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Hawaiian Studies (HWST)

School of Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Studies

HWST 107 Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific (3) An introduction to the unique aspects of the native point of view in Hawai‘i and in the larger Pacific with regards to origins, language, religion, land, art, history, and modern issues. DH

HWST 207 Malama Ahupua‘a: Resource Management (3) Examination of the ahupua‘a system: its mythologies, place names, history, poetry and early documents of the Hawaiian nation, as it was conceptualized by the ancient Hawaiians and exploration of its relevance in modern society. A-F only. Pre: 107.

HWST 270 Hawaiian Mythology (3) Survey of gods, ‘aumakua, kupua, mythical heroes, heroines, and their kino lau as the basis of traditional Hawaiian metaphor. Pre: 107 or HAW 102. DL

HWST 281 Ho‘okele I: Hawaiian Astronomy and Weather (3) An introduction to Hawaiian views of astronomy and weather, required as preparation for sailing Hokule‘a in following semester. Restricted to majors. Repeatable one time. Pre: 107 or consent.

HWST 281L Ho‘okele I Laboratory (1) (1 3-hr Lab) Stargazing laboratory to accompany 281. Pre: 281 or concurrent.

HWST 282 Ho‘okele II: Hawaiian Navigation (3) Hawaiian canoe design, navigation, sailing dynamics for double hulled canoes, and sail planning. Restricted to majors. Repeatable one time. Pre: 281 or consent.

HWST 282L Ho‘okele II Laboratory (1) (1 3-hr Lab) Sailing laboratory on double hulled canoe to accompany 282. Pre: 282 or concurrent.

HWST 285 La‘au Lapa‘au I: Hawaiian Medicinal Herbs (V) Presentation of Hawaiian medicinal herbs including basic philosophy, identification, utilization, and preparation of such herbs for human ailments. Pre: 107 or consent.

HWST 301 Perspectives in Hawaiian Studies (3) Interdisciplinary lectures and discussions examining traditional and contemporary experiences in Hawaiian society and setting; resources, methods, and techniques. Pre: HAW 202 or consent. DH

HWST 341 Hawaiian Genealogies (3) Survey of major Hawaiian chiefly lineages from the four main islands: Hawai‘i, Maui, O‘ahu and Kaua‘i. Political history from the Kumulipo to Western contact. Pre: HAW 202.

HWST 342 Chiefs of Post-Contact Hawai‘i (3) Survey of Hawaiian chiefs from 1778 to the present, including genealogy, political function, and historical impact. Pre: 107, 341, or HAW 201.

HWST 343 Myths of Hawaiian History (3) Thematic exploration of some common myths of Hawaiian history, including infanticide, slavery, feudalism, constant warfare, human sacrifice, and a limited pre-contact population, to determine the role of myth making in perceptions of Hawaiian history. Pre: junior standing or consent. DL

HWST 351 Mahi‘ai Kalo I: Taro Cultivation (3) Historical, cultural and philosophical foundations of the cultivation and uses of taro. A-F only. Pre: 107. Fall only.

HWST 352 Mahi‘ai Kalo II: Advanced Taro (3) In depth-study of taro cultivation techniques and systems. A-F only. Pre: 351.

HWST 362 Pana O‘ahu: Famous Place Names (3) A survey of the famous place names in each ‘ahupua‘a of O‘ahu, including accounts of mythical heroes, heiau, fishponds, wind, rain names, and their metaphoric value in Hawaiian literature. Pre: 107, 270, or GEOG 101; and HAW 202.

HWST 365 Pana Paemoku o Kanaloa: The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (3) This course will look at the use of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands during pre-contact times, the historical period of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i, after the islands were ceded to the U.S., and the contemporary politics that surround the region today. A-F only. Pre: 107 or consent.

HWST 385 La‘au Lapa‘au II: Advanced Medicinal Herbs (3) Advanced study and preparation of Hawaiian medicinal herb combinations. Pre: 107 and 285; or consent.

HWST 390 Issues in Modern Hawai‘i (3) Cultural and political aspects of the current Hawaiian movement; historical colonization; conflicts over tourism, the military, and agriculture; forms of native self-determination. Pre: junior standing or consent. DH

HWST 440 Mahele Land Awards (3) Practical guide to the researching of land awards and change in title for a single ‘ahupua‘a, 1848 to present. Focus on field trips. Pre: 342.

HWST 441 Ceded Lands: Focus on Crown and Government Lands (1848 to Present) (3) Inventorying “Ceded Lands” in Hawai‘i with emphasis on historical, legal, and cultural changes from the Kingdom through statehood. A-F only. Pre: 440 or consent.

HWST 445 Hawaiian Institutions (3) Comprehensive analysis of institutions like Bishop Estate/Kamehameha Schools, OHA, Lili‘uokalani Trust, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and The Queen’s Hospital. Pre: 342.

HWST 457 ‘Aina Mauliola: Hawaiian Ecosystems (3) Comprehensive analysis of traditional Hawaiian and modern resource management practices. Rigorous overview of the dominant physical and biological processes from the uplands to the oceans in Hawai‘i. Pre: 107, BOT 105, and junior standing; or consent. (Cross-listed as BOT 457)

HWST 458 Natural Resource Issues and Ethics (4) Overview of the history of land, resources and power in Hawai‘i; players and processes influencing land and natural resources policies today explored from Native Hawaiian and other viewpoints. Extensive use of case studies. Pre: 457 or BOT 457.

HWST 459 Strategies in Hawaiian Resource Use (3) Analyzing diverse land and water use strategies of O‘ahu, from traditional Hawaiian, scientific and economic perspectives, through classroom and on-site lectures. Topics include traditional Hawaiian methods, modern development, threatened ecosystems, eco-tourism and scientific research. A-F only. Pre: BOT/HWST 457 (or concurrent) or consent. (Cross-listed as BOT 459)

HWST 460 Hui Konohiki Practicum (3) A “hands-on” internship in an environmental or resource-management organization in Hawai‘i. The experience will be broadened and supplemented by classroom lectures, discussion and analysis from traditional Hawaiian, scientific and economic perspectives. A-F only. Pre: BOT/HWST 457, BOT/HWST 458 (or co-requisite), BOT/HWST 459; or consent. Spring only. (Cross-listed as BOT 460)

HWST 478 Mele Au Hou: Music and Native Identity (3) Presents Hawaiian music as it has been an avenue for native social, cultural and political expression in traditional and contemporary society. A-F only. Pre: 107 or 343 or 390; or consent.

HWST 485 Mahi La‘au Lapa‘au: Hawaiian Medicinal Horticulture (4) The science of planting and harvesting Hawaiian medicinal plants and exploring production and marketing strategies. Pre: 107, 285 and 385; or consent.

HWST 487 Hawaiian Aquatic Medicine (4) Course in identification, extraction and preparation of complexes of aquatic herbs to formulate a healing combination to contribute to maintaining overall health. A-F only. Pre: 107, 285 or consent. Fall only.

HWST 490 Senior Seminar in Hawaiian Studies (3) Critical examination of existing research; individual or team development, execution, and evaluation of selected projects. Pre: senior major in Hawaiian studies or consent.

HWST 494 Modern Pacific Women’s Poetry (3) Critical examination of modern indigenous women’s poetry from the Pacific Islands. Thematic concentration on land, family, sexual and national oppression. Pre: any two of the following (second may be taken concurrently): ENG 250, ENG 251, ENG 252, ENG 253, ENG 254, ENG 256, ENG 257; or consent. (Cross-listed as ENG 479) DL

HWST 495 Kumu Kanawai: Western Law and Hawai‘i (3) The rise of Western law in Hawai‘i, its contribution to nation building and colonialism. Pre: 342 or 343 or 390; or consent.

HWST 496 Kanawai II: Practical Application of Rights (3) Historical analysis of land use, race and self-determination; introduced to legal case briefing, analysis of legal precedent, practical impacts of rules and regulations and the socio-political factors that influence law and law enforcement. A-F only. Pre: 390 or consent.

HWST 499 Directed Reading/Research (V) Individual reading/research. Pre: 301, two upper division Hawai‘i-related courses, and consent.