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Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM)

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

NREM 203 Applied Calculus for Management, Life Sciences, and Human Resources (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Applications of calculus (limits, continuity, derivatives, exponential and logarithmic functions, partials, integrals) to problems in business management, social sciences, and life sciences. The course applies symbolic techniques and quantitative methods in problem solving, utilizes concept of proof as a chain of inferences, and promotes development of reasoning skills and mathematical logic in bridging theory and practice. (Cross-listed as AREC 210) FS

NREM 210 Environmental Resources: Issues and Options (3) Analysis of our environment with emphasis on understanding relationships and interactions of physical, biological, technological, and political components using scientific methods of inquiry. Food supply and safety, water quality, pollution control, biodiversity, environmental policy. Open to nonmajors. (Cross-listed as PEPS 210) DB

NREM 220 Agricultural and Resource Economics (3) Introduction to basic economics concepts, including demand, supply, exchange, market price and market failure. Economic evaluation and policy for the uses of various natural resource endowments, especially in production agriculture, is included. A-F only. DS

NREM 301 Natural Resources Management (3) Biological and physical science aspects of natural resource management at global, national, local levels. Management of specific resources including soil, water, forests, grasslands, fisheries, wildlife. Multi-resource management issues such as watershed protection, ecosystems, sustainable development. A-F only. Pre: 210, one biological science course, and one chemistry course; or consent. Co-requisite: 301L. Fall only. DB

NREM 301L Natural Resources Management Lab (1) (1 3-hr Lab) Natural resource management lab and field methodologies including map and aerial photograph interpretation, geographic information systems, water quality, geomorphology, soil and water conservation planning, range assessment, forestry assessment, native Hawaiian ecosystems. A-F only. Pre: 210, one biological science course, and one chemistry course; or consent. Co-requisite: 301. Fall only. DY

NREM 302 Natural Resource and Environmental Policy (3) Introduction to American government policy in natural resources and environmental protection at federal, Hawaii state and county levels. Policy principles, legal structure, governmental agencies, major statutes and programs, analytical techniques, program assessments. A-F only. Pre: 210 and either 220 or ECON 120 or ECON 130; or consent. Spring only. DS

NREM 304 Fundamentals of Soil Science (4) (3 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Origin, development, properties, management of tropical soils; classification of Hawaiian soils. A-F only. Pre: one of CHEM 151, CHEM 161 or CHEM 171; or consent. Fall only. (Cross-listed as TPSS 304) DP

NREM 310 Statistics in Agriculture and Human Resources (3) Theory, applications, and presentation of statistical reasoning. Descriptive, probability, and inferential reasoning for one-variable analysis with extensions to multiple variable cases. A-F only.

NREM 341 Accounting and Financial Analysis (3) Principles and methods of agricultural accounting. Preparing and interpreting financial statements. Sources and costs of credit, capital budgeting, tax management, estate planning. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: 220 or ECON 130 or consent. (Cross-listed as TPSS 341) DS

NREM 351 Enterprise Management (3) Overview of financial tools essential for developing new enterprises, analyzing business performance, obtaining bank financing, improving profitability, and reducing risk. Other topics: personnel management, taxation, and business plans. Students will become proficient with Excel. Pre: 220 or ECON 130 or consent. (Cross-listed as TPSS 351) DS

NREM 399 Directed Study (V) Limited to exceptional undergraduate students qualified to carry on advanced study. Pre: consent.

NREM 432 Natural Resource Economics (3) Introduction to the economic theory of optimal management of natural resources and the environment. Property rights, externalities and welfare economics, non-renewable and renewable resource management and regulation, pollution control in theory and practice. Pre: ECON 301 or consent. DS

NREM 458 Project Evaluation and Resource Management (3) Fundamentals of benefit-cost analysis with extensions to environmental impacts and projects; case studies. Pre: ECON 301 or consent. (Cross-listed as ECON 458) DS

NREM 461 Soil, Erosion, and Conservation (3) Processes and factors which influence erodibility and determine erosion; principles of erosion control; soil conservation as an element of resource stability and sustainable agriculture. Pre: 304 and consent. DP

NREM 463 Irrigation and Water Management (3) Basic soil-water-plant relationships, irrigation water requirements, irrigation efficiencies, different methods of irrigation, planning, design and management of an irrigation system, fertigation and impact of irrigation on soil and water quality. Pre: 203 (or equivalent) and NREM/TPSS 304 (or equivalent) or consent. (Cross-listed as TPSS 463) (Alt. years)

NREM 467 Natural Resources Conservation Planning (3) Combined lecture and hands-on field course on theory and practice of natural resource conservation planning. Includes individual and group projects. Open to upper-division undergraduate and graduate students interested in natural resources management. Pre: BIOL 101 and CHEM 151 or higher. Recommended: at least one upper division course in soils, natural resources, planning, physical geography, or related area; or consent. DP (Alt. years)

NREM 480 Tropical Forestry/Agroforestry (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Biophysical and socioeconomic description and analysis of major tropical forestry and agroforestry management systems, including Hawai‘i and the Pacific Basin. The role of traditional land use, pressures from regional and global development, and efforts to create sustainable, diverse systems for rural communities will be discussed. Pre: consent. DB (Spring Alt. years)

NREM 491 Topics in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (V) Study and discussion of significant topics and problems. Offered by visiting faculty and/or for extension programs. Repeatable. A-F only. Pre: consent.

NREM 492 Internship (4) Integration and application of academic knowledge and critical skills emphasizing professional development. Placement with an approved cooperating supervisor/employer. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as TPSS 492)

NREM 499 Directed Study (V) Repeatable. Pre: senior standing and consent.

NREM 500 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master’s Plan B or C candidate and consent.

NREM 600 Evaluation of Natural Resource Management (2) Critical evaluation of natural resource management approaches. Emphasis on the physical, chemical, and biological aspects within an environmental context. Pre: graduate standing or advanced undergraduate standing, and consent.

NREM 601 Economic Analysis of Natural Resource Management (3) Lecture/discussion course providing an economic framework for assessing natural resource management projects and policies. Use of case studies to demonstrate applications of the framework in selected subject areas. Once a year. Pre: 220 (or equivalent) or consent.

NREM 605 Research Skills (2) Assists the student in developing skills necessary to write a research grant and design a research proposal. NREM majors only. A-F only. Fall only.

NREM 611 Resource and Environmental Policy (3) Exploration of institutional and policy dimensions of natural resource development, management, allocation, markets and pricing, focusing on their environmental impacts. Emphasis on policy analysis using case studies and empirical findings. Original paper required. A-F only. Pre: ECON 300 or ECON 301 or consent. Fall only.

NREM 612 Degradation in Human-Dominated Ecosystems (3) Historic, present, and projected trends in understanding and managing human-dominated terrestrial ecosystems; predicting, measuring and mitigating degradation especially in terrestrial ecosystems with a focus on small volcanic islands in tropical settings. A-F only. Pre: 301 and 304 (or equivalent). Recommended 461, or consent. Co-requisite: 600 or consent. Fall only.

NREM 627 Applied Microeconomic Analysis (3) Economic applications to the agricultural and nonagricultural industries are emphasized. Econometric techniques are used to estimate demand, supply, production and cost functions which are analyzed in terms of economic theory and market information. A-F only. Pre: AREC 626 and ECON 627; or consent. (Cross-listed as AREC 627)

NREM 631 Sustainable Agriculture Seminar (2) Critical evaluation of existing and alternative cropping systems from a long-term perspective. Value conflicts and resolution. Pre: graduate standing or advanced undergraduate standing, and consent.

NREM 637 Resource Economics (3) Analysis of problems of development and management of natural resources with emphasis on resources in agriculture and role in economic development. Pre: 432, AREC 634, and ECON 608; or consent. (Cross-listed as ECON 637)

NREM 652 Information Research Skills (1) Examines the use of libraries and information technology for scholarly investigation in support of scientific research; provides experience utilizing and critically evaluating a variety of print and electronic sources in basic and applied sciences. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as ANSC 652, FSHN 652, and TPSS 652)

NREM 660 Hydrologic Processes in Soils (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Hydrologic properties in soils and the processes involved in water infiltration drainage and solute transport. Emphasis on key parameters required for modeling. Pre: CEE 424 or consent. Fall only. (Cross-listed as CEE 625)

NREM 662 Watershed Hydrology (3) Application of basic hydrologic processes and management practices occurring on small islands watersheds. Pre: 203 or equivalent and 304 or equivalent; or consent. Once a year.

NREM 670 Agrarian Systems Analysis (3) Comparative analysis of philosophy and process of interdisciplinary and participatory approaches to sustainable development and rural resource management including farming systems research and extension (FSRandE), agroecosystem analysis (AEA), participatory action research (PAR), and rapid rural appraisal (RRA). Repeatable. Pre: consent.

NREM 671 International Agricultural Systems (2) Analysis of trends and strategies in international agricultural research and development. International agricultural research centers (IARC), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), university networks and consortia, and private voluntary organizations (PVOs). Pre: graduate standing or advanced undergraduate standing, and consent.

NREM 680 Forest/Agroforest Ecosystem Analysis (3) Analysis of ecosystem processes in tropical forest systems. Productivity nutrient cycling, biodiversity, trophic interactions and interactions of processes will be examined using recent literature and computer models. Pre: biology/ecology and soils, graduate standing; and consent. Spring only.

NREM 691 Advanced Topics in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (V) Study and discussion of significant topics and problems at an advanced level. Offered by visiting or existing faculty as a special course. Repeatable. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

NREM 699 Directed Research (V) Repeatable. Pre: graduate standing.

NREM 701 Research Seminar (1) Presentation and discussion of student thesis, dissertation, or other current research activities. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as AREC 705)

NREM 800 Dissertation Research (V)