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Human Resources Management (HRM)

College of Business Administration

HRM 200 Career Development (1)

HRM 351 Human Resource Management (3) Survey of the field covering recruitment, selection, training, appraisals, grievance handling, communications, discipline, safety, compensation, and benefits.

HRM 353 Leadership and Group Dynamics (3) Develop understanding of theory and research on managerial, entrepreneurial leadership and creativity in organizations. Topics include leadership, decision making, motivation, personality, and rewards within group settings.

HRM 354 Organizational Change and Effectiveness (3) Identify and evaluate methods to promote an effective change transition through efficient integration of corporate goals with the organizational culture.

HRM 399 Directed Reading and Research (V) Reading and research in a special area within the major field under direction of faculty member(s). Project must include statement of objectives, outline of activities planned, results expected, and how they are to be reported and evaluated. Must be approved in advance by the department chair and faculty adviser.

HRM 453 Personnel Compensation (3) Selected topics. Emphasis on trends, recent issues, job evaluation, incentive systems, salary administration, executive compensation, profit sharing, benefit programs, retirement plans. Pre: 351.

HRM 455 The Staffing Process (3) Contemporary practices and trends in personnel planning for a competent work force; legal constraints, recruitment and selection, differential placement, training, career programming. Pre: 351.

HRM 663 Human Resource Management (3) Analysis and critical evaluation of basic issues, policies, and trends in personnel administration.

HRM 664 Training and Development (3) Covers issues in design, delivery, and assessment of training, theoretical background of training and development process, types of training process, cross cultural and other types of diversity training and development of training modules. A-F only.

HRM 665 Compensation (3) Survey of compensation methods and procedures including job evaluations, incentive systems, salary administration, fringe benefits, appropriate legislation, policies and strategy issues of compensation systems. A-F only.

HRM 666 Health, Safety, and Security (3) This course is concerned primarily with the safety and mental health management process which is a complex activity requiring experts from many disciplines such as industrial hygiene, occupational medicine and safety engineering, safety legislation is covered. A-F only.

HRM 667 The Staffing Process (3) Recruiting and selection to optimize organizations including job design, job analysis, recruitment and selection methods, such as types of interviews and assessment centers, within legislative environment. A-F only.