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Ethnic Studies (ES)

College of Social Sciences

ES 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3) Basic concepts and theories for analyzing dynamics of ethnic group experiences, particularly those represented in Hawai‘i, and their relation to colonization, immigration, problems of identity, racism, and social class. DS

ES 221 Hawaiians (3) Relationship between changes in Hawaiian lifestyle and development of Hawaiian economy; land use and tenure; participation in government, labor, and industry; Hawaiian institutions; “Hawaiian movement.” DS

ES 301 Ethnic Identity (3) Individual and group problems of identity, identity conflict, culture conflict, inter-ethnic relations. Critical review of available material on Hawai‘i. Pre: one social sciences core course. DS

ES 305 African American Experience I (3) Afrocentric perspective. Analysis of the black political/cultural diaspora, including ancient African kingdoms, the slavery experience, organized resistance, emancipation struggles, the Civil War and Reconstruction. Pre: one social sciences core course or consent. DS

ES 306 African American Experience II (3) Afrocentric socio political analysis. The struggle for freedom: Reconstruction period, reign of terror, intellectual and cultural awakenings, civil rights movements, contemporary issues. Pre: one social sciences core course or consent. DS

ES 310 Ethnicity and Community: Hawai‘i (3) Site visits to museums, social welfare units, etc., as well as guest lecturers from the community including police, health, education. Pre: one social sciences course. (Summer only) DS

ES 318 Asian America: Survey (3) History of selected Asian immigrant groups from the 19th century to the present. Topics include: immigration and labor history, Asian American movements, literature and cultural productions, community adaptations and identity formation. Pre: junior standing and one of AMST 201 (or concurrent), AMST 202 (or concurrent), SOC 100 (or concurrent), or SOC 214 (or concurrent); or consent. (Cross-listed as AMST 318) DH

ES 320 Hawai‘i and the Pacific (3) Hawai‘i as part of the Pacific community: selected historical and contemporary problems of Pacific areas; cultural and economic imperialism, land alienation, and the impact of development on Pacific peoples. Pre: one social sciences core course. DH

ES 330 Japanese in Hawai‘i (3) Issei roots in Japan; the role of Japanese in labor, politics, and business; sansei and perspectives on local identity and culture. The Japanese in light of changing economic, social, and political conditions in Hawai‘i today. Pre: one social sciences core course. DH

ES 331 Chinese in Hawai‘i (3) Ethnohistorical and contemporary view of the experiences of the Chinese in Hawai‘i and U.S. Mainland; specific roles and contributions; immigration, social organization, and identity. Pre: one social sciences core course. DH

ES 332 Caucasians in Hawai‘i (3) Historical and current views of white ethnic groups in Hawai‘i; significance in economic and social development of Hawaiian society. Pre: one social sciences core course. DH

ES 333 Filipinos in Hawai‘i (3) Historical and contemporary experiences; immigration; traditional culture and values; plantation experience; labor organizing; development of Filipino community. Racism, discrimination, and ethnic identity. Pre: one social sciences core course or consent. DH

ES 335 Koreans in Hawai‘i (3) Historical and contemporary experiences, causes and patterns of immigration, conditions on plantations, ties to Korea, community development and roles in society. Pre: one social sciences core course. DH

ES 338 The Original American: Indians (3) Overview of American Indian history and traditions. Impact of European contact and conquest; contemporary issues of resistance and survival. Pre: one social sciences core course. DH

ES 340 Land Tenure and Use in Hawai‘i (3) Dynamics of change: indigenous Hawaiian land tenure; Great Mahele and Kuleana Act; ethnic succession of land ownership; concentration of ownership today; effects of land development on ethnic communities. Pre: one social sciences core course. DH

ES 348 Teaching Ethnic Studies in Higher Education (3) Strategies for teaching subject matter in university, college, and community college classrooms: Concepts, models, classroom techniques, case studies. Pre: two ES courses at the 100, 200 or 300 level; or consent. DS

ES 350 Economic Change and Hawai‘i’s People (3) Development of modern Hawaiian economy and impact on Hawai‘i’s people. Sugar, pineapple, and tourism industries; role of local and multinational corporations; scenarios for Hawai‘i’s future development. Pre: one social sciences core course. DS

ES 360 Immigration to Hawai‘i (3) Historical overview: “push and pull factors”; effect of changing economy; experiences of various ethnic groups; problems of recent immigrants; immigration policies in the United States and Hawai‘i. Pre: one social sciences core course. DH

ES 365 Pacific/Asian Women in Hawai‘i (3) Adaptive strategies of Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Samoan, and Southeast Asian women in Hawai‘i; feminist anthropological and historical analysis. Pre: one ANTH, SOC, or WS course. (Cross-listed as WS 360) DS

ES 370 Ethnic Literature of Hawai‘i (3) Writings of various ethnic groups in Hawai‘i, ancient to contemporary. Songs, stories, poetry, fiction, essays that illustrate the social history of Hawai‘i. Pre: one social sciences core course and consent. (Cross-listed as ENG 370) DL

ES 372 Asian American Literature (3) Basic concepts and representative texts for the study of Asian American literature by writers from a variety of backgrounds. Pre: any two of the following: ENG 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257; second may be taken concurrently; or consent. (Cross-listed as ENG 372) DL

ES 373 Filipino Americans: History, Culture and Politics (3) An introduction to the study of Filipino Americans in the United States and the diaspora. The course pays special attention to labor migration, cultural production and community politics. Pre: junior standing. (Cross-listed as AMST 373)

ES 380 Fieldwork in Ethnic Studies (V) Specialized supervision of individual student research projects in historical, oral history, or contemporary problems. Repeatable to total of 6 credit hours. Pre: consent.

ES 381 Social Movements in Hawai‘i (3) Role of various contemporary movements for social change in Hawai‘i: community, ethnic, labor, student, etc. Theories of social movements and social change. Pre: one social sciences core course. DS

ES 390 Gender and Race in U.S. Society (3) Historical and sociological studies of race and gender in U.S. society; grassroots feminist and race/ethnic activism in the mainland and Hawai‘i. A-F only. Pre: 101, WS 151, or Social Science Cores. (Cross-listed as WS 390) DS

ES 392 Change in the Pacific—Polynesia (3) Impact of cultural and physical change and their interrelationship. Pre: ES or social sciences courses. DS

ES 399 Directed Reading/Research (V) Repeatable to total of 6 credit hours. Pre: consent only.

ES 410 Race, Class, and the Law (3) Historical context and implications of landmark court decisions and legal issues affecting social change in ethnic communities in Hawai‘i and the Continental United States. Pre: one 300-level course in ethnic studies, political science, or sociology. DS

ES 418 Women and Work (3) Gender and racial division of labor nationally and internationally; racial and gender differentials in wages, training, working conditions and unemployment; historical trends and future directions. Pre: One 300-level SOC or WS or ES course. (Cross-listed as SOC 418 and WS 418) DS

ES 420 American Ethnic and Race Relations (3) Surveys ethnic and race relations in the U.S. Focus on historical conflicts and critical issues such as racism, immigration, affirmative action, changing economic structures, and the role of government. Pre: 101 or consent. DS

ES 443 Filipino Americans: Research Topics (3) A research seminar on the study of Filipino Americans. Special themes in film/video/media, the performing arts, or literature may be offered. Pre: junior standing or consent. (Cross-listed as AMST 401)

ES 455 (Alpha) Topics in Comparative Ethnic Conflict (3) Causes and dynamics of ethnic conflicts with attention to problem resolution; (B) Middle East; (C) Hawaiian sovereignty in Pacific context. Repeatable. Pre: 320 or 392, or consent for (C). DS

ES 456 Racism and Ethnicity in Hawai‘i (3) The historical and contemporary social processes involved in inter-ethnic relations in Hawai‘i. Pre: SOC 300 or one Social Science core course; or consent. (Cross-listed as SOC 456)

ES 480 Qualitative Research Methods (3) Introduction to qualitative data collection methods; explore methods of analyzing data including grounded theory method, discourse analysis, and narrative analysis and those used in ethnic, gender, and community studies. A-F only. Pre: one upper division ES or SOCS course or consent.

ES 486 Peoples of Hawai‘i (3) Historic and contemporary society and culture from an anthropological viewpoint. Pre: 200 or consent. (Cross-listed as ANTH 486) DS

ES 492 Politics of Multiculturalism (3) The development of ethnic relations and political approaches to multiculturalism in two multiethnic nations: Canada and the United States. Pre: one social sciences core course, an ES 300-level course, or consent. DS

ES 493 Oral History: Theory and Practice (3) Literature and methodology; project design. Students develop and execute an oral history project. Pre: upper division standing; and HIST 151 and HIST 152, or HIST 281 and HIST 282; or consent. DH

ES 495 Hawaiian Labor History (3) Conditions of work under varying political, social, and economic transformations in Hawai‘i; anthropological, sociological, and historic data. Pre: HIST 151 and HIST 152. DH