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Medicine (MED)

School of Medicine

MED 531 Internal Medicine Clerkship (16) Required course for third-year medical students, 11-week duration. Ambulatory care and hospital-based experience in a spectrum of medical problems. Application of skills and techniques to solve clinical problems. CR/NC only. Pre: BIOM 555.

MED 532 Internal Medicine Longitudinal Clerkship (5) Six-month long clerkship in ambulatory setting, and eight-week hospital-based experience. Application of history-taking and physical examination skills for evaluation and care of clinical problems. Emphasis on primary and preventive care, clinical decision-making, and management of patients with complex problems. Repeatable two times. CR/NC only. Pre: third-year standing and concurrent registration in 532 courses.

MED 541 Advanced Medicine Clerkship (6) Required course of 4 weeks duration for fourth-year medical students. Advanced experiences in ambulatory and hospital-based medical care. Proficiency in this course may be established by examination. CR/NC only. Pre: fourth-year standing and completion of 531 or consent.

MED 545 (Alpha) Unit VII Electives in Medicine (V) Elective course for fourth-year medical students involving more advanced study of selected topics within internal medicine than was possible in 531. (R) research in medicine. Repeatable one time. CR/NC only. Pre: 531 or 532.

MED 546 (Alpha) Unit VII Electives in Medicine (V) Fourth-year electives in which students study selected topics within field of medicine. (B) extramural electives in medicine (miscellaneous); (C) internal medicine seminar; (D) infectious disease; (E) internal medicine sub-internship; (F) research in bioethics; (G) neurology critical care; (H) medical informatics. Repeatable one time for (B)–(E); not repeatable for (F); repeatable two times for (H); repeatable three times for (G). CR/NC only. Pre: 531 or 532 for (B) and (C); 541 for (E) and (H) or departmental approval; and strong writing skills for (F). Background in humanities/literature recommended for (F). Co-requisite: 531, 532, 541 for (G) and (H); 545 for (C).

MED 599 Directed Research (V) Pre: consent.