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Honors (HON)

Honors Programs

These courses are limited to students in the Honors Programs.

HON 101 First-Year Honors Experience I: Manoa Campus and Its Neighborhoods (3) Freshman course with built-in peer mentoring and advising to facilitate transition to university. Focus on the disciplined inquiry of research process fosters collaborative and engaged learning, critical thinking, library skills. Lecturers, discussions, workshops, fieldtrips. A-F only. Fall only.

HON 102 First-Year Honors Experience II: Research at Manoa (1) Familiarizes students with university researchers and research facilities; focus on the ethical, moral and social dimensions involved in conducting research. Guest lectures on current research, field trips to labs and research institutes. Discussion of social policies. A-F only.

HON 120 Mathematical Modes of Thinking (3) Mathematics as both a language and a thought process expressed in that language. Historical and contemporary relations to culture.

HON 190 Honors Tutorial (V) Supplements a 100 or 200 lecture course or standard lab time with discussion section, instructor-intensive lab time or directed research. Limited enrollment. Repeatable one time.

HON 291 (Alpha) Sophomore Seminar (3) Special topics for lower-division honors tudents in seminar format. Development of critical thinking skills emphasized. (B) Biological Science; (H) Humanities; (P) Physical Science; (R) Arts; (S) Social Science; (T) Literature. Repeatable 2 times. A-F only. Pre: ENG 100 or ENG 100A or departmental approval. (B) DB; (H) DH; (P) DP; (R) DA; (S) DS; (T) DL

HON 301 Research and Public Policy (3) A disciplined inquiry on issues of ethical principle or public policy. Students will learn the research process by engaging in it: finding resources, using these resources critically, exploring implications suggested by the issues and resources and communicating their results in a precise and effective manner. Repeatable one time. A-F only.

HON 380 Peer Monitoring (V) Students function as peer mentors in and out of class sessions. Emphasis on understanding dynamics of leadership skills within the context of small groups. Pre-semester training sessions, on-going training and supervision. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: 101 or departmental approval.

HON 491 Junior Honors Seminar (3) Students from different disciplines meet weekly for discussion of material presented by instructor in a multi-disciplinary format. Topics vary each semester. Required of, and limited to, candidates for Honors degree. CR/NC only.

HON 492 Honors Colloquium (3) Weekly meetings for discussion of enduring issues and problems of an interdisciplinary nature. Limited to candidates for Honors degree. CR/NC only.

HON 493 Senior Honors Thesis (2) Preparation of research paper under individual faculty supervision. Limited to candidates for Honors degree. Repeatable in different major. A-F only.

HON 494 Senior Honors Thesis (2) Preparation of research paper under individual faculty supervision. Limited to candidates for Honors degree. Repeatable in different major. A-F only. Pre: 493.

HON 495 Introduction to Research (3) Library research skills; lectures on research within a university setting; methodological issues for and across disciplines; special attention to defining a specific research problem. Limited to candidates for the Honors degree. CR/NC only.

HON 496 Senior Honors Project (3) Preparation of a research project or a performance project (with a research component) supervised by a faculty member. Limited to candidates for Honors degree. Repeatable one time for each major. A-F only. Pre: 495 or consent.

Selected Studies students also have the option of taking A-section courses from the following list when they are offered by departments:

  • AH 100A Introduction to the Arts
  • AMST 201A The American Experience
  • AMST 202A Diversity in American Life
  • AMST 211A Contemporary American Issues: Domestic
  • AMST 212A Contemporary American Issues: World
  • ART 101A Introduction to Visual Arts
  • ASAN 241A Civilizations of Asia
  • ASAN 242A Civilizations of Asia
  • ASTR 110A Survey of Astronomy
  • ASTR 120A Astronomical Origins
  • BOT 101A General Botany
  • CHEM 181A Honors General Chemistry
  • ECON 120A Introduction to Economics
  • ECON 130A Principles of Economics
  • ECON 131A Principles of Economics
  • ECON 300A Intermediate Economics: Macroeconomics Analysis
  • ENG 100A Composition I
  • ENG 250A American Literature
  • ENG 251A British Literature to 1800
  • ENG 252A British Literature after 1800
  • ENG 253A World Literature to 1600
  • ENG 254A World Literature after 1600
  • ENG 255A Short Story and Novel
  • ENG 256A Poetry and Drama
  • ENG 257A Themes in Literature
  • ES 101A Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • GG 101A Introduction to Geology
  • HWST 107A Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific
  • HIST 161A World Cultures in Perspective
  • HIST 162A World Cultures in Perspective
  • HIST 241A Civilizations of Asia
  • HIST 242A Civilizations of Asia
  • HIST 281A Introduction to American History
  • HIST 282A Introduction to American History
  • ICS 101A Tools for the Info Age
  • ICS 111A Introduction to Computer Science
  • ICS 2111A Introduction to Computer Science II
  • IS 291A Community Service Practicum
  • LIS 100A Computer & Information in Arts & Humanities
  • LING 102A Introduction to the Study of Language
  • MATH 100A Survey of Mathematics
  • MATH 251A Accelerated Calculus I
  • MATH 252A Accelerated Calculus II
  • MATH 253A Accelerated Calculus III
  • MICR 140A Microbiology Laboratory
  • MUS 106A Introduction to Music Literature
  • PHIL 100A Introduction to Philosophy: Survey of Problems
  • PHIL 101A Introduction to Philosophy: Morals and Society
  • PHIL 102A Introduction to Philosophy: Asian Traditions
  • PHIL 110A Introduction to Logic
  • PHYS 170A General Physics I
  • PHYS 272A General Physics II
  • POLS 110A Introduction to Political Science
  • REL 151A Religion and the Meaning of Existence
  • SOC 100A Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 218A Introduction to Social Problem
  • SP 151A Personal and Public Speech
  • SP 251A Principles of Effective Public Speaking
  • WS 151A Introduction to Women’s Studies