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College of Education

Application Procedures

1. Submit a current College of Education application form with official transcripts of all previous college work to the appropriate place.

a. Classified UHM undergraduate students submit the College of Education application and official transcripts to the Office of Student Academic Services, College of Education. 
b. Undergraduate applicants from other campuses, classified/unclassified UHM graduate students, and unclassified UHM undergraduate students submit the College of Education application to the Office of Student Academic Services and send a completed UH system application form and transcripts to UHM's Office of Admissions and Records.

2. Make arrangements for the interview, the PPST/CBT and state Department of Health TB clearance certificate. 

3. Additionally, for enrollment in the music education program, make sure official transcripts of all university studies are on file in the music department office by the date of application, arrange for a timely interview with the music education faculty, and present evidence of musical/vocational aptitude in support of application. 

Application Deadlines

The deadline is March 1 for fall admission; September 1 for spring admission. Deadlines are subject to change. Call the Office of Student Academic Services for updated information.

Student Teaching

The College of Education plans, arranges, and supervises student teaching experiences at the elementary and secondary levels in public and private schools on O'ahu. Since student teaching is a full-time experience, students may not register concurrently for other courses or undertake employment during school hours. 

Prerequisites for registering for student teaching and seminar, which are offered on a mandatory CR/NC basis, include the following:

1. Enrollment in the College of Education as a classified student and completion of all course work;

2. Completion of the required foundations and methods courses with a grade of C or better;

3. A cumulative GPA of not less than that required for admission to the college;

4. For BEd in secondary education majors: A completed application for student teaching, verified by an academic adviser, submitted to the Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies no later than September 1 or February 1 for a practicum assignment for the subsequent semester (there is no student teaching program during the summer session);

5. Recommendation by the student's college of education instructors;

6. For BEd in secondary majors: An interview and recommendation by a designated teacher education personnel for assignment processing and/or referral to the student review committee; 

7. A current, original TB health clearance certificate from the state Department of Health that is valid through the student teaching experience (TB certificate must be filed with the Office of Student Academic Services).

Students should check with their academic adviser concerning specific requirements.

Graduate Programs

Academic Policies

Extension, Correspondence, and 500-Level Course Credits

No graduate credit is allowed for extension or correspondence courses. All 500-level courses at UH Manoa are mandatory CR/NC and do not count towards fulfilling the requirements for any degree or certificate programs.

Master's Degrees

The College of Education offers MEd degrees in counseling and guidance, educational administration, educational foundations, educational psychology, educational technology, elementary education, secondary education, special education, and teaching. The MEd programs in elementary and secondary education are in the Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies. The other MEd programs are under those specific departments. 

The College of Education also offers the master of education in teaching (MEdT). The two-year, interdisciplinary, field-based program is designed for students who have earned baccalaureate degrees in fields other than education. Graduates are qualified for state teacher certification in either elementary or secondary education at the professional certificate level. MEdT students must be registered full-time and progress through the program in cohorts. See Educational Foundations for more information.

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)
Wist 113
1776 University Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-7817

*D. P. Ericson, PhD (Chair and educational policy studies coordinator)-philosophy of education, educational policy
*K. Au, PhD-literacy, multicultural education
*A. Bartlett, PhD-literacy
*A. Bayer, PhD-reading, composition, collaborative learning
*E. Beauchamp, PhD-history, comparative education, higher education
*R. Black, EdD-mental retardation transition, students at risk, research design
*J. E. Cooper, PhD-higher education, community college curriculum, leadership and reflective practice
*M. J. D'Andrea, EdD-developmental counseling, adolescent and family life, counseling diverse populations
*J. A. Daniels, EdD-school, development, adolescent, group, homeless children, loss and transition counseling
*P. Deering, PhD-curriculum and instruction, middle level education, social studies education, qualitative research
*C. DeRenne, EdD-physical education and sports science
*P. Edelen-Smith, EdD-special education, assessment, learning disabilities
*E. Enomoto, EdD-organization technology, politics of education
*S. S. Feeney, PhD-early childhood education
*M. Hayes, PhD-curriculum and instruction, science education
*R. H. Heck, PhD (educational administration specialization coordinator)-leadership and governance, organizational theory, policy
*K. W. Ho, PhD-physical education and exercise science
*A. A. Jenkins, PhD-mild/moderate disabilities, content strategies/inclusive education, collaboration
*R. Johnson, EdD-early childhood and elementary education
*L. K. Johnsrud, PhD-academic governance and leadership, organizational theory, ethics
*A. R. King, Jr., EdD-history of curriculum, higher education
*I. King, PhD-mathematics education, supervision
*E. B. Klemm, EdD-science education
*V. N. Kobayashi, PhD-comparative education, philosophy
*V. Krohn-Ching, MFA-art education
*B. J. Lum, PhD-philosophy of education, policy studies, social and cultural studies, human development, moral education
*M. Maaka, PhD-developmental/cognitive psychology, language and literacy in education; multicultural education
*S. E. Marlow, EdD-curriculum administration, policy, professional socialization, school administration
*L. P. McCormick, PhD-early education, communication disorders, behavioral disorders, severe disabilities
*D. McDougall, EdD-behavioral self-control (self-management, self-monitoring), behavioral disorders/learning disabilities, inclusion/integration, applied behavior analysis, special education law
*H. McEwan, PhD-curriculum theory, philosophy of teaching
*L. K. Menton, PhD-history of education, history of education in Hawai'i, 19th-century Hawaiian history
*H. D. Nielsen, PhD-policy studies, international development education, politics of education
*M. J. Noonan, PhD (exceptionalities specialization coordinator)-moderate and severe disabilities, early intervention
*M. M. Omizo, PhD-tests and measurements, research and evaluation, school psychology
*N. A. Pateman, EdD-mathematics education
*M. E. Pateman, HsD-school and college health science
*F. Pottenger, PhD-science education
*M. A. Prater, PhD-learning disabilities, self-management, effective teaching strategies, computer technology
*J. H. Prins, PhD-physical education and exercise science
*G. G. Reed, PhD-social and cultural foundations, values and education, comparative education
*T. Sileo, EdD -mild/moderate disabilities, multicultural education, family involvement, educational collaboration
*H. B. Slaughter, EdD-language arts, literacy, qualitative research
*D. C. Smith, PhD-school counseling, social and emotional development, and assessment
*G. Smith, EdD-interdisciplinary team development
*T. W. Speitel, PhD-science curriculum research and development, computer communications
*D. L. Stephens, PhD-reading and literacy
*R. A. Stodden, PhD-mental retardation, career/vocational special education
*E. H. Tamura, PhD-history of education, history of education in Hawai'i, Asian-American history
*S. L. Thomas, PhD-organizations, finance, research methods
*J. J. Tobin, PhD (curriculum and instruction specialization coordinator)-ethnography, early childhood, elementary education
*N. C. Whitman, PhD-mathematics education
*D. Young, EdD-science education
*J. Zilliox, EdD-elementary mathematics

Cooperating Graduate Faculty
K. Hijirida, EdD-Japanese teaching methodology, curriculum theory and development, language teaching for special purposes

Affiliate Graduate Faculty
P. G. LeMaieu, PhD-state of Hawai'i superintendent of schools, educational research methodology, statistical analysis, evaluations and measurement

*Graduate Faculty

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