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Anthropology (ANTH)

College of Social Sciences

Most 300- and 400-level courses have as a prerequisite one of the 200-level courses. Additionally, 300- and 400-level courses may be taken for graduate credit with prior approval of the student’s adviser.

ANTH 151 Emerging Humanity (3) Introduction to the paleontology of human biological evolution and the archaeology of culture in the world prior to AD 1500. FG

ANTH 152 Culture and Humanity (3) Introduction to cultural anthropology. How human groups have come to terms with, modified, and even created their physical, social, natural, and supernatural environments, and endowed their lives with meaning and order. Open to non-majors. A-F only. FG

ANTH 165 Heritage Sites in Archaeology (V) Combined lecture-lab-fieldwork course to introduce the concepts and practices of archeology, historical research, historic site preservation, and heritage management. Repeatable one time. A-F only. DS

ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology (3) Nature of culture; introduction to basic concepts for analyzing cultural behavior; culture and the individual. Required for anthropology majors. DS

ANTH 210 Archaeology (3) Introduction to prehistoric archaeology; methods and techniques of excavation and laboratory analysis; brief survey of theory in relation to change and diversity in prehistoric human groups. DS

ANTH 215 Physical Anthropology (3) Human evolution, primatology, human genetics, biological variation, human adaptability, growth and development. Co-requisite: 215L. DB

ANTH 215L Physical Anthropology Laboratory (1) Laboratory to accompany 215. Co-requisite: 215. DY

ANTH 300 Study of Contemporary Problems (3) Significance of anthropology for contemporary affairs, particularly American ethnic and minority group relations. Relevance to various professions, governmental policy, political action, and accomplishment of change. DS

ANTH 303 Technology and Culture (3) Theory of culture and technology; development of technology in context of cultures since the stone ages. The present and future are considered. Pre: one of 200, 210, or consent. DS

ANTH 305 History of Anthropology (3) Development of anthropological ideas, focusing on theoretical issues concerning culture, society, and human nature. Required of majors. Pre: 200. DS

ANTH 307 Theory in Contemporary Anthropology (3) Theoretical issues that have generated current research and controversies in more than one specialty within social/cultural anthropology; historical roots. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 308 American Culture (3) Contemporary culture of the United States. Variations in kinship, family, work, play, values, religion; selected topics such as ethnicity, alternate lifestyles, consumerism, addiction. Pre: 200, or consent. DH

ANTH 310 Human Origins (3) Theory of evolution, evolutionary systematics, and taxonomy; evolutionary biology of primates; fossil records for primate and human evolution. Laboratory included. Pre: 215, BIOL 103, ZOOL 101, or consent. DB

ANTH 313 Visual Anthropology (3) Historical development of documentary films of non-Western peoples; critical examination of ways in which ethnographic films represent different cultures. Pre: 200 (or concurrent), or consent. DH

ANTH 315 Sex and Gender (3) Cross-cultural theories and perceptions of sexual differences; linkage between biology and cultural constructions of gender; relationship of gender ideology to women’s status. Pre: 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as WS 315) DS

ANTH 316 Anthropology of Tourism (3) Anthropological perspectives on the subject of the global phenomenon of tourism. Includes issues of cultural performance, identity, and commoditization. Open to nonmajors. DS

ANTH 321 World Archaeology I (3) Archaeology of human origins, early cultures, and origins of agriculture. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 322 World Archaeology II (3) Archaeology of complex societies, including the rise of urbanism, state-level society, historical and industrial archaeology. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 323 Pacific Island Archaeology (3) Origins of Pacific peoples; chronology of settlement; sequences of culture in Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Pre: 200 or consent. DH

ANTH 330 Social Organization (3) Systematic study of human institutions; general principles of social interaction formulated from ethnographic data. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 345 Aggression, War, and Peace (3) Biocultural, evolutionary, and cross-cultural perspectives on the conditions, patterns, and processes of violence, war, nonviolence, and peace. Pre: 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as PACE 345) DS

ANTH 350 Pacific Island Cultures (3) Introduction to cultures of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia from time of first settlement to emergence of modern nation states. Pre: 200 or consent. DH

ANTH 370 Ethnographic Field Techniques (V) Problems and techniques of social-cultural anthropological fieldwork; ethnographic literature; work with informants. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 380 Archaeological Lab Techniques (4) Laboratory analysis and evaluation of field data; preservation and restoration of artifacts. Preparation for publication. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 381 Archaeological Field Techniques (V) Archaeological survey and excavations; field trips, mapping, photography. May focus on terrestrial or underwater. May be taught entirely in the field at a national or international archaeological site. Repeatable one time with consent. Pre: 210 or consent.

ANTH 384 Skeletal Biology (3) Introduction to the human skeleton and methods for analyzing archaeological human remains including age, sex, ethnicity, paleodemography, skeletal and dental variation, paleopathology, population studies. Co-requisite: 384L. DB

ANTH 384L Skeletal Biology Laboratory (1) Laboratory to accompany 384. Co-requisite: 384. DY

ANTH 385 (Alpha) Undergraduate Proseminar (3) Selected problems in current research. (B) archaeology; (C) ethnography; (D) social anthropology; (E) applied; (F) psychological; (G) biological. Repeatable. Pre: consent. DS

ANTH 399 Directed Reading or Research (V) Pre: minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7, minimum GPA of 3.0 in anthropology, or consent.

ANTH 410 Ethics in Anthropology (3) Seminar surveying ethical cases, problems, issues and questions from the inception of anthropology to the present. Pre: 200 or consent. (Alt. years).

ANTH 413 Language and Gender (3) The role of language in the construction of gender and in the maintenance of the gender order. Field projects explore hypotheses about the interaction of language and gender. No previous knowledge of linguistics required. A-F only. (Cross-listed as LING 415) DS

ANTH 414 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (3) Introduction to ethnographic study of speech and language. Pre: 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as LING 414) DS

ANTH 415 Ecological Anthropology (3) Relationship of humans with natural environment; role of culture in ecological systems. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 416 Economic Anthropology (3) Analysis of economic activities in non-Western, non-industrial societies; production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in a variety of cultures. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 417 Political Anthropology (3) Character of political institutions and their development in non-Western and non-industrial societies. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 418 The Anthropology of Homosexualities (3) An anthropological examination of homosexualities; consideration of nature/nurture in the origins and expressions of identity and sexuality; social and political aspects of homophobia; queer theory. A-F only. Pre: 200. DS

ANTH 419 Indigenous Anthropology (3) An exploration of how anthropology studies indigenous groups throughout the world. An examination of the changing contexts of anthropological practice as calls for reflexivity lead anthropology of all backgrounds to bring insights from their “homes.” Issues include the question of objectivity, the emic-etic distinction, and the ethics of different kinds of anthropological research and the role of anthropologists in indigenous self-determination. Repeatable one time. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 420 Communication and Culture (3) Anthropological introduction to communication; intercultural and interspecies comparisons; verbal and nonverbal. Ethnography of communication, discourse and structural analyses, ethnomethodology. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 421 Anthropology and Mass Media (3) Anthropological critique of mass media research; role of mass media in social and cultural processes of authority, economic exchange, and identity formation in Western, nonwestern, and global contexts. A-F only. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 422 Anthropology of Religion (3) Myth, witchcraft, symbolism, values, ritual, spirit possession, shamanism, religious healing, and millennial cults in primitive, folk, and urban societies. Pre: 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as REL 422) DH

ANTH 423 Social and Cultural Change (3) Various approaches to examples of social and cultural change in non-literate societies; evolution, diffusion, acculturation, revolution, etc. Historical features and social processes of colonialism. Pre: 200 or consent. DH

ANTH 424 Culture, Identity, and Emotion (3) The interrelation of culture, thought, emotion, and social realities. Role of language and culture in shaping emotional experience and self-understanding, including the formation of social identities such as gender, ethnicity and nationality. Pre: 200, or consent. DS

ANTH 425 Medical Anthropology (3) Social and cultural aspects of medicine; the relationship of medicine to the beliefs, social systems, ecological adaptations, and cultural changes of human groups. DS

ANTH 427 Food, Health, and Society (3) How human groups identify, collect, create, and transform foods; how they shape those into dietary behaviors, and the influence of those behaviors on health. Pre: 200 (or concurrent), or consent. DS

ANTH 428 Body, Biopower and Cyborgs (3) Exploration of critical theories of the body via topics such as genetic adaptation, bodily rituals, gender, race, colonialism, power, tattooing, beautification, medicalization, immigrants, immunology, and cyborgs. An oral intensive course in most years. Pre: 200, 300, 305, 307 or WS 455 (or equivalent); or consent. DS

ANTH 430 Human Adaptation to the Sea (3) How people from prehistoric to modern times have sailed, fished, or otherwise exploited and enjoyed the sea; how the sea has molded human life. Pre: upper division standing or consent. DS

ANTH 435 Human Adaptation to Forests (3) Cultural ecology of human societies in forest habitats. Emphasis on case studies of traditional and changing adaptations in the tropics. Pre: 200 (or concurrent) or consent. DS

ANTH 444 Spiritual Ecology (3) Lectures and seminars provide a cross-cultural survey of the relationships between religions, environment and environmentalism. Pre: 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as REL 444) (Alt. years)

ANTH 445 Sacred Places (3) Lectures and seminars provide a cross-cultural survey of sites which societies recognize as sacred and their cultural, ecological and conservation aspects. Pre: 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as REL 445) (Alt. years)

ANTH 446 Southeast Asian Cultures (3) Cultures of Southeast Asia from hunting and gathering groups to high civilizations; kinship, economic, political, and religious systems; recent developments. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 447 Polynesian Cultures (3) Analysis of Polynesian cultures from their origins to contemporary states. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 455 Human Biology of the Pacific (3) Human biology of prehistoric and living populations of the Pacific: mainland and island Southeast Asia, Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Fossil humans, microevolution, human variation, origins. Pre: 215 or consent. DB

ANTH 458 Forensic Anthropology (3) Application of physical anthropology to problems in human identification. Determination of age, sex, ancestry, etc., of the skeleton and preparation of reports for legal medicine. Pre: 384 (or concurrent) or consent. DB

ANTH 461 Southeast Asian Archaeology (3) Prehistory and protohistory of Southeast Asia and of Southeast Asian contacts with East Asia, India, Australia, and Oceania. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 462 East Asian Archaeology (3) Prehistory and protohistory of China, Japan, and Korea from earliest human occupation to historic times. Geographical emphasis may vary between China and Japan/Korea. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 464 Hawaiian Archaeology (3) Archaeological perspective in Hawai‘i’s past; origins of Hawaiians; early settlement and culture change; settlement patterns and material culture; historic sites preservation. Pre: 210 and consent. DH

ANTH 468 Archaeological Theory and Interpretation (3) Introduction to theory in archaeology; interpretive paradigms; the relation of archaeological methods to inter-pretation and evaluation of theories. Pre: 210. DH

ANTH 469 History of Archaeological Thought (3) Historical survey of archaeology as a discipline; focusing on theoretical, methodological, and substantive advances that changed archaeology. Pre: 210 or consent. DS

ANTH 472 Ceramic Analysis in Archaeology (3) Concepts, methods, and approaches used in the analysis of ancient pottery. Emphasis placed on ceramic technology, stylistic analysis. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 473 Lithic Analysis in Archaeology (3) How archaeologists infer procurement, production, distribution, and use of lithic resources, with emphasis on the manufacturing process. Includes lab for replicating prehistoric technologies. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 474 Geoarchaeology (3) Field and laboratory analysis of sediments and soils in 98 environments, site formation, post-depositional processes, landscape change, and paleogeo-morphic reconstruction. Pre: 210 or consent. DP

ANTH 475 Faunal Analysis in Archaeology (3) Analysis of archaeologically recovered faunal collections with emphasis on identification and interpretation of nonhuman vertebrate remains. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 476 Paleobotanical Analysis (3) Paleobotanical analysis is directed toward the understanding of human-plant relationships and their change through time. Theoretical and methodological consideration of pollen, phytoliths, wood charcoal, seeds, and other macro-plant remains in archaeology. Pre: 210 or consent. DH

ANTH 480 (Alpha) Anthropological Applications (3) Anthropological theory, method, and data applied to problems in specialized fields. For students in professional fields who lack anthropological background; (B) development; (C) health; (D) education. (480D Cross-listed as EDEF 480) DS

ANTH 481 Applied Anthropology (3) Methods and results in application of anthropological concepts to the practical problems of agricultural, commercial, and industrial development. Pre: 200 or consent. DS

ANTH 482 Environmental Anthropology (3) This seminar surveys practical environmental questions, cases, problems, and issues from the perspective of applied ecological anthropology. Pre: 415 or consent. (Alt. years)

ANTH 483 Japanese Culture and Behavior (3) Sociocultural factors in Japanese behavior. Social structure; traditional institutions. DS

ANTH 484 Japanese Popular Culture (3) This course explores contemporary Japanese popular culture through themes such as gender, consumerism, globalization and nostalgia. Rather than a survey of popular culture genres, the course is organized thematically around issues and problematics. DS

ANTH 485 Pre-European Hawai‘i (3) Pre-European society and culture from an anthropological viewpoint. Pre: 200 or consent. DH

ANTH 486 Peoples of Hawai‘i (3) Historic and contemporary society and culture from an anthropological viewpoint. Pre: 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as ES 486) DS

ANTH 488 Chinese Culture: Ethnography (3) Critical interpretations of ethnographic and biographic texts depicting individual and family lives in different socioeconomic circumstances, geographical regions, and historical periods of modern China. DS

ANTH 489 Chinese Culture: Current (3) Contemporary topics including the modern revolution, ideology, work, popular Confucianism, entrepreneurial activities, emigration, overseas settlements. DS

ANTH 495 Senior Thesis (3) Preparation of a major paper with a committee of one chairperson and one other member; paper on topic of interest in anthropology. Optional for majors. Pre: 305 or consent, and senior standing. DS

ANTH 496 Senior Thesis (3) Preparation of a major paper with a committee of one chairperson and one other member; paper on topic of interest in anthropology. Optional for majors. Pre: 305 or consent, and senior standing. DS

ANTH 500 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1)

ANTH 601 Ethnology (3) Survey, in historical perspective, of theory in social and cultural anthropology. A course in the graduate core of anthropology. Pre: graduate status and consent.

ANTH 602 Linguistic Anthropology (3) Investigation of mutual influences of linguistic theory and methodology and anthropological theory and methodology. A course in the graduate core of anthropology. Pre: LING 102, graduate status, and consent.

ANTH 603 Archaeology (3) Development of critical and analytical skills in assessment of archaeological literature; emphasis on the science, theory, explanation, and paradigms that comprise archaeology. A course in the graduate core of anthropology. Pre: graduate status and consent.

ANTH 604 Physical Anthropology (3) Human evolution and human variability in extant and previously existing populations; emphasis on history of physical anthropology, evolutionary systematics, primate biology and behavior, paleontology, anthropological genetics, climatic adaptation, growth, and nutrition. A course in the graduate core of anthropology. Pre: graduate status and consent.

ANTH 605 Discursive Practices (3) Emphasizes linguistic, semantic, and interactional aspects of culture, exploring ways that discourse constructs social action and social realities, examining processes by which culture is produced as meaningful behavior in actual situations. Pre: graduate status.

ANTH 606 Anthropology of Infectious Disease (3) The role of human behavior, including its social and cultural determinants, in understanding the distribution of infectious diseases and in shaping preventive and therapeutic strategies. Pre: graduate status or consent.

ANTH 607 The Media and Discursive Practice (3) Role of the mass media in constructing meaning in social cultural processes such as nationalism, ritual, identity, and collective memory. Attention to interactional and poststructural theories of discourse that link the mass media to discursive practice. A-F only.

ANTH 608 History and Memory (3) History and collective memory as culturally formed and politically contested realities. The role of narrative, ritual, and media technologies in shaping representations of the past. Pre: consent.

ANTH 609 Culture and Leadership (3) A multicultural perspective on the theory and practice of leadership examined through cultural, social and institutional factors that produce effective leaders. Specific skills that improve leadership abilities are applied through activities in the course. A-F only.

ANTH 610 Anthropology of Tourism (3) Social and cultural analysis of tourism practices, with emphasis on Hawai‘i, Asia and the Pacific. Tourism in relation to consumer culture, transnational flows of people and images, post-colonial politics, performance and identity formation.

ANTH 620 (Alpha) Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology (3) Major theoretical problems in (B) kinship; (C) cognitive systems; (D) religion; (E) political institutions; (F) law and social control; (G) economics; (H) ecology; (I) other to be announced. Repeatable. Pre: consent.

ANTH 632 Field Study of Population (3) Concepts and techniques in field study of
non-literate (tribal and peasant) populations. For graduate students in the social sciences planning field research that involves taking a census. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as GEOG 632)

ANTH 640 (Alpha) Methods and Theory in Archaeology (3) Focused seminars pertaining to distinct areas of archaeological method and theory. (B) analytical; (C) environmental; (D) ethnoarchaeology; (E) economic; (F) underwater. Repeatable twice. Pre: 603 or consent.

ANTH 645 Historic Preservation (3) Federal, state, and local laws and regulations that regulate and provide protection to significant archaeological and historical resources in Hawai‘i and the region. Pre: 210.

ANTH 650 Women and Culture (3) Cultural diversity and uniformity in the sex-linked role repertoire, interaction, exchange, rituals, symbolization, role reversal, life cycle, socialization, personality, stress, pathology, acculturation, and movement. Pre: classified graduate standing and consent.

ANTH 667 Biomedicine and Culture (6) Combined seminar and field experience/practicum course examining critical medical anthropological perspectives on modern medicine through intensive reading, group discussion, and participant observation in various health service settings. Pre: graduate status or consent or departmental approval. (Alt. years)

ANTH 668 Archaeology Field Methods (6) (5 7-hr Lab) Laboratory and field training in the principles and practice of methods of archaeology—survey, mapping, excavation, conservation. Summer only, full-time. Repeatable. Pre: graduate standing. (Cross-listed as OEST 668)

ANTH 694 Anthro Colloquium Pro-Seminar (1) Entering students in Anthropology graduate program attend and participate in weekly colloquia, which encompasses sub-disciplines and specializations presented in Anthropology at UH Mânoa. Presentations include faculty and other professionals. Graduate student colloquium series will be developed. Repeatable one time. CR/NC only. Pre: graduate standing or consent. Fall only.

ANTH 695 Professional Skills Develop in Anth (3) Seminar prepares graduate students for entry into profession, including employment opportunities, research, presentations, ethics and outreach. Required of all Plan B students. Pre: graduate standing or consent. Fall only.

ANTH 699 Directed Reading or Research (V) Pre: classified graduate standing and consent.

ANTH 700 Thesis Research (V) Research for master’s thesis.

ANTH 710 Seminar in Research Methods and Design (3) Theory construction, problem-based research design, proposal writing in anthropology; techniques for collection, processing, analysis and evaluation of data. For students preparing research. Repeatable one time. Pre: classified graduate status in anthropology or consent.

ANTH 712 Data Processing in Anthropology (3) Techniques of data retrieval; strategies of fieldwork and data analysis for identifying, sampling, and processing large bodies of materials. Repeatable. Pre: classified graduate standing and consent.

ANTH 720 Anthropology of Japan (3) Japan examined through three dimensions of cultural anthropology: cultural/symbolic, social/organizational, and individual/psychological. Selected topics analyzed and interpreted in terms of conjunctions of these dimensions. Pre: 483 or 484; or consent.

ANTH 750 (Alpha) Research Seminar (3) Selected problems in current research. (B) archaeology; (C) medical; (D) ethnography; (E) social; (F) psychological; (G) biological. Pre: classified graduate status and consent.

ANTH 800 Dissertation Research (V) Research for doctoral dissertation