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Information Technology Management (ITM)

College of Business Administration

ITM 115 Introduction to Business Programming (3) Introduction to programming with business-oriented applications. Software development tools, object-oriented software development, program flow and logic. A-F only.

ITM 310 Topics in IS/ITM for Nonmajors (3) This course provides varied opportunities to study information system and decision science topics relevant to general managers. Pre: consent (not open to MIS majors).

ITM 352 Programming Application Systems (3) Introduction to applications programming. Fundamentals, essential logic, file handling, report writing. Emphasis on systems development and disciplined programming. A-F only. Pre: ICS 101 or equivalent or consent.

ITM 353 Information Systems Analysis and Design (3) Analysis and design of systems in organizations. Includes role of general systems concepts, systems development life cycle, identifying systems requirements, logical and physical design. Pre: 352 and BUS 311; or consent.

ITM 354 Database Systems (3) Introduction to database management and data structures, including database planning and design, normalization, relational and network data models, and physical organization and implementation. Pre: 352 and 353, or consent.

ITM 360 Current Topics in ITM (3) Repeatable with permission of department chair. Pre: varies with topic.

ITM 366 Information Systems in Organizations (3) Practice of information systems in organizations. Capstone course for MIS majors. A-F only. Pre: 352, 353, 354 (or concurrent), and 357.

ITM 385 Electronic Commerce (3) Survey of electronic commerce technologies and business strategies, with an emphasis on technology and application development. The development of Web-based and multimedia applications; the impacts of EC on business strategy; legal and ethical issues. A-F only. Pre: BUS 311 or consent.

ITM 387 (Alpha) Advanced Topics in Information Systems (3) Computerized management information systems, operations research or business statistics: (B) Software systems economics; (C) advanced topics in programming; (D) web-based application development; (E) advanced technology in MIS; (F) systems development; (G) database systems; (H) advanced business applications; (J) simulation modeling and analysis; (K) business intelligence. Repeatable with permission of department chair. Pre: varies with topic. Co-requisite: 433.

ITM 399 Directed Reading and Research (V) Reading and research in special area of major under direction of faculty member(s). Project must include statement of objectives, outline of activities planned, results expected, and how they are to be reported and evaluated. Must be approved in advance by the department chair and the faculty adviser.

ITM 431 Networking (3) Basic concepts in data networking, standards, architectures. Local and wide area networks. PC networking. The Internet. Telephony and Carriers. Pre: 352 and BUS 311 or consent.

ITM 433 Information Security (V) Fundamentals of corporate computer and network security management and technologies, viruses, worms, hacking, firewalls, cryptographic protections, incident and disaster response cyberwar. Repeatable one time. Once a year. Pre: 357 or 431; or consent.

ITM 451 Nonparametric Methods (3) Techniques for estimation of parameters and testing hypotheses that require no assumption about the form of the distribution function; application to business problems. Pre: BUS 310.

ITM 453 Sample Design (3) Theory and practice in the selection and statistical treatment of probability samples most appropriate for estimating characteristics of diverse populations. Pre: BUS 310.

ITM 454 Experimental Design (3) Analysis of variance techniques for identification and measurement of factors or treatments which affect productivity or quality of output in action systems. Pre: BUS 310.

ITM 455 Applied Regression Analysis (3) Application of multiple regression analysis to practical business problems. Related techniques of analysis of variance and co-variance, and discrimination analysis also discussed. Pre: BUS 310.

ITM 614 Operations Research for Management I (3) Operations research methods from managerial viewpoint. Emphasis on application of deterministic models to management decision-making. Pre: BUS 610 or consent.

ITM 615 Operations Research for Management II (3) Operations research models under risk and uncertainty including game theory, decision theory, Markov chains, replacement theory, and queuing theory. Emphasis on applications in the business environment. Pre: BUS 610 or consent.

ITM 660 Current Topics in Information Systems (3) Selected current practices and trends in decision sciences and MIS. May be repeated with change in topic. Pre: BUS 619 or consent.

ITM 680 Statistical Decision Theory (3) Modern statistical decision theory as applied to business. Topics include probabilistic models, decision making under uncertainty, and Bayes decision rules. Pre: BUS 610.

ITM 683 Management of Information Systems (3) Nature of organizational information systems. Concepts and impact of modern information technology, including computer hardware and software, database management, data communications and telecommunications, office automation. Pre: BUS 619 or consent.

ITM 684 Decision Support Systems (3) Theory and technology of management information systems with emphasis on decision support systems. Includes characteristics of MIS and DSS, technology support for decision making, integration of decision models, data analysis, and human-computer interaction. Pre: BUS 619 or consent.

ITM 685 Electronic Commerce (3) Fundamentals of electronic commerce technology and business strategy issues. The use of the Internet for marketing, supply-chain management, and retailing; an overview of networking technologies; the development of Web-based applications; policy, legal and ethical issues. A-F only. Pre: BUS 619 or consent.

ITM 686 Computer Simulation (3) Computer simulation as a research and analysis tool, present and potential uses of simulation models, technology of model construction, and the use of computer simulation for studying systems. Pre: BUS 619 or consent.

ITM 687 (Alpha) Seminar in Information Systems (3) Computerized management information systems, operations research, or business statistics: (B) data management and database approach; (D) telecommunications; (G) project investment decisions; (H) applied decision analysis; (I) risk assessment and business decisions; (J) data communication; (M) communication and technology. May be repeated for credit. Pre: BUS 619 or consent.

ITM 699 Directed Research (3) Reading and research in ITM under the direction of a faculty member. A-F only.

ITM 704 Doctoral Seminar in Information Systems (3) Extensive and critical review of the IS research literature. Can be retaken for credit. Repeatable three times. A-F only. Pre: CIS 703 (or concurrent) or consent.

ITM 705 Research Seminar in E-Business in the Asia Pacific Region (3) An overview of the current research issues in e-business with focus on the Asia Pacific Region. A-F only. Pre: PhD student status in international management or consent.

ITM 706 International IT Organizational Research Methods (3) An overview of current survey methodology and analysis in global information systems research. A-F only. Pre: PhD student status in international management or consent.

ITM 799 Directed Reading and Research (V) Reading and research in an area of information technology management under the direction of faculty member(s). A-F only. Pre: PhD student status in international management or consent.