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Apparel Product Design and Merchandising (APDM)

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

APDM 101 Introduction to APDM (3) Introduction to the fields of apparel design and merchandising including theories of fashion change, apparel industry operations, current industry issues, literature of the field, professional competencies, careers in apparel and related businesses. A-F only.

APDM 111 Apparel and Marketing Aesthetics (3) Introduction to design elements, quality features and other factors influencing sensory experiences evoked by fashion-related products. Strategic uses of design in marketing.

APDM 200 Culture, Gender, and Appearance (3) Social construction of gender within culture and its visual expression through appearance. Analysis of role, identity, conformity, and deviance in human appearance. Open to nonmajors. (Cross-listed as WS 200) DS

APDM 201 Fashion Promotion (3) Principles and practices in fashion advertising, visual merchandising, publicity and public relations, and fashion show production in apparel and related businesses.

APDM 205 Basic Apparel Construction (4) (3 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Principles, concepts, and procedures for quality construction and custom fitting of clothing.

APDM 215 Block Pattern Designing (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Principles of pattern making for women’s apparel through manipulation of pattern blocks. Pre: 205 or consent.

APDM 216 Fashion Illustration I (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Principles and techniques of sketching the fashion figure including garment details and fabric drape. Development of a personal style of illustration. Introduction to use of computers for illustration. Pre: 111 or consent. DA

APDM 221 Textile Fundamentals (4) (3 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Physical properties, structures, and finishes of textiles used in apparel and home furnishings. Government and agency requirements affecting textiles. Pre: 101 or consent. DP

APDM 237 Pattern Grading (3) Principles of proportionally increasing or decreasing a master pattern according to a prescribed set of body measurements. Application includes basic, intermediate, and advanced designs. Use of computerized grading program. Pre: 215.

APDM 301 Fashion Forecasting/Marketing (3) Principles and practices in fashion trend forecasting and their role in apparel company marketing strategies. Adapting fashion trend forecasts to apparel lines. Pre: 101, 111, and 221; or consent.

APDM 310 Western World Fashion History (3) Historic study of dress as related to customs and cultures in the Western world, in socio-historical and contemporary contexts. Emphasis on 19th and 20th centuries. Pre: 200, two FG courses; or consent.

APDM 315 Draping (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Principles of pattern making through draping muslin models on standard garment forms. Pre: 215 or consent.

APDM 316 Advanced Pattern Design (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Further study of flat pattern methods and industrial practices for fashion design majors. Use of CAD. Pre: 315.

APDM 318 Fashion Illustration II (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Advanced study in the illustration of the fashion figure. Personal interpretation of the techniques of fashion illustration. Use of CAD. Pre: 216 or life drawing. DA

APDM 330 Advanced Apparel Construction (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Principles of advanced techniques for garment construction with emphasis on new, difficult-to-handle fabrics. Pre: 205 or consent.

APDM 337 Computerized Pattern Grading (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Gerber Technology (GT) AccuMark System Management. The system is designed to use CAD for specific apparel industry applications in grading patterns into different sizes and making production markers. Pre: 237 or knowledge and ability to grade patterns; or consent. Computer skills are helpful.

APDM 350 Embellishments (V) Emphasis on design principles as applied to stitchery using a variety of techniques and raw materials. Processes and problems experienced and critiqued in a group environment. Repeatable. Pre: 205 or consent. DA

APDM 370 Interior Design Fundamentals (3) Aesthetic, social, and functional aspects of selection, layout, and furnishing of home interiors; application of principles of design to family living situations. Pre: ART 101 or consent.

APDM 371 Retail Buying and Merchandising (3) Theories and procedures in selecting, buying and selling apparel and textiles. Types of merchandising organizations, analysis of consumer demand, brick-and-click opportunities and challenges, development of an image, operation location, store and floor layout. Pre: 301 and BUS 312; or consent.

APDM 372 Manage Resources-Lead People (4) Uses extant research to define and explore the differences between managing resources in organizations and leading groups/organizations. Explores roles of managers and the use of economic and social capital to achieve organizational goals.

APDM 375 Merchandise Planning and Control (3) Theories, problems, and procedures of financial and assortment planning and control of merchandise inventories. Pre: 371, ACC 201, and MATH 100 (or equivalent), and APDM program math competency test.

APDM 380 Shelter and Society (3) Development and characteristics of traditional shelter and furnishings in relation to culture and customs with focus on Hawai‘i, the Pacific Basin, and Asia. Pre: consent.

APDM 401 Clothing and Society (3) Seminar in sociological, psychological, and economic implications of clothing and adornment for the individual and society. Historic and contemporary perspectives. Pre: 301 and consent. DS

APDM 410 Ethnographic Dress (3) Development of ethnic dress as representative of ethnic group status throughout the world. Focus on non-western and Asian ethnic groups. Pre: 200, two FG courses; or consent.

APDM 416 Costumes/Cultures of East Asia (3) Development of traditional dress as visual manifestation of culture. Ethnic and national dress of China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Okinawa, Tibet, and Vietnam. Pre: 200, two FG courses; or consent.

APDM 418 Costumes of South and Southeast Asia (3) Development of traditional dress as visual manifestation of culture. Ethnic and national dress of Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Pre: 200, two FG courses; or consent.

APDM 419 Apparel Design Studio I (3) Development of independent expression through creative designing for a ready-to-wear collection. Problem solving in the design process; includes sketching, draping, blocking, muslin proofs, complete garments, and portfolio. Studio courses must be taken in sequence. Pre: 221, 301, 310, 316, 330, and either 416 or 418; or consent.

APDM 420 Apparel Design Studio II (V) Continuation of 419.

APDM 430 Fashion Promotion Studio (V) Application of principles and procedures related to the promotion of fashion apparel. Preparation and presentation of fashion information through shows, displays, media, and written communications. Repeatable. Pre: consent.

APDM 437 Brick and Click Retail (3) Application of principles, procedures and techniques of organizing a small retail business in a brick-and-click world. Creative use of low and high tech resources. Students plan, write and evaluate small retail business plans. Pre: 375 and consent.

APDM 460 Costume Collections Management (3) Guidelines and techniques needed for handling textile and apparel artifacts in museums and other collections. Active involvement in documenting, researching, interpreting, and exhibiting costumes and textiles. Repeatable three times. A-F only. Pre: consent.

APDM 471 International Apparel Trade Issues (3) Theories, concepts, problems of international trade of textile and apparel products. Issues of importing and exporting apparel products globally. Social, political and economic factors affecting textile and apparel trade. Pre: 371 or consent.

APDM 491 Topics in APDM (V) Study and discussion of special topics, problems. Offered by staff and visiting faculty. Repeatable.

APDM 492 Internship (4) Integration and application of academic knowledge and critical skills emphasizing professional development. Placement with an approved cooperating supervisor/employer. Pre: senior standing and consent.

APDM 496 Field Study in APDM (V) Study tours to various centers of the world to examine historical and modern apparel and textiles. Merchandising and design methods and operations examined. Repeatable. Pre: consent.

APDM 499 Directed Reading and Research (V) Pre: consent.

APDM 699 Directed Reading and Research (V) Pre: consent and graduate standing