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Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)

College of Arts and Sciences

IS 100 Marine Option Program Seminar (1) Statewide overview of ocean issues and organizations involved with marine activities, management, education, research, and business. Exploration of opportunities for internships, research projects, study and careers. Proposal writing, project implementation, and report preparation guidelines. Orientation to the Marine Option Program.

IS 250 Personal Development for Effective Teams (3) Exploration and application of basic leadership theories and processes which foster personal and interpersonal development via cognitive experiential classroom methods and mentoring relationships with experienced peer leaders. (Cross-listed as ENGR 250)

IS 291 Community Service Practicum (V) Supervised fieldwork in community agency, arranged by student. Repeatable one time. Pre: written proposal approved by Honors director and appropriate faculty adviser.

IS 300 Field Study (V) Pre-arranged systematic field investigation of selected topics. Pre: written proposal approved by Honors director and appropriate faculty member.

IS 310 Cinematic and Digital Narrative Production (4) Production-intensive course with collaborative projects, as well as individual production projects. Laboratory component to the course of one credit, as well as screenings of film and television content. A-F only. Pre: ENG 100 and a ENG 200-level course, or consent.

IS 311 Independent Study Tutorial (V) Independent study tutorial. A-F only.

IS 315 Narrative Game Design (3) Storytelling through computer games. Effect of interactivity on narrative. Interactive plot structures, conceptual design, artwork, audio, cinematography, two- and three-dimensional computer graphics. Design and programming of game narrative using scripting languages. A-F only. Pre: consent.

IS 320 3D Computer Animation Prod I (3) 3D computer graphics production projects. Students will write, plan, execute, and deliver a 30 second computer-animated short film. Emphasis on visual storytelling and character animation. A-F only. Pre: consent. Fall only.

IS 321 Native Americans and Native Hawaiians (3) Comparative-contrastive examination of similarities and differences between Native Americans and Native Hawaiians as the only indigenous peoples of the U.S. with special attention to sociohistorical parallels and mutual contacts since contact with Europeans. The course perspective is explicitly interdisciplinary by drawing not only on sociology and history, but also on archaeology, ethnology, linguistics and still other disciplines. A-F only. Pre: HIST 151 and HIST 152 and an introductory course in cultural anthropology, political science or sociology, or consent. DS (Alt. years)

IS 322 Ethnohistory (3) Review of ethnohistory, i.e. the interdisciplinary, holistic and inclusive investigation of the histories of native peoples drawing not only on documented sources, but also on ethnography, linguistics, archaeology, ecology and other disciplines as an alternative to conventional Eurocolonial history. A-F only. Pre: HIST 151 and HIST 152, or consent. DS (Alt. years)

IS 330 Information Technology and Culture (3) Investigation of the impact of information technologies on contemporary culture from a variety of perspectives. A-F only. Pre: upper division or consent.

IS 331 Science and Culture (3) Cultural studies of science from historical, philosophical, sociological and literary perspectives. Examination of intersections of science, race, gender and environment. A-F only. Pre: upper division or consent.

IS 361 People, the Ocean and the Environment (3) People’s impact on quality of coastal and ocean environments, especially Hawaiian; scientific, legal, socioeconomic aspects. Ocean pollution, ocean technology. Pre: OCN 201, ORE 202, or ZOOL 200; or consent.

IS 369 British Life and Culture (3) For Study Abroad Program students participating in the UH Manoa Semester in London. Emphasis is placed on understanding within historical contexts important issues for contemporary British society — particularly those of class, power, gender, and race. A-F only. Pre: participation in London Semester Program.

IS 399 Directed Reading and Research (V) Directed reading and research. Repeatable two times.

IS 400 Ocean Internships and Research (V) Students carry out marine-related internships, practica, research projects or field experience on-or off-campus with faculty guidance. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: minimum cum GPA of 2.5, junior or senior standing in any field of study and IS 100 or consent, project proposal.

IS 405 Africana Studies I: Africans in the New World (3) Comparative interdisciplinary exploration of black voices examining African history before slavery, the slave trade, slavery in the Americas (US, Caribbean, S. America) resistance, cultural carryovers and hybridity in culture and identity. A-F only. Pre: junior standing or departmental approval.

IS 406 Africana Studies II: Africans in the New World (3) Comparative interdisciplinary exploration of black voices testifying to the political, historical and cultural experiences of the African Diaspora; through an exploration of Black Literature, biography, poetry, political, religious and philosophical texts, journalism, the blues, jazz and rap! A-F only. Pre: junior standing or departmental approval.

IS 407 Black Women Writers (3) Comparative interdisciplinary course exploring issues of race, gender, culture, class, politics, community, health and spirituality in black women’s writing across the African diaspora. A-F only. Pre: junior standing or departmental approval.

IS 410 The Humboldt Brothers’ Legacy (3) Life and thought of the two Humboldt brothers. Alexander (1769-1859) helped to lay the foundations of modern science, including geology, geography, botany, zoology, physiology and anthropology. Older, less well-known Wilhelm (1767-1835) was an influential statesman, classical scholar, man of letters, humanist, political philosopher, anthropologist and linguist, and founded the University of Berlin. Review of the two polymaths’ impact on modern science in the Americas, the Pacific and Asia. A-F only. Pre: upper-division or consent. DH

IS 480 Oceanic Film, TV and Multimedia Culture (3) Involves close textual analysis of film, TV and multimedia content. The course includes cinematic and television screenings. A-F only. Pre: ENG 100, ENG 200-level course, a course on Oceanic or Hawaiian culture or consent.

IS 489 Environmental Practicum (3) Field experience in study and abatement of environmental problems under faculty direction. Project proposal, narrative activity log, and documentary report are required. Pre: upper division standing, courses in appropriate discipline, and consent.

IS 490 Global Media (3) Involves close textual analysis and strategic analysis of the globalism phenomenon, with an emphasis on transnational media corporations. A-F only. Pre: ENG 100 and a 200-level ENG course, and a critical studies course on Media or Film Studies. Fall only.

IS 499 Directed Reading and Research (V) Directed reading and research. Repeatable two times.

IS 610 Field Study in Gerontology (V) Individually designed field experience for advanced certificate in gerontology students. Placements arranged at community programs, research sites, and special projects at the Center on Aging. Repeatable.

IS 611 Integrative Seminar in Gerontology (V) Integrative seminar. A-F only. Pre: Graduate standing or consent. (Cross-listed as PH 789 (G))