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Colleges of Arts and Sciences

Second or Multiple Majors and Minors

Arts and Sciences students are encouraged to consider applying for a second major or a minor or a combination of both. Pursuing additional academic fields of study in the form of a second major, or with the addition of a minor, can benefit students in several ways, including the opportunity to discover relationships across disciplines, develop diverse perspectives, strengthen one’s appreciation for the acquisition of knowledge in more than one academic field and enhance one’s ability to problem-solve and communicate in a variety of settings. Applicants for multiple majors/minors need to:

  • be enrolled as classified arts and sciences students,
  • be in good academic standing,
  • be seeking majors under one degree program (i.e., BA/psychology and speech, or BS/physics and mathematics),
  • be able to complete degree requirements within the maximum total credits as specified by the UH’s excess credit policy (see “Undergraduate Education”),
  • submit a statement with the application that describes the reason for adding the second major and the educational benefits expected from the addition,
  • submit an academic plan that identifies the sequence of courses needed for graduation,
  • keep in mind that no Diversification course may be used to satisfy more than one requirement (General Education Core, college, major and minor requirements).

The Colleges offer minors in over 29 disciplines. Most minors require a minimum of 15 credits of non-introductory and upper division level course work, completed with a grade of C (not C-) or better.

Academic advisers are available to discuss with students the way that a second major or minor can complement the first major and to help students formulate an academic plan so that adding a second major or a minor does not delay graduation unnecessarily.

Post-baccalaureate candidates who wish to pursue a second major rather than a complete second baccalaureate degree should pursue their academic major as an unclassified post-baccalaureate candidate. Upon completion of the second major, the candidate may apply at the major department for a second major.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

Priority for admission into any arts and sciences baccalaureate program is given to students seeking their first undergraduate degree. The due date for second undergraduate degree applications is approximately six weeks before the Admissions and Records deadline. Fall applications must be received by Admissions and Records no later than April 15th, and spring applications must be received no later than September 15th. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Complete applications contain all the materials required by Admissions and Records in addition to the following:

  1. A typewritten or computer printed, signed statement explaining how the second degree will help the applicant attain their personal, academic and professional goals.
  2. Following review by Arts and Sciences, applicants will be informed of their remaining general education requirements and referred to the major departments in order to complete an academic plan demonstrating concrete knowledge of the second degree program for which they are applying.

Applicants will be given a deadline to submit the academic plan in order to continue the admissions process.

Applications for a second baccalaureate degree will be considered only if there is a demonstrable difference in curricula and objectives between the two degrees and majors and if the applicant has a superior grade point average and shows strong promise of success in the proposed second degree. Second degree students must earn a minimum of 30 credits in arts and sciences subjects at UH Manoa while continuously enrolled in the colleges, and satisfy all degree requirements current at the time of official admission into the program. For more information, see the “Second Bachelor’s Degree” section of this Catalog.

The colleges may approve concurrent multiple baccalaureate degrees for exceptional students. Students should speak with an adviser in the Arts and Sciences Student Academic Services Office for information.