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Physiology (PHYL)

School of Medicine

PHYL 103 Human Physiology and Anatomy (5) Introduction to human physiology and anatomy designed to serve the needs of dental hygiene students and others interested in pursuing health-related careers. DB

PHYL 103L Physiology and Anatomy Lab (1) Laboratory course to complement 103. Co-requisite: 103. DY

PHYL 141 Human Anatomy and Physiology (3) Anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics of human organ systems presented in integrated anatomy-physiology format. Priority to students in nursing. Pre: high school chemistry. DB

PHYL 141L Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1) Anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics of human organ systems presented in integrated anatomy-physiology format. Priority to students in nursing. Pre: 141 or consent. DY

PHYL 142 Human Anatomy and Physiology (3) Continuation of 141. Pre: 141. DB

PHYL 142L Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1) Anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics of human organ systems presented in integrated anatomy-physiology format. Priority to students in nursing. Pre: 142 or consent. DY

PHYL 301 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4) Integrated presentation of human anatomy and physiology. An optional laboratory course (PHYL 301L) is available separately. Pre: CHEM 151 and one of 103, BIOL 171, or ZOOL 101. DB

PHYL 301L Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1) Laboratory study of human anatomy and physiology by means of models, histology slides, experiments, and demonstrations. Co-requisite: 301. DY

PHYL 302 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4) Continuation of 301. Pre: 301 or consent. DB

PHYL 302L Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1) Continuation of 301L. Pre: 301, 301L, or consent. Co-requisite: 302. DY

PHYL 401 Human Physiology: Organ Systems (4) Basic function of the major organ systems in man. Covers cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, acid-base, and gastrointestinal physiology. Pre: 302 or equivalent with consent. DB

PHYL 402 Human Physiology: Integrative Systems (4) Senior-level course in integrative systems (central nervous system and endocrinology). Complements 401. Pre: 401 and either BIOC 341 or CHEM 152, or consent. DB

PHYL 403 Environmental Physiology (3) Animal (including human) responses to environmental challenges such as heat, cold, altitude, diving, physical work, etc. Human adaptation in a comparative context. Pre: 302, or 401, or ZOOL 430; or consent. DB

PHYL 403L Environmental Physiology Lab (1) Laboratory experiences in measuring human physiological responses to environmental stress. Complements 403. DY

PHYL 405 Applied Muscle Physiology (3) Science and technology of strength training. Anatomy, kinesiology, physics, and physiology applied to development of muscular strength and mass. Pre: 302; or consent. DB

PHYL 450 Physiological Anthropology (3) Study of ecological factors in human variation. Human population and its biological and cultural responses to the environment. Pre: ANTH 215 or consent. (Cross-listed as ANTH 450)

PHYL 451 Human Biology (4) Introduces upper division students in the social or non-biological sciences to the basic concepts of physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry. Pre: upper division standing. DB

PHYL 499 Directed Research (V) Pre: junior or senior undergraduate status.

PHYL 500 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master’s Plan B or C candidate and consent.

PHYL 512 (Alpha) Unit II Electives in Physiology (1) (2 Lec, 1 1-hr Discussion) Concurrent electives in physiology. (B) case specific patho-physiology; (C) cardiovascular physiology. CR/NC only. Pre: BIOM 551. Co-requisite: BIOM 552. Spring only.

PHYL 514 Physiology of the Nervous System (1) (2 Lec, 1 1-hr Discussion) Restricted to majors. Repeatable. Co-requisite: BIOM 554. Fall only.

PHYL 545 Topics in Medical and Applied Physiology (V) Fourth-year elective for medical students; in-depth study of selected topics in physiological basis of medical practice.

PHYL 601 Physiology of Exercise (4) Physiological bases of modern physical training methods and sports science. Lectures, laboratory, and field experience. Pre: 302, or 401. (Cross-listed as KLS 601)

PHYL 602 Human Endocrinology (3) Comprehensive survey of physiology of human endocrine system. Pre: 401 or 603, or consent.

PHYL 603 Medical Physiology (6) Basic human physiology for pre-medical, medical, and graduate students. Covers membrane, nerve, muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, gastro-intestinal, energy-balance, thermo-regulatory, central nervous system, and endocrine physiology. Pre: consent.

PHYL 604 Clinical Exercise Testing (4) Instruction and fieldwork in conducting exercise tests in symptomatic persons to equip students to pass ACSM exercise test technician certification. Pre: 302; and consent.

PHYL 606 Human Neurophysiology (2) Physiology of human nervous system with emphasis on special senses and control and coordination of movement. Repeatable. Pre: 302 or 603; or consent.

PHYL 607 Membrane Physiology (3) Properties and functions of cell membranes and their relation to membrane structure at molecular level. Biophysical techniques used to study cell membranes. Pre: 603 or 606, or consent.

PHYL 608 Water and Electrolyte Balance (3) Effects of various environments (e.g., high altitude, deep sea, cold, heat, and exercise) on water and electrolyte endocrinology. Pre: 603 or consent.

PHYL 609 Cardiovascular Diseases (3) Selected topics in cardiovascular physiology. Emphasis on dynamic aspects of the heart and circulation. Pre: 603 or consent.

PHYL 610 Experimental Physiology (2) Biophysical approach to selected techniques of quantitative experimental physiology. Pre: 603 or consent.

PHYL 611 Advanced Pulmonary Physiology (3) Topics in pulmonary physiology including classical physiology (e.g., ventilation, perfusion) and neoclassical physiology (cell biology and toxicity). Term paper required. Pre: 603 and consent.

PHYL 612 Experimental Endocrinology (2) Principles and experimental techniques of endocrinology. Pre: 602 or consent.

PHYL 613 Seminar in Physiology (1) Discussion of current research in physiology.

PHYL 614 Seminar in Physiology (1) Continuation of 613.

PHYL 616 Physiology of Thermoregulation (3) Physiological and behavioral mechanisms by which animals and man regulate body temperature, heat production, and heat loss to environment. Basic principles of heat transfer. Pre: 603 or consent.

PHYL 642 Cellular Neurophysiology (3) Biophysical and membrane mechanisms of conduction, synaptic transmission, other electrical responses to nerve cells. Pre: one upper division biological science course, 5 credit hours of chemistry, and MATH 241; or consent. (Cross-listed as ZOOL 642)

PHYL 699 Directed Research (V) Research experience in physiology.

PHYL 700 Thesis Research (V)

PHYL 701 Undersea and Hyperbaric Physiology (3) Physiological responses of man and diving mammals to undersea and hyperbaric environments. Physics and chemistry of pressure and the ocean. Decompression, scuba diving, hyperbaric medicine. Pre: 603 or consent.

PHYL 710 Special Topics: Water and Electrolytes (1)

PHYL 711 Special Topics: Environmental Physiology (V)

PHYL 712 Topics: Nerve, Muscle, Physiology (V) Advanced treatment of selected topics at the frontiers of physiology. Repeatable. Pre: one 600-level course covering the area in question and consent. (Cross-listed as ZOOL 712)

PHYL 800 Dissertation Research (V)