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Russian (RUS)

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

All courses are conducted in Russian except 107 and 108.

RUS 101 Elementary Russian (3) Conversation, reading, writing, grammar. HSL

RUS 102 Elementary Russian (3) Continuation of 101. Pre: 101 or consent. HSL

RUS 107 Reading Scientific Russian (3) Intensive course for reading scientific literature. Basic Russian grammar; reading and translating. For science majors.

RUS 108 Reading Scientific Russian (3) Continuation of 107. Pre: 107.

RUS 201 Intermediate Russian (3) Reading, conversation, grammar, composition. Pre: 102 or consent. HSL

RUS 202 Intermediate Russian (4) Continuation of 201. Pre: 201 or consent. HSL

RUS 209 Russian Phonetics (3) Basic theory of Russian sound system; practice in pronunciation, intonation, and fluency. Pre: 102. May be concurrent with 201.

RUS 260 Intensive Intermediate Russian Abroad (V) Intensive course of formal instruction on the second-year level in Russian language and culture in Russia. Pre: 102. HSL

RUS 303 Advanced Russian (3) Systematic practice for control of spoken and written Russian, vocabulary building, fluency in various subjects, accuracy in sentence structure, phrasing stylistic appropriateness. Pre: 202

RUS 304 Advanced Russian (3) Continuation of 303.

RUS 306 Russian Structure (3) Advanced grammar; complexities of standard contemporary Russian; word formation and verb system. Pre: 202 or consent.

RUS 311 Readings in Russian Civilization and Literature (3) Mid-level readings in Russian civilization and literature of edited and adapted texts. Pre: 202. DL

RUS 312 Readings in Russian Civilization and Literature (3) Continuation of 311. Pre: 311. DL

RUS 360 Intensive Third-Level Russian Abroad (V) Intensive course of formal instruction on the third-year level in Russian language and culture in Russia. Pre: 202 or 260.

RUS 403 Advanced Conversation and Composition (3) Systematic practice on selected topics; vocabulary building and development of fluency; writing short reports, narratives. Pre: 304 or consent.

RUS 404 Advanced Conversation and Composition (3) Continuation of 403. Pre: 403.

RUS 418 Advanced Reading and Translation: Modern Prose (3) Readings in various fields, emphasizing idiomatic usage. Pre: 312 or consent.

RUS 419 Advanced Reading of Russian Press (3) Materials from Soviet/Russian newspapers and magazines. Pre: 311 or consent.

RUS 431 Russian Folklore (3) Selected Russian folk narratives, bylinas, songs, and proverbs. Influence of folklore on major Russian authors. Pre: 312 or consent. DL

RUS 441 Russian Short Story (3) Origin and development (19th and 20th century); the major writers. Pre: three years of Russian or consent. DL

RUS 442 Russian Novel (3) Origin and development from 18th century to present. Pre: three years of Russian language or consent. DL

RUS 451 Topics in 19th- and 20th-Century Russian Literature (3) Focus upon the selected writings of one major Russian writer of the 19th century (e.g., Pushkin, Gogol, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, or Tolstoy) or 20th century (e.g., Bely, Blok, Bulgakov, Chekhov, Pasternak, Sholokhov, or Solzhenitsyn). Repeatable. Pre: 312, LLEA 351, or consent. DL

RUS 452 Topics in 19th- and 20th-Century Russian Literature (3) Continuation of 451. Pre: 312, LLEA 352, or consent. DL

RUS 460 Intensive Fourth-Level Russian Abroad (V) Intensive advanced courses of formal instruction on the fourth-year level in Russian language and culture in Russia. Pre: 360 or equivalent.

RUS 495 Seminar (3) Literary or linguistic topics, movements, genres, or their representatives. Repeatable. Pre: consent of chair.

RUS 615 Russian Poetry (3) Classical and contemporary Russian poets.

RUS 617 Russian Drama (3) Representative plays of 18th, 19th, and 20th century.

RUS 618 Comparative Grammar: Russian and English (3) Selected problems in modern Russian compared with English.

RUS 619 Advanced Russian Morphology and Syntax (3) In-depth analysis of special topics of grammar and syntactical categories. Topics may include complex sentences, lexical-syntactical categories, idiomatic expressions, etc. Pre: 306.

RUS 621 Old Church Slavonic Grammar and Texts (3) Phonemics, morphophonemics, declension, conjugation, and syntax; readings in selected texts written before 1100; some consideration of common Slavic. Pre: graduate standing.

RUS 622 Historical Grammar of Old Russian Language (3) Old Russian phonology, morphemics, syntax, and lexicology in contrast with modern Russian; some comparison with contemporary Ukrainian and Byelorussian, etc. Readings and linguistic analysis of medieval Russian literary texts. Pre: 621.

RUS 641 Old Russian Literature (3) Origins and development of literary trends and genres—chronicles, historical tales, lives—10th–17th century. Pre: graduate standing.

RUS 642 18th-Century Russian Literature (3) Authors and their works; development of the main genres; West European trends and cultural influences. Pre: 641.

RUS 650 Historical Development of Russian Literary Style (3) Role of the oral tradition, old church Slavonic, vernacular elements, and Western borrowings; influence of Lomonosov, Pushkin, Tolstoy, etc. Pre: 622 or 641.

RUS 699 Directed Reading (V) Pre: consent of department chair.

RUS 735 Seminar in Russian Language or Literature (3) Literary or linguistic topics, movements, genres, or their representatives. Repeatable. Pre: consent.