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Vietnamese (VIET)

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

VIET 101 Elementary Vietnamese (4) Listening, speaking, reading, writing. Structural points introduced inductively. Meets one hour daily, Monday–Friday; four out of five hours devoted to directed drill and practice; daily lab work. HSL

VIET 102 Elementary Vietnamese (4) Continuation of 101. HSL

VIET 112 Intensive Elementary Vietnamese (10) HSL

VIET 201 Intermediate Vietnamese (4) Continuation of 102. After completion, most students should be able to use all major sentence patterns to produce sounds, combinations of sounds, tones, and intonation and have some understanding of Vietnamese culture. Meets one hour daily, Monday–Friday; daily lab work. Pre: 102 or equivalent. HSL

VIET 202 Intermediate Vietnamese (4) Continuation of 201. HSL

VIET 212 Intensive Intermediate Vietnamese (10) HSL

VIET 301 Third-Level Vietnamese (3) Continuation of 202. Emphasis on increased proficiency and cultural understanding through interaction with Vietnamese media, including newspapers, radio, film, etc. Pre: 202 or equivalent.

VIET 302 Third-Level Vietnamese (3) Continuation of 301.

VIET 303 Intensive Third-Level Vietnamese (6)

VIET 369E Study Abroad: Vietnam (3)

VIET 401 Fourth-Level Vietnamese (3) Continuation of 302. Emphasis on cultural understanding through modern literary Vietnamese. Pre: 302 or equivalent.

VIET 402 Fourth-Level Vietnamese (3) Continuation of 401.

VIET 404 Intensive Fourth-Level Vietnamese (6)

VIET 433 Selected Readings in Vietnamese (3) Readings in disciplines selected for student interest and staff availability. Repeatable. Pre: 402 or consent. DL

VIET 434 Selected Readings in Vietnamese (3) Continuation of 433. DL

VIET 461 Introduction to Vietnamese Literature (3) Selected readings in major genres; emphasis on analysis. Modern literature. Pre: 402 or consent. DL

VIET 462 Introduction to Vietnamese Literature (3) Selected readings in major genres; emphasis on analysis. Traditional literature; introduction to demotic script. Pre: 402 or consent. DL

VIET 699 Directed Reading/Research (V) Repeatable. Pre: consent.