion education, evaluation, curriculum development and second-language acquisition, educational psychology
K. L. Wong, MA-revitalization of Hawaiian language and people

Degrees and Certificates Offered: BA in Hawaiian; BA in liberal studies (concentration in Filipino, Hindi, Ilokano, Indonesian, Samoan, Sanskrit, Thai, or Vietnamese); Certificate in Hawaiian; Certificate in Indo-Pacific languages (Burmese, Hindi, Ilokano, Indonesian, Samoan, Sanskrit, Filipino, Tahitian, Thai, or Vietnamese)

The Academic Program

Hawaiian (HAW) and Indo-Pacific (IP) Languages and Literatures provides instruction in the languages of the Indo-Pacific area to a broad spectrum of students at the University. The department's coverage of these languages is unique in the United States: this is the only department in the country to offer a BA degree in Hawaiian language and the only one to offer every national language of Southeast Asia, as well as classical and modern Indian languages. Beyond language, the department offers courses in the literatures and cultures of the area, including literature in translation of Hawai'i, South and Southeast Asia, and the Philippines. Opportunities are available for study abroad in certain areas. The department at the Manoa campus provides an opportunity without parallel elsewhere in the country for students to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the languages and cultures of that part of the world that encompasses more than 25 percent of the Earth's population and an unusual diversity of peoples.

All the department's elementary- and intermediate-level language courses may be used to fulfill the Hawaiian or foreign language requirement for all bachelor's degrees on the Manoa campus. Students of Indo-Pacific languages and cultures can also enhance their opportunities to find a career in international relations; provide service to the community in such fields as social work, public health, nursing, medicine, and law; perform research on Asia and the Pacific; and develop cross-cultural awareness and understanding in Hawai'i's multicultural environment.

Language offerings include Burmese, Cambodian (Khmer), Hawaiian, Hindi, Ilokano, Indonesian, Pali, Prakrit, Samoan, Sanskrit, Filipino, Tahitian, Thai, Classical Tibetan, and Vietnamese. For additional languages and topics, see Indo-Pacific languages (IP) courses listed at the back of the Catalog.

Undergraduate Study

BA Degree in Hawaiian


30 credit hours above HAW 201 and 202 with a GPA of 3.0 or better, including:

  • HAW 301, 302, 401, 402, and 452
  • HAW 321, 331, 332, 425, 426, 435B, 435C, 435D, 454, 463, 470, 484, 497A, and 499
  • Remaining credit hours (up to 3) from SAM 102, TAHT 102, MUS 330E, 312, 412, 413, LING 345, ENG 482, SLS 360


In collaboration with the College of Education, the Hawaiian Language Division administers this minor in Hawaiian (immersion education) to prepare secondary subject area teachers for the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program in the Department of Education. Acceptance into the minor follows:

  • Completion of 55 credits of university work with a 2.75 cumulative and major GPA
  • Admission to an appropriate academic major
  • Successful completion of the College of Education entrance exam and personal admissions interview
  • Successful completion of HAW 302 or higher
  • Attainment of a B average for all advanced level Hawaiian language courses.


A total of 27-36 credits will be required with a minimal GPA requirement of 2.75 in the minor courses: 15-18 from the College of Education and 12-18 from Hawaiian Language

  • College of Education: TECS 312D, EDEP 311, EDEF 310, one complementary course (ETEC 414; SPED 445; TECS 360; TECS 431), TECS methods course (33X-34X) in subject area
  • Hawaiian: HAW 331, 332, 401-402, 463, and 470


On recommendation of the Department of Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures, the University confers certification of achievement in Burmese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Hindi, Ilokano, Indonesian, Samoan, Sanskrit, Tahitian, Thai, and Vietnamese.


15 credit hours beyond the intermediate level in the language of choice, including:

  • 6 credit hours in continuing language study
  • 9 credit hours in language, literature, or structure courses selected to complement the major field of study

A 3.0 GPA in courses leading to the certificate is required.

Honors and Awards

Lokomaika'iokalani Snakenberg Hawaiian Language Graduate Scholarship

Offered to encourage graduate-level research and study for students specializing in Hawaiian language and related fields, this scholarship provides an award of up to $5,000 per semester to students registered in graduate programs at the University.

Dorothy M. Kahananui Scholarship in Hawaiian Language

This scholarship is offered to students who have successfully completed at least the intermediate level of Hawaiian language, with preference given to doctoral or master's degree candidates who plan to teach the language. The minimum amount of the award is resident tuition at UH Manoa.

Red Mandarin and Lady Yi-suen Shen Scholarship in Hawaiian Studies

Offered to undergraduate students in Hawaiian studies at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, this scholarship covers tuition for the academic year. It is awarded to a degree candidate who demonstrates exceptional promise and achievement. Applicants must be pursuing a program of study that shows a central commitment to Hawaiian studies, including Hawaiian language.

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