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Samoan (SAM)

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

SAM 101 Elementary Samoan (4) Listening, speaking, reading, writing skills. Structural points introduced inductively. History and culture. Meets four hours weekly; daily lab work. HSL

SAM 102 Elementary Samoan (4) Continuation of 101. HSL

SAM 107 Elementary Samoan for Professionals (4) Development of listening, reading, writing, and other communication skills for nursing and social work students. Culture and history integrated with language study. HSL

SAM 108 Elementary Samoan for Professionals (4) Continuation of 107. HSL

SAM 201 Intermediate Samoan (4) Continuation of 102. Meets four hours weekly, three of four hours devoted to drill and practice. Daily lab work. Pre: 102. HSL

SAM 202 Intermediate Samoan (4) Continuation of 201. HSL

SAM 208 Special Samoan: Reading and Writing (3) For partially bilingual students whose aural-oral skills in Samoan were acquired informally. Emphasis on reading, writing, and grammar through 202 level.

SAM 227 Overview of Samoan Literature in English (3) Survey of major writers of Samoan literature in English; lectures, discussions, short paper. DL

SAM 301 Third-Level Samoan (3) Continuation of 202. Conversation, advanced reading, and composition. Meets three times weekly; additional lab work. Pre: 202.

SAM 302 Third-Level Samoan (3) Continuation of 301.

SAM 321 Samoan Conversation: Traditional Contexts (3) Systematic practice on various topics for control of spoken Samoan in traditional contexts. Pre: 202 or equivalent; or consent.

SAM 322 Samoan Conversation: Contemporary Contexts (3) Systematic practice on various topics for control of spoken Samoan in modern contexts. Pre: SAM 202 or equivalent; or consent.

SAM 421 Samoan Ceremonial Speech (3) Development of oratory skills in Samoan ceremonial speech. Emphasis on institutionalized applications such as the kava ceremony and formal speechmaking. Pre: 402.

SAM 422 Samoan Ceremonial Speech (3) Continuation of 421.

SAM 431 Samoan Oral Traditions (3) Historical survey and analysis of the oral traditions and genealogies of Samoa with special emphasis on the relationship of these traditions with Samoan ceremonial speech. Pre: 302. DL

SAM 432 Samoan Oral Traditions II (3) Continuation of 431. Pre: 431 or consent. DL

SAM 452 Structure of Samoan (3) Study of modern Samoan grammar including some sociolinguistic background. Pre: 202 or LING 102, or consent.

SAM 461 Traditional Samoan Literature (3) A survey of the major genres of traditional Samoan literature. Taught in the Samoan language. Pre: 302 or consent. DL