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School of Architecture


Architecture 201
2410 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-7225
Fax: (808) 956-7778

Dean: W. H. Raymond Yeh
Associate Dean: Joyce M. Noe


*Graduate Faculty

*W. H. R. Yeh, MArch (Dean)—architectural and urban design
*J. M. Noe, MDes (Associate Dean, Professional Practice Director)—design, professional practice
*A. Anderson, MArch—design, history/theory, urban studies
K. Ashraf, PhD—design, history and theory
*B. J. Baker, DipArch—design, construction management
*F. L. Creager, BArch—design, construction materials and technology
F. Hassenwert, DipArch—design
*S. A. Leineweber, BArch, MA—design, history of architecture, historic preservation
*L. K. F. Liu, MFA—design, graphics, vernacular architecture
*S. Meder, ArchD—design, environmental systems
*P. Miao, PhD—architectural/urban design, Chinese architecture
*J. M. Noe, MDesS—design, professional practice
*J. H. Park, PhD—design, computers
D. Rockwood, MArch—design, structural technology
M. S. Sarvimaki, PhD—design, history of architecture
*J. Sidener, PhD—urban design, graphics

Affiliate Faculty

J. A. Dator, PhD—political science
K. E. Kim, PhD—planning
R. Y. Kwok, PhD—planning
L. Minerbi, MCD—planning
J.P. Suyderhoud, PhD—business
J.R. Wills, PhD—business

Adjunct Faculty

K. F. Brown, BA—professional practice
W. W. C. Chong, BArch—professional practice
D. Chun, MArch—professional practice
G. Clement, MArch—professional practice
J. P. Cramer, BS—professional practice
F. Crowell, MArch—professional practice
J. G. Farrell, BArch—professional practice
J. J. Ferrara, BFA—professional practice
R. A. Fielden, ArchD—professional practice
D. Goo, BArch—professional practice
R. Green, BArch—professional practice
R. P. Gronowsky, MSArch—professional practice
F. S. Haines, MArch—professional practice
N. R. Hale, BArch—professional practice
J. X. Ho, MArch—professional practice
R. Hobbs, MS—professional practice
S. S. Huh, MArch—professional practice
J. Jonassen, MArch—professional practice
L.T. May, BLA—professional practice
K. Mitchell, BArch—professional practice
D. Mitsunaga, ArchD—professional practice
F. S. Oda, ArchD—professional practice
M. T. Okada, BArch—professional practice
T. Okamoto, MArch—professional practice
V. Olgyay, MArch—professional practice
P. Onishi, BArch—professional practice
K. S. Park, MArch—professional practice
D. Parker, DipArch—professional practice
C. S. Sakata, ArchD—professional practice
J. Sheehy, MArch—professional practice
H. T. Shen, BS—professional practice
W. C. Steward, MS—professional practice
B.T. Takahashi, MArch—professional practice
C. M. Torigoe, BArch—professional practice
B. E. Uyehara, MArch—professional practice
E. Watanabe, BArch—professional practice
J. R. White, MArch—professional practice
D. W. Winey, BArch—professional practice
C. S. Won, BArch—professional practice
K. K. M. Yeang, PhD—professional practice