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Asian Studies (ASAN)

School of Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Studies

ASAN 201 Introduction to Asian Studies: East Asia (3) Understanding East Asia through multidisciplinary approaches. Examines the interrelationship of policies, economy, literature, religion, the arts, and history as the basis for such an understanding. DH

ASAN 202 Introduction to Asian Studies: South/Southeast Asia (3) Understanding South and Southeast Asia through multidisciplinary approaches. Examines the interrelationship of policies, economy, literature, religion, the arts, and history as the basis for such an understanding. DH

ASAN 241 Civilizations of Asia (3) Historical survey of major civilizations of Asia from earliest times: East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. (Cross-listed as HIST 241) DH

ASAN 242 Civilizations of Asia (3) Continuation of 241. (Cross-listed as HIST 242) DH

ASAN 308 Contemporary Chinese Politics (3) Interdisciplinary review and analysis of the social and political issues in contemporary China, the interchange between state and society in national policies, the relationship between cultural tradition and technological modernization in the social transformation process. A-F only. Pre: 310 or 312 or SOC 356 or consent. (Cross-listed as POLS 308) DS

ASAN 310 Asian Humanities (3) Multidisciplinary. Classics of literature, philosophy, and religion shaping Asian beliefs and values. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DH

ASAN 312 Contemporary Asian Civilization (3) Multidisciplinary examination of problems and issues affecting peoples and institutions of contemporary Asia: ethnic, language, religious, and cultural differences; population growth; public health; economic development; political and social change; environmental problems; etc. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DS

ASAN 320 (Alpha) Asian Nation Studies (3) Multidisciplinary examination of major Asian countries; cultural, social, economic, and political lives of their peoples. (C) China; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia; (Z) Other. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DS

ASAN 323 The Way of Tea in Japanese History and Culture (3) History and culture of Japan as revealed in study and practice of tea ceremony: Zen, aesthetics, calligraphy, architecture, ceramics, gardens, politics. (Cross-listed as HIST 323) DH

ASAN 324 Chado-the Way of Tea Practicum (1) Actual practice of the tea ceremony as history and culture of Japan. Repeatable one time. Pre: 323, HIST 323 (or concurrent), or consent. DA

ASAN 325 (Alpha) Japanese Film: Art and History (3) Study and analysis of Japanese film; its history and relationship to cultural, social, philosophical, and aesthetic contexts. (B) 1900-1960; (C) 1960-present; (D) special topics. Pre: upper division standing or consent. (Cross-listed as EALL 325) DH

ASAN 330 Chinese Film: Art and History (3) Study and analysis of Chinese film; its history and relationship to cultural, social, philosophical, and aesthetic contexts. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DH

ASAN 361 Southeast Asian Literature in Translation (3) Survey in English traditional and modern literatures of Southeast Asia. A-F only. (Cross-listed as IP 361) DL

ASAN 393 (Alpha) Field Study in Asia (3) Students may submit proposals to have academic course work, field research, or work experience in Asia. See specific center for guidelines and procedures. (C) China; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia; (Z) Other.

ASAN 458 Russia in Asia and the Pacific (3) Covers the economic, political, and social development of Russian Asia (Siberia) and Russian relations with the countries of Asia and the Pacific. Pre: HIST 306 or HIST 310; or consent. DH

ASAN 462 Contested Issues in Contemporary Japan (3) Familiarizes students with public discourse in Japan by analyzing key current issues widely debated in the Japanese media and in public forums in light of their political, historical, cultural, social and economic contexts. A-F only. Pre: 201-202, 312, 320J, ANTH 483, ANTH 484, ECON 317, POLS 307H, or SOC 357, upper level undergraduate standing; or consent. (Once a year) DS

ASAN 463 Gender Issues in Asian Society (3) Construction of gender identities in contemporary Asia. How these interface with other aspects of social difference and inequality (e.g., with class, religion, ethnicity). Pre: 201 and 202, or any WS course, or consent. (Cross-listed as WS 463) DS

ASAN 465 American Experience in Asia (3) Comparison of American experiences in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia within historical and perceptual framework. (Cross-listed as AMST 465) DH

ASAN 467 Americans in China (3) Exploration of contemporary Chinese-American relationship against 19th- and 20th-century background. DH

ASAN 469 Ethnic Diversity in China (3) Surveying Tibetans, Mongols, Manchus, Muslims, and other minorities, as well as analyzing the nature of minority/majority identity in China from an anthropological perspective. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DS

ASAN 470 Sustainable Development in East Asia (3) Interdisciplinary investigation of development in East Asia as an urgent issue. Focus on economic, environmental and cultural aspects. Includes China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand/Indonesia. A-F only. Pre: 201 or 312 or consent. (Cross-listed as FIN 470)

ASAN 473 Chinese Diaspora and Visual Media (3) Course focuses on the role of visual media in shaping social relationships and cultural practices of Chinese communities living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Northern America. Includes examinations of films, theatre and musical productions, video-culture, art exhibitions, and photography. Pre: any 300-level course in AMST, EALL, ENG, ES, or WS; or consent. (Cross-listed a EALL 473) DH

ASAN 474 Transnational Chinese Popular Culture (3) Course surveys a variety of Chinese popular cultural forms which are transnational in nature, i.e. extending beyond the national boundaries of the PRC. The cultural influences of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore will be traced through examining soap-operas, karaoke-culture, rock music, martial arts, commercial novels, video games, and children animation. Pre: any 300-level course in AMST, EALL, ENG, ES, or WS; or consent. (Cross-listed as EALL 474) DH

ASAN 480 Culture and Economy of Southeast Asia (3) An exploration of the cultural and economic development of the countries of Southeast Asia from early times to the present day, with an emphasis on the effects of outside influences. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DH

ASAN 482 The Political Economy of Japan (3) Examination of the institutions of the contemporary Japanese political economy including economic policy and politics, labor-management relations, and international dimensions. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DS

ASAN 485 Contemporary Chinese Development (3) Development and planning in contemporary China: economic policy and institutional structure in the development and urbanization process; urban and rural transformation in a socialist economy. Pre: upper division standing or consent. DS

ASAN 486 Contemporary Vietnam (3) Vietnam’s 20th-century intellectual and organizational transformation, wars, revolution, social change, and development dilemmas in historical, cultural, and international perspective. DS
ASAN 491 (Alpha) Topics in Asian Studies (3) Selected topics in Asian studies. (B) Buddhist studies; (C) China; (G) Asia; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia; (Z) Other. Pre: 201 or 202, or consent. DS

ASAN 493 Globalization in Asia (3) Globalization affects the economic, political, and cultural lives of people in Asia. Transformations by capitalism in agricultural and industrial sectors of contemporary societies. Perspective is historical and global; approach is interdisciplinary. Repeatable twice. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DS

ASAN 495 Encountering Tourism in Asian-Pacific Societies (3) A critical examination and current impact of tourism on contemporary Asian and Pacific Island societies. Topics include colonial antecedents, social impacts, cultural and environmental concerns, case studies (including Hawai‘i). Pre: 201 or 202, or consent. (Cross-listed as PACS 495) DS

ASAN 496 Religions of Island Southeast Asia (3) A comparative, interdisciplinary examination of indigenous beliefs, Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism in island Southeast Asia, and how they have been adjusted because of economic and social change. Pre: 201 and 202, or consent. DH

ASAN 497 Religion and National Identity in SEA (3) A major question in Southeast Asia is, does national identity preempt religion, or does religion preempt national identity? The aim is to raise and examine issues related to these queries. Pre: upper division standing.

ASAN 499 Directed Reading (V) Pre: consent.

ASAN 500 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master’s Plan B or C candidate and consent.

ASAN 501 Practicum in Asian Studies (V)

ASAN 600 Asian Studies Seminar: Scope and Methods (3) Scope of Asian studies as a field; contributions of major disciplines to study of Asia; resources and methods of research; preparation of research proposal. (C) China; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia. Pre: graduate standing.

ASAN 603 Japanese Studies Seminar (3)

ASAN 605 Contemporary Korean Studies Seminar (3) Critical examination and study of selected aspects of modern and contemporary Korea. Pre: HIST 328.

ASAN 608 Politics and Development: China (3) Political economy of market transformation in China; developmental context of human resource, cultural tradition, ideology, policy issues of agriculture industry transfer, decentralization, dualism, market reform in urbanization, social service, foreign investment, and Greater China. Pre: one of 600, 635, POLS 308, POLS 341, or PLAN 635; or consent. (Cross-listed as POL 645C)

ASAN 611 Comparative Muslim Societies in Asia (3) This course will compare Muslim societies and cultures in Asia with each other and with the so-called “core” Middle Eastern Muslim societies. Pre: 600 or consent.

ASAN 618 Contemporary China: Development and Culture (3) Selected topics on contemporary China. Center for Chinese Studies has details of current offering. May be repeated with permission of instructor. Pre: 312 or 320C, or consent.

ASAN 620 Problems/Issues of Contemporary Asia (3) Analysis from multidisciplinary perspective: rural development, urbanization, international relations, ethnicity, religion, language, etc. Pre: 312 or consent.

ASAN 624 Culture and Colonialism (3) Analysis of theories and debates (cultural studies, feminist writings, post-colonial issues). Case studies of the transformation and creation of “traditional” cultures under colonialism. Pre: 310 or 312, or consent.

ASAN 625 Comparative Development in East and Southeast Asia (3) Comparative developmental analysis of Asia’s leading economic powers. Considers Japanese political and economic developmental model; discusses problems for continued Asian growth; examines Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and other Asian nations. Pre: 312, 600, or consent.

ASAN 626 Capitalism in Contemporary Asia (3) Historically grounded theoretical examination of capitalism in 20th-century Asia; multidisciplinary approach to fundamental change in political and economic structures and institutions, prospects for the future. Pre: 600 or 625, or consent.

ASAN 627 Ethnic Nationalism in Asia (3) Contemporary theories of ethnic and cultural nationalism from perspective of Asia. Issues of nation-state, power hierarchies, modernity, and identity in contemporary societies. Pre: 310 (or concurrent) or 312 (or concurrent), or consent.

ASAN 628 Southeast Asian Development: Costs and Benefits (3) Interdisciplinary approach to broad economic, social, and political issues. Focus on benefits and costs of economic development and effects on local cultures. Exploration of dilemmas of modernization and comparison of societal responses to development. Repeatable. Pre: 312 or consent.

ASAN 635 Industrialization and Development Planning in Asia and Pacific (3) Political economy of industrialization and development, state and society under industrialization and post-industrialization, evolution of development planning, and policy making in Asia under global economy. Pre: 312, 600 or PLAN 630, or consent. (Cross-listed as PLAN 635)

ASAN 636 Culture and Urban Form in Asia (3) Cultural and historical impact on urban form, contention of tradition and modernity in urban space, spatial expression of state and society, perception and utilization of urban design, evolution of urban form in selected Asian capitals. Pre: 312, ARCH 341, PLAN 310, or PLAN 600. (Cross-listed as ARCH 687 and PLAN 636)

ASAN 638 China’s Economic and Regional Development (3) A review of contemporary Chinas economic and regional development, examining the changing plans, policies and performances in the Socialist Development and Market Transition eras, and the implications on spatial patterns. A-F only. Pre: GEOG 353 or PLAN 630 or consent. (Cross-listed as GEOG 638 and PLAN 638)

ASAN 639 Planning for Rural Development (3) Rural development theories and policies. Planning and spatial aspect of Asian and Pacific development: integrated development, agropolitan development and rural industrialization. Pre: PLAN 630 or consent. (Cross-listed asGEOG 639 and PLAN 639)

ASAN 651 East Asia Now (3) Views East Asia as an interactive region. Examines common historical and cultural, economic and political themes including various experiences with the West. Focus upon present state of the region. A-F only. Pre: 310, 312, or consent.

ASAN 652 Contemporary Japanese Studies Seminar (3) Selected human and physical features that represent economic, social, and political life. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as GEOG 652)

ASAN 671 The Splendor that was Southeast Asia (3) Interdisciplinary examination of the classical civilizations of Southeast Asia, the 9th to 14th centuries. Includes Pagan, Sukhothai, Angkor, Dai Viet, Srivijaya, and Majapahit. Considers historical themes and patterns, issues in Southeast Asian studies. A-F only. Pre: 310, 312, or consent.

ASAN 672 Demographic History of Southeast Asia (3) Southeast Asian population histories. Contrasts with East and South Asian population histories. Links among demography, subsistence activities and social institutions. Evolution of indigenous and colonial population records. Practical applications of historical demographic methodology. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing or consent. (Cross-listed as PPST 672)

ASAN 694 Topics in Buddhist Studies (3) Seminar on selected topics in Buddhist studies. Pre: PHIL 360, PHIL 406, REL 475, or REL 490; or consent.

ASAN 699 Directed Research (V) Individual problems and research. Pre: consent.

ASAN 700 Thesis Research (V)

ASAN 705 Asian Research Materials and Methods (3) Bibliography, reference tools, and research methods in sources on Asia in Western and Asian languages. Discussion of published and archival repositories. (Cross-listed as HIST 705 and LIS 705)

ASAN 750 (Alpha) Research Seminar in Asian Studies (3) (C) China; (I) South Asia; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Philippines; (S) Southeast Asia. Pre: 600 or consent.