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Psychology (PSY)

College of Social Sciences

PSY 100 is a prerequisite for all undergraduate courses except 170. Unless otherwise noted, 700-level seminars are explorations of current issues in their respective areas.


PSY 100 Survey of Psychology (3) An overview of the field: psychophysiology, perception, learning, cognition, stress, personality, social psychology. DS

PSY 201 Unit Mastery Instruction (3) Principles, techniques, issues, and philosophy. Laboratory provides working experience with this instruction technique. Pre: 100 and written consent.

PSY 202 Psychology of Gender (3) Survey of topics in psychology relevant to gender and its impact on the lives of women and men: socialization of gender, mental health, racial identity, majority-minority status, sexual orientation, life-span issues and violence. A-F only. Pre: 100 or WS 151. (Cross-listed as WS 202) DS

PSY 402 History of Psychology (3) Origin and development of contemporary points of view. Pre: 100. Recommended: 9 credit hours in psychology. DS

PSY 403 Seminar on the Psychology of Knowledge (3) Selected topics in the psychology of knowledge and mind from Western and/or non-Western perspectives. Repeatable in different topics up to 9 credit hours. Pre: 100 and written consent. DS

PSY 407 Practicum in Psychology (V) Supervised psychological experience in school, clinic, hospital, industry, social welfare, government, etc. Pre: 100 and consent.

PSY 408 Teaching General Psychology (V) Supervised experience. Pre: 100, at least 12 additional credit hours in psychology, and written consent. Repeatable one time.

PSY 409 General Psychology: Advanced Topics (3) In-depth coverage of some area of theory and research. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 600 Methodologic Foundations of Psychology (3) Methods used in psychological research; observational, correlational, and experimental types of design.

PSY 603 Current Developments in Psychological Research I (1) Results of current research programs in terms of their historical and theoretical contexts. CR/NC only.

PSY 604 Current Developments in Psychology Research II (1) Results in current research programs will be presented and evaluated in terms of their historical and theoretical contexts. CR/NC only.

PSY 700 Thesis Research (V) Research for master’s thesis. Maximum of 6 credit hours. Not repeatable for credit toward master’s degree.

PSY 701 Seminar in General Psychology (3)

PSY 702 Seminar in History and Theory of Psychology (3)

PSY 703 Seminar in Teaching Psychology (1) Theory and methods. Observation. Experience in preparation of lectures, discussions, quizzes, and examinations; class presentations. Current and needed research. Pre: consent.

PSY 800 Dissertation Research (V) Research for doctoral dissertation.


PSY 210 Statistical Techniques (3) Frequency distributions; graphic methods; central tendency; variability; correlation; reliability; tests of significance. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 212 Survey of Research Methods (3) Survey of standard methods and related conceptual issues employed in psychological research. Both experimental and non-experimental methods will be reviewed. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 311 Introduction to Methodology in Psychology (3) Emphasis on experiment control, data description and analysis, and communication of findings. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 412 Individual Differences and Measurements (3) Individual differences in personality, aptitude, intelligence; test construction, validation, administration, interpretation. Pre: 100. Recommended: 210. DS

PSY 419 Psychometrics: Advanced Topics (3) In-depth coverage of some area of theory, research, or methodology relevant to individual differences, measurement, or aspects of psychometrics. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 610 Introduction to Quantitative Methods (3) Review of elementary statistical methods. Introduction to general linear models as principle of data analysis. Pre: 210. (Cross-listed as EDEP 601 and SW 651)

PSY 611 Design and Analysis of Psychological Experiments (3) Analysis of variance and other models of assessing results of experiments. Relation of analysis to design. Pre: 610, EDEP 601 or SW 651. (Cross-listed as EDEP 603 and SW 653)

PSY 612 Multiple Regression in Behavior Research (3) Advanced application of general linear model to complex problems of data analysis. Relation of analysis of variance and co-variance to regression analysis. Non-linearity and treatment of missing data. Pre: 610, EDEP 601, SW 651 or consent. (Cross-listed as EDEP 604 and SW 654)

PSY 613 Factor Analysis (3) Theory and method; related methods of multivariate analysis. (Cross-listed as EDEP 605 and SW 655)

PSY 614 Multivariate Methods (3) Multivariate forms of multiple linear regression, analysis of variance, and analysis of co-variance. Multiple discriminant analysis, canonical correlation, and principal components analysis are discussed. Pre: 611, 612, and 613; or EDEP 603, EDEP 604, and EDEP 605; or SW 653, SW 654, and SW 655. (Cross-listed as EDEP 606 and SW 656)

PSY 615 Nonparametric Methods for Behavioral Sciences (3) Conditions for valid applications of nonparametric statistical techniques; theoretical and methodological perspectives. Pre: 610, EDEP 601 or SW 651, or consent. (Cross-listed as EDEP 607 and SW 657)

PSY 616 Measurement and Evaluation (3) Theory of measurement and evaluation; analysis of experimental and standardized tests and scales. Pre: 412, EDEP 416, or SW 651, or consent. (Cross-listed as EDEP 616 and SW 658)

PSY 617 Scaling: Measurement of Attitude and Perception (3) Theory and methods of major unidimensional and multidimensional scaling techniques. Examples from education, sociology, and psychology. Pre: 616, EDEP 416, or EDEP 429 or consent. (Cross-listed as EDEP 626)

PSY 719 Research in Psychometrics (3) Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable. Pre: consent.


PSY 220 Introduction to Behavioral Psychology (3) Outline of basic learning principles. A general, unified approach to study of human personality and behavior. Based upon a learning conception; various areas of psychology and the other social sciences are treated. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 321 Experimental Psychology (3) Original experiments; laboratory techniques. Control of variables, apparatus design, statistics in research. Pre: 100, either 210 or SOCS 225; and 311. DS

PSY 322 Learning and Motivation (3) Theoretical interpretations; survey of major theorists and contemporary controversial issues; major influences in classical and instrumental conditioning. Pre: 100. Recommended: 220. DS

PSY 323 Animal Psychology (3) Biological, ecological, social, and learned bases of animal behavior based on laboratory and field investigations. Pre: 100. Recommended: 311.

PSY 324 Psychology of Emotion (3) Survey of traditional views and leading theories, and research in related topics. Pre: 100. Recommended: 220 or 322. DS

PSY 325 Cognitive Psychology (3) Mental processes of humans and other organisms. Survey of major theories and findings in cognitive psychology. Pre: 100 or consent. DS

PSY 429 Experimental Psychology: Advanced Topics (3) Coverage in-depth of some area of theory and research. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 621 Behavioral Psychology (3) Basic learning theory; concepts for the comprehensive study of human behavior. Issues in behavioral psychology and potential research problems in various areas of human behavior. Pre: 220 or consent.

PSY 622 Animal Learning (3) Principal findings and major theories in animal learning. Detailed consideration of the contemporary literature.

PSY 625 Knowledge and Wisdom (3) Topics in the psychology of mind from Western and/or Asian perspectives. Repeatable in different topics. Pre: consent.

PSY 626 Cognitive Psychology (3) In-depth survey of the computational and representational structures and processes of cognition. Special attention devoted to consideration of the relationship between brain, mind, and computation. Pre: 325 or consent.

PSY 627 Learning, Language, and Cognition (3) Theory, research, and method in study of language acquisition; the function of language in intellectual activities; application to cognitive behavior modification.

PSY 721 Seminar in Experimental Psychology (3)

PSY 722 Seminar in Learning (3)

PSY 726 Seminar in Cognitive Science (3) Topics on the conceptual and biological bases of mind. Emphasis on representation, modeling, and connectionism. Topics vary from semester to semester. Repeatable in different topics. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

PSY 729 Research in Experimental Psychology (3) Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable.


PSY 230 Introduction to Psychobiology (3) Survey of study of behavior from a natural sciences viewpoint. Evolution, ethological analysis of behavior genetics, neural mechanisms, drugs and behavior, biological development. Pre: 100. DB

PSY 331 Behavioral Neuroscience (3) Coverage of the neural, developmental and mechanistic bases of learning, memory and cognition, motivated and regulatory behavior and mental disorders. A-F only. Pre: 100 and 230. DB

PSY 332 Sensory Processes (3) Major determinants of sensory experience: vision, audition, taste, smell, touch, pain, psychophysical methods. Pre: 100. Recommended: 230. DB

PSY 439 Psychobiology: Advanced Topics (3) Coverage in-depth of some area of theory and research in psychobiology, physiological psychology, or sensory processes. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DB

PSY 631 Comparative Psychology (3) Comparative study of natural behavior, learned behavior, sensory processes, social behavior in animals.

PSY 632 Selected Topics in Comparative Psychology (3) Intensive review of comparative, communicative, sensory, or learning mechanisms in animals. Pre: 631.

PSY 633 Behavioral Processes of Marine Mammals (3) Sensory, learning, and social processes. Pre: 631.

PSY 634 Physiological Psychology (3) Relation of central and peripheral nervous systems to behavior.

PSY 731 Seminar in Physiological Psychology (3)

PSY 732 Seminar in Comparative Psychology (3)

PSY 733 Seminar in Perception (3)

PSY 739 Research in Psychology (3) Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable.


PSY 240 Developmental Psychology (3) Emotional, mental, physical, social development from infancy to adulthood; interests and abilities at different age levels. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 341 Social Development of Children (3) Survey of socialization process and acquisition of social behavior. Pre: 100 and 240. DS

PSY 342 Adult Development and Aging (3) Overview from a multidisciplinary, life-span perspective. Includes research techniques, personality development, family relationships, occupational attainment, death. Pre: 100. Recommended: 240. DS

PSY 442 The Exceptional Child (3) Evaluation of physical, emotional, and intellectual deviations; effects on growth and development of children. Pre: 100. Recommended: 240. DS

PSY 449 Development Psychology: Advanced Topics (3) Coverage in-depth of some area of theory and research. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 640 Developmental Foundations (3) Historical, theoretical, and methodological foundations of developmental psychology.

PSY 641 Developmental Phenomena (3) Graduate-level introduction to the analysis of biological, cognitive, and social development. Pre: 640.

PSY 642 Cognitive Development (3) Familiarizes students with current research and theory in cognitive development through readings of original journal articles and monographs. Repeatable one time. Pre: 640 (or concurrent) or consent.

PSY 741 Seminar in Developmental Psychology (3)

PSY 749 Research in Developmental Psychology (3) Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable.


PSY 250 Social Psychology (3) Cognitive, behavioral, and emotional effects of people: interpersonal relations, attribution, attitudes, group behavior, stereotypes, social roles, aggression, helping, self-concept; applications. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 351 Cross-Cultural Psychology (3) Psychological theories and cultural systems; understanding of own and other cultures; psychological and cultural perception of social motivation; cultural similarities and differences in interpersonal relations. Pre: 100. Recommended: 311. DS

PSY 352 Psychology of Human Sexuality (3) Psychosocial aspects of human sexual relationships. Social psychology of emotional and physiological arousal, interpersonal attraction, and societal regulation of intimate relationships. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 459 Social Psychology: Advanced Topics (3) Coverage in-depth of some area of theory and research. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 650 Social Psychology (3) Theories and research in social cognition and behavior. Pre: 250.

PSY 653 Cross-Cultural Psychology (3) Application of psychological theories to cross-cultural phenomena; assessment of cross-cultural processes and social motivations; culture and personality; research evaluation and design.

PSY 654 Psychology and Social Issues (3) Conflict, dissent, community issues, problems; social change and its relation to mental disorder.

PSY 655 Applied Social Psychology (3) Problems in use of social psychology principles in human affairs; multidisciplinary considerations.

PSY 751 Seminar in Social Psychology (3)

PSY 759 Research in Social Psychology (3) Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable.


PSY 260 Psychology of Personality (3) Scientific study of personality, its meaning, assessment, development, relation to cultural-social determinants. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 361 Transpersonal Psychology (3) Psychological study of transpersonal human capacities, potentialities, awareness, and growth. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 469 Personality: Advanced Topics (3) Coverage in-depth of some area of theory and research in personality or transpersonal psychology. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 660 Personality Theory and Research (3) Methods of measurement, antecedents, structure, dynamics, situational determinants of individual reactions. Evaluation of theories and related research. Pre: 260.

PSY 761 Seminar in Personality (3)

PSY 764 Seminar in Humanistic Psychology (3)

PSY 769 Research in Personality (3) Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable.


PSY 170 Personal Development (3) The application of psychology to the understanding, management, and enhancement of one’s life. DS

PSY 170A Psychology of Adjustment (3) Understanding, evaluating, and improving adjustment. Ideas and techniques concerning behavior change and personal growth. A-F only.

PSY 270 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3) History, theories, types of psychological problems, methods of assessment, forms of intervention, current developments. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 371 Abnormal Psychology (3) Nature and causes of psychoses; abnormalities of intelligence; psychotherapy. Pre: 100. Recommended: 270. DS

PSY 472 The Personal Journal (3) Use and analysis of the personal journal for self-insight and growth. Pre: 18 credit hours in psychology, previous experience with a journal, and consent. DS

PSY 476 Health Psychology (3) Psychological principles for understanding and dealing with wellness and illness. Theories and research on stress-related disorders; prevention of stress through lifestyle and healthy behaviors. Pre: 100 or consent. Recommended: 220 or 322. DS

PSY 477 The Helping Relationship (3) Theory and application of personal and interpersonal elements affecting communication of human-service professionals. Supervised practice, video lab. Pre: one of 151, 251 or 301 and PSY 100. (Cross-listed as SP 490) DS

PSY 478 Teaching Personal Development (6) Supervised experience in leading a seminar in personal development. Pre: 170 and 12 additional credits in PSY and written consent.

PSY 479 Advanced Topics in Adjustment/Treatment/Prevention (3) Coverage in-depth of some area of theory and research. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 670 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3) Preparation for being a clinical psychologist; assessment, research, teaching, treatment, scientific and professional ethics, standards, and communication. Pre: consent.

PSY 671 Introduction to Assessment I (3) Psychometric theory; principles and methods of intellectual, cognitive, and neuropsycho-logical assessment. Pre: 670 or consent.

PSY 672 Introduction to Assessment II (3) Principles and methods of behavioral assessment. Pre: 670 or consent.

PSY 674 Child Psychology and Treatment (3) Disturbances in the development of child behavior and techniques for amelioration. Professional ethics and standards. Pre: 670 and 671.

PSY 675 Adult Treatment (3) Methods of treating adult behavior disorders. Pre: 670 (or concurrent) and 671, or consent.

PSY 677 Practicum in Treatment: Children (3) Supervised experience in analyzing and developing methods for therapeutic change. Repeatable. Pre: consent.

PSY 678 Practicum in Treatment: Adults (3) Supervised experience in analyzing and developing methods for therapeutic change. Repeatable. Pre: consent.

PSY 679 Practicum in Clinical Psychology (V) Repeatable. Pre: consent.

PSY 771 Theory and Practice of Family Therapy (3) Emphasis on application of systems theory. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

PSY 773 Seminar in Psychopathology (3)

PSY 774 Seminar in Clinical Psychology (3)

PSY 775 Seminar in Psychological Therapies (3)

PSY 776 Health Psychology: Behavioral and Biological Bases (3) Psychological and biological bases of health psychology and behavioral medicine. Overview of cognitive, behavioral, and psychophysiological mechanisms; theories and methods of prevention in physical disease. Pre: 670 or consent.

PSY 778 Internship in Clinical Psychology (1) Pre: consent of instructor and department chair.

PSY 779 Research in Clinical Psychology (3) Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable. Pre: consent.


PSY 280 Introduction to Community Psychology (3) Examination of human functioning in social and ecological context. Topics include stress, health, intergroup relations, culture, ethnicity, social competence, and community empowerment. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 385 Consumer Behavior (3) Analysis of consumer behavior and motivation; principles of learning, personality, perception, and group influence, with emphasis upon mass communication effects. Pre: BUS 312 or consent. (Cross-listed as MKT 311) DS

PSY 480 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3) Issues in the application of psychological principles in work settings; employee selection, training performance appraisal, worker motivation and satisfaction, leadership, organization theory. Pre: 100. Recommended: 311. DS

PSY 481 Environmental Psychology (3) Psychological aspects of problems of ecology, environment, and the future. Pre: 100. Recommended: 311 or ARCH 202. DS

PSY 489 Applied Psychology: Advanced Topics (3) Coverage in-depth of some areas of theory and research. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Pre: 100. DS

PSY 680 Introduction to Community Psychology (3) Review of history, theoretical perspectives, prevention, intervention, methodology, professional issues, and future directions.

PSY 681 Seminar in Organizational Change (3) Concepts of organizations, organizational development and decline, institutional climate, commitment, leadership, structure, governance, the consultation process, strategies/techniques for promoting institutional change and enhancing effectiveness. Pre: consent.

PSY 682 Practicum: Behavioral Change and Community (3) Supervised experience in educational, mental health, correctional, consulting, or community action agencies. Pre: consent.

PSY 781 Community Psychology Seminar (3)

PSY 789 Community Psychology Research (3) Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable.


PSY 499 Directed Reading or Research (V) Repeatable. Pre: 100 and consent of instructor and department chair.

PSY 699 Directed Reading or Research (V) Pre: consent.