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Emeriti Falculty

Instructional Support, Research, and Service Units Staff


University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents

ALBANO, Jr., Andres

BENDER, Byron W.


HAYNES II, James J. C.

KAI, John K.

KAKUDA, Trent K.


LEE, Patricia Y.

TANAKA, Alvin A.



Former Presidents

POPE, Willis T., 1907–1908 (Acting) (Deceased); BS 1898, Kansas State, MS 1916, California; DSc 1926, Hawai‘i

GILMORE, John W., 1908–1913 (Deceased); BSA 1898, MSA 1906, Cornell

DONAGHHO, John S., 1913–1914 (Acting) (Deceased); AB 1889, AM 1897, Marietta

DEAN, Arthur L., 1914–1927 (Deceased); BA 1900, Harvard; PhD 1902, Yale; LLD 1947, Hawai‘i

CRAWFORD, David L., 1927–1941 (Deceased); BA 1911, LLD 1933, Pomona; MA 1912, Stanford; LLD 1957, Hawai‘i

KELLER, Arthur R., 1941–1942 (Acting) (Deceased); LLB 1907, National University Law School; MS 1916, MIT; ScD 1942, Hawai‘i

SINCLAIR, Gregg M., 1942–1955 (Deceased); BA 1912, LLB 1949, Minnesota; MA 1919, LLD 1954, Columbia; LLD 1951, Ohio State; LLD 1955, UC Berkeley; HHD 1956, Hawai‘i; DLit 1960, Keio

BACHMAN, Paul S., 1955–1957 (Deceased); BS 1922, Ohio State; MA 1925, PhD 1927, Washington

WILSON, Willard, 1957–1958 (Acting) (Deceased); BA 1929, LLD 1961, Occidental College; MA 1930, Columbia; PhD 1939, Southern California

SNYDER, Laurence H., 1958–1963 (Deceased); BS 1922, ScD 1947, Rutgers; MS 1924, ScD 1926, Harvard; ScD 1960, Ohio State; HHD 1962, North Carolina

HAMILTON, Thomas H., 1963–1968 (Deceased); BA 1936, LLD 1961, DePauw; MA 1940, PhD 1947, Chicago; LHD 1960, Alfred; LLD 1961, Rollins College; LLD 1961, Colgate; DH 1967, Oakland U (Michigan); LLD 1967, Southern California

HIATT, Robert W., 1968–1969 (Acting) (Deceased); BA 1936, San Jose State; PhD 1941, UC Berkeley

TAKASAKI, Richard S., 1969 (Acting); BS 1940, Hawai‘i; MA 1949, Columbia; MPA 1960, Harvard

CLEVELAND, Harlan, 1969–1974; AB 1938 Princeton; LLD: 1956 Rollins College, 1960 Franklin and Marshall College, 1962 Middlebury College, 1962 Kent State, 1968 Arizona State, 1972 Korea U; LHD: 1958 Alfred, 1966 Kenyon College; DCL: 1966 American; LittD 1968, Pittsburgh

MATSUDA, Fujio, 1974–1984; BS 1949, Rose Polytechnic Institute; ScD 1952, MIT

SIMONE, Albert J., 1984–92; BA 1957, Tufts; PhD 1962, MIT

YUEN, Paul C., 1992–93 (Acting); BS 1952, Chicago; MS 1955, PhD 1960, Illinois Institute of Technology

MORTIMER, Kenneth P., 1993-2001; AB 1960, MBA 1962, Pennsylvania; PhD 1969, UC Berkeley

DOBELLE, Evan S., 2001-2004; BA 1983, MEd 1970, EdD 1987, Massachusetts-Amherst; MPA 1984, Harvard

University of Hawai‘i System Administration

*McCLAIN, David, Interim President

LEE, Karen Chung, Executive Assistant to the President; BA 1992, MA 1993, Columbia

NISHIMOTO, James K., Executive Assistant to Vice President for Academic Affairs; BS 1969, Kentucky; MA 1979, Central Michigan U; EdD 2004, USC

Academic Planning and Policy

*JOHNSRUD, Linda K., Interim Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy

JAYCOX, Kathleen M., Interim Executive Director of Hawai‘i P-20 Initiative; BA 1969, MA 1972, U of Illinois

*MOCHIDA, Paula T., Special Assistant for Distance Learning

NAKAMOTO, Sharyn O., Director of Institutional Research Office; BA 1970, UC Berkeley; MA 1973, Michigan

SAMAAN, Jenny S., Director, Office of International Education; MA 1979, Ohio U

Academic Affairs, Community Colleges

ROTA, Michael T., Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for Community Colleges; BS 1965, MEd 1967, Maryland

CHAPPEL-LONG, Cheryl, Director of Academic Planning, Assessment & Policy Analysis; BA 1974, Mt. Holyoke College; MA 1976, Northern Colorado

ITANO, Joanne K., Director for Academic Support Services; BS 1973, MS 1976, MEd 1985, PhD 1991, Hawai‘i

PANG, Carol, Interim Director of Career and Technical Education for Community Colleges; BEd 1976, MEd 1979, PhD 1996, Hawai‘i


CALLEJO, Sam, Vice President for Administration; BS 1965, Hawai‘i

TANAKA WILSON, Carolyn E., Associate Vice President for External Affairs and University Relations; BA 1974, Hawai‘i

ERNST, Cheryl S., Creative Services Director; BA 1978, Washington

KINNICUTT, Philip, Director of Marketing and Brand Management; BA 1963, Williams College; MBA 1979, Hawai‘i

MORIHARA, David, Director of Government Relations; BA 1984, Hawai‘i

NOGUCHI, Mia, Director of Public Relations; BA 1995, Hawai‘i

LASSNER, David K., Chief Information Officer; AD 1976, MS 1981, Illinois, PhD 1998, Hawai‘i

YOKOTA, Jan, Director of Capital Improvements; BA 1975, Michigan; MRP 1978, Cornell

YUEN, Edward, System Director of Human Resources; BA 1972, MA 1974, Hawai‘i; JD 1979, Hastings College of the Law

Budget and Finance/Chief Financial Officer

UNEBASAMI, Michael T., Associate Vice President for Administration and Community College Operations; BBA 1968, MBA 1970, Hawai‘i

MIYAKE, Russell, Director of Financial Management and Controller; BBA 1973, Hawai‘i

NAKAMURA, Claire Y., (on leave 2004-05) Director of System Administrative Affairs; BBA 1975, MBA 1984, Hawai‘i

NAKAMURA, Glenn K., Interim Director of Budget; BA 1975, Hawai‘i

Legal Affairs and University General Counsel

KIRIMITSU, Walter S., Vice President for Legal Affairs and University General Counsel; BA 1962, Hawai‘i; JD 1965, Michigan

TSUNO, Evelyn, University Associate General Counsel; BA 1969, UCLA; MA 1977, Cal State Los Angeles; JD 1980, Hawai‘i

TSUJIMURA, Ruth, Associate Vice President for Legal Affairs and University Deputy General Counsel; BA 1972, UCLA; JD 1976, Loyola U Los Angeles

WILHELM, Kari A., Director of Office of Risk Management; BA 1980, JD 1983, Hawai‘i

PANG, Presley, University Associate General Counsel; BA 1973, Princeton; M.Public Policy 1977, UC Berkeley; JD 1985, Yale

MASH, Robert A., University Assistant General Counsel; BA 1987, UCLA; JD 1991, Golden Gate U School of Law

WATANABE, Mie, Director of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs; BA 1968, Goucher College

AKAMINE, Ryan, University Associate General Counsel; BBA 1982, Hawai‘i; JD 1986, Santa Clara U School of Law


*GAINES, James R., Interim Vice President for Research

ISHII, Daniel M., Associate Vice President for Research; BBA 1983, Hawai‘i

HELM, Christopher, Senior Adviser to Interim Vice President for Research; BSc 1981, Reading (England); MBA 1991, Hawai‘i

HANAOKA, Kevin Y., Interim Director of the Office of Research Services; BBA 1988, MAcc 1992, Hawai‘i; CPA 1993

COX, Richard F., Jr., Director of the Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development; BS 1980, Tennessee; MBA 1990, Tennessee

MATTSON, Keith, Director of University Connections; BA 1981, Macalester College; MCP 1988, UC Berkeley

Student Affairs

*CHING, Doris M., Vice President for Student Affairs

LEE, Reynold, Educational & Academic Support Specialist, Hawai‘i Commission for National & Community Service; BA 1994, Hawai‘i

LOO, Tracy, Educational & Academic Support Specialist, Hawai‘i Commission for National & Community Service; BBA 2002, Hawai‘i

MIURA, Louise, Educational Specialist, Student Affairs; BA 1967, MEd 1978, Hawai‘i

WATSON, Isaac V., Executive Director, Hawai‘i Commission for National & Community Service; BA 1974, Eastern Washington U

YOSHIDA, JoAnn M., Student Services Specialist, Student Affairs; BEd 1971, Hawai‘i

UH Manoa Administration

*ENGLERT, Peter, Chancellor, UH Manoa and Professor; Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology

IMADA, Jean, Administrative Assistant

MANKE, James, Director of Public Affairs; BA 1965, Hawai‘i

CLARK, Joanne E., Associate Vice Chancellor; BEd 167, Hawai‘i; MA 1968, Teachers College, Columbia U; MBA 1983, Hawai‘i

CRISLIP, Heather Mullin, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor; BA 1995, Mary Washington College; JD 2000, U of Connecticut School of Law

KIM, Claudia Mamo, Special Adviser to the Chancellor for Hawaiian, Student and Community Affairs; BA 1998, MA 2000, Hawai‘i

Academic Affairs

SMATRESK, Neal J., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; BA 1973, Gettysburg College; MA 1978, State U of New York at Buffalo; PhD 1980, U of Texas at Austin

KUBO, Louise M., Interim Program Officer; BSed 1977, Northwestern; MA 1992, PhD 1997, Hawai‘i

*PEARSON, Wendy L., Interim Program Officer

SOKUGAWA, Helene I., Institutional Analyst; BS 1967, MEd 1969, Hawai‘i; MS 1977, California State Fullerton; MBA 1983, EdD 1996, Hawai‘i

YAMADA, Myrtle M., Program Officer; BA 1972, MBA 1997, Hawai‘i, PhD 1990, Claremont Graduate School

Research and Graduate Education

*KUDRITZKI, Rolf-Peter, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and Director of IFA

*SYRMOS, Vassilis L., Senior Adviser to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and Associate Dean, College of Engineering

PERKINS, Frank O., Assistant Vice President for Research and Graduate Education; BA 1960 Virginia; MS 1962, PhD 1966, Florida State

*GARROD, Peter V., Associate Dean, Graduate Division

McARTHUR, Harold, Director of Research Relations, BA 1964, UCLA; BFT 1965, American Institute of Foreign Trade; MA 1972, PhD 1977, Hawai‘i

TOKUNO, Kenneth A., Assistant Dean; BS 1969, MS 1973, UC Davis; PhD 1977, Hawai‘i

Administration, Finance and Operations

SAKAGUCHI, Rodney T., Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance and Operations; BBA 1967, MA 1997, Hawai‘i

FUJISHIGE, Wayne Y., Director of Auxiliary and Commercial Enterprises; BBA 1975, Hawai‘i

KASHIMOTO, Kalvin K., Director of Facilities, Grounds, and Safety; BBA 1969, Hawai‘i; MA 1973, Central Michigan

NAGAO, Robert W., Mânoa Budget Director; BA 1968, Chaminade

TAKEKAWA, Roy Y., Director of Environmental Health and Safety; BBA 1976, Whitman College; MPH 1987, Hawai‘i

AH SAM, Nalyne, Administrative Officer, BA 1999, Hawai‘i

YAMASHITA, Eric, Spatial Information System Manager, BA 1990, MURP 2001, Hawai‘i

YOUNG, Michael, Institutional Analyst, BA 1977, MEd 1979, Hawai‘i; PhD 1986, Wisconsin

Student Affairs

YANG, Alan I., Dean of Student Services; BA 1972, MA 1976, PhD 1981, Hawai‘i

*AGBAYANI, Amefil, Director, Student Equity, Excellence, and Diversity

HAMAKAWA, Shirley S., Administrative Officer, BBA 1972, Hawai‘i

Intercollegiate Athletics

FRAZIER, Herman R., Director; BS 1977 Arizona State

Academic Administration


*YEH, W. H. Raymond, Dean

*NOE, Joyce M., Associate Dean, Professional Practice Director

Arts and Sciences

*HUGHES, Judith R., Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

*BEAVER, Frank II, Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

*O’MEALY, Joseph H., Interim Dean, College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

*TOYAMA, Jean, Interim Associate Dean, College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

*HAYES, Charles F., Interim Dean, College of Natural Sciences

*DUBANOSKI, Richard A., Dean, College of Social Sciences

*GRIFFIN, P. Bion., Interim Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences

*CAMBRA, Ronald E., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Academic Services

Business Administration

*ROLEY, V. Vance, Dean

*CHISMAR, William G., Acting Associate Dean

*ALDEN, Dana, Faculty Director, Vietnam Executive MBA Program

AVEGALIO, Tusi, Director, Pacific Business Center Program

*BUI, Tung, Director, Pacific Research Institute for Information Systems and Management; Co-Director, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Studies Center

*CHANG, Rosita, Co-Director, Asia-Pacific Financial Management Center

*DANIEL, Shirley, Managing Director, Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship and E-Business; Director, Center for International Business Education and Research; Director, Pacific Asian Management Institute; Principal Investigator, Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR-UP) Project

*DOKTOR, Robert, Director, PhD Program in International Management

FUJIUCHI, Kimberly, Director, Family Business Center; Director, Executive Education

FUJIWARA, Jon, Director, Computer Resources and Telecommunications

*KA‘IAMA, C. Manu, Principal Investigator, Native Hawaiian Leadership Project

*MISAWA, Mitsuru, Director, Center for Japanese Global Investment and Finance

*RHEE, Ghon, Co-Director, Asia-Pacific Financial Management Center; Editor, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal

*ROBINSON, Robert, Executive Director, Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship and E-Business

*SPRAGUE, Ralph, Chair, Hawai‘i International Conference of System Sciences

VARLEY, Richard, Director, Internships and Career Development

WELLS, Terry, Director, Development Office


*HITZ, Randy, Dean

*OMIZO, Michael M., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

*KINGERY, Paul M., Associate Dean for Research

CHOCK, Mona K. O., Assistant to the Dean; BS 1974, MEd 1977, Hawai‘i

TASHIMA, Sheryl, Administrative Officer; BBA 1982, Hawai‘i


*CHEN, Wai-Fah, Dean

*SYRMOS, Vassilis, Associate Dean

CHOI, Song K., Assistant Dean

Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Studies

*PORTER, Edgar A., Interim Dean

HANLON, David L., Director, Pacific Islands Studies

OSORIO, Jonathan Kamakawiwo‘ole, Director, Hawaiian Studies

*TRIMILLOS, Ricardo D., Chair, Asian Studies


*SOIFER, Aviam, Dean

*LEE, Carol Mon, Associate Dean

*TOCHIKI, Laurie A., Assistant Dean

*SEEGER, Leina‘ala, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library

DAGUIO, Robert N., Administrative Officer, BBA 1976, Hawai‘i

JANES, Douglas, Director of Development; BA 1989, Arizona

*KIMURA, Spencer A., Associate Director of International Programs

ONO, Amy Tiare, Director of Career Services and Assistant Director of Student Services; BA 1996, JD 2000, Hawai‘i

KUNICHIKA, Jamee K., Director of Alumni Relations; BA 1998, Hawai‘i; JD 2004, Hofstra

HELGESON, Grant, Assistant Registrar; BA 1997, Hawai‘i


*SHOMAKER, T. Samuel, Acting Dean

*IZUTSU, Satoru, Senior Associate Dean for Administration

NOBRIGA, Robert K., Director of Business and Hospital Affairs

*HARRIGAN, Rosanne, Professor/Office of Faculty Development

*KASUYA, Richard T., Associate Professor/Office of Medical Education

SAKAI, Damon, Associate Professor/Office of Student Affairs

KILONSKY, Nancy R., Assistant Dean for Student Services; BA 1974, MPH 1980, Hawai‘i

*BURGESS, Lawrence P. A., Professor/Telehealth Research Center

*EASA, David, Professor/Office of Clinical Research

*HANING, William F. III, Associate Professor/Office of Graduate Affairs and Continuing Medical Education

MORITA, Janis, Director of Administrative Services

AH SAN, Allan, Director of Physical Facilities

Nursing and Dental Hygiene

*MAGNUSSEN, Lois, Interim Dean

Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

*KEIL, Klaus, Interim Dean

*COOPER, Patricia, Interim Associate Dean

CUTSHAW, Kathleen D., Director of Administrative Services; BA 1984, UC San Diego

HICKS, Tara L., Outreach Specialist; BS 1996, Western Ontario; MS 2002, Hawai‘i

ANTHONY, Leona M., Student Services Specialist; BA 1986, Hawai‘i

Outreach College

*TANAKA, Peter F., Interim Dean

*OKINAGA, Carolyn H., Interim Associate Dean

Social Work

MATSUOKA, Jon K., Dean

Travel Industry Management

*JAMIESON, Walter, Dean

Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

HASHIMOTO, Andrew G., Dean, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources; BS 1966, MS 1968, Purdue; PhD 1972, Cornell

KINOSHITA, Charles M., Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs; BS 1972, MS 1974, Hawai‘i; PhD 1980, UC Berkeley

HU, Ching Yuan, Associate Dean and Associate Director of Research; BS 1975, National Chung Hsing U; MS 1979, PhD 1984, UC Davis

KEYSER, Harold H., Interim Associate Dean and Associate Director for Cooperative Extension

HARADA, Walter, Director of Planning and Management systems

*VINCENT, Douglas L., Special Director for Grants and Contracts

WONG, Ruddy K. T., Director of Administrative Services; BBA 1969, Hawai‘i