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Management and Industrial Relations

Department of Management and Industrial Relations
BusAd C-301
2404 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822

Tel: (808) 956-8485
Fax: (808) 956-2774
Web: www.cba.hawaii.edu


*Graduate Faculty

*E. Bailey, EdD—human resources management, organizational behavior
*D. Bangert, PhD—strategy, management
*D. H. Bess, PhD—organizational behavior, transportation
*D. Bhawuk, PhD—organizational behavior, international management
*R. Brislin, PhD—international management, intercultural communications
*R. H. Doktor, PhD—international business, organizational behavior, strategy
H. Folk, PhD—human resources management, international business, industrial relations
*K. Ito, PhD—international business, management and human resource management
M. Rhee—organization theory, entrepreneurship
*J. Richardson, PhD—strategy, international business
*R. Robinson, PhD—angel investing, entrepreneurship and negotiations

Degrees Offered: BBA in human resources management, BBA in international business, BBA in management, Master of Human Resource Management

The Academic Program

The Department of Management and Industrial Relations teaches courses in the following areas: international management, comparative management, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, human resources management (HRM), and industrial relations (IR). The department offers majors in human resources management, international business, and management (MGT).

Undergraduate Study

BBA in Human Resources Management


  • HRM 351
  • IR 361
  • Three elective courses from
    HRM 353, 354, 453, 455
    IR 463, 465, 467, 469
    MGT 341, 344, 350

BBA in International Business (Double major only)


  • FIN 321
  • MKT 381
  • MGT 343
  • Two elective courses from
    ANTH 416
    ASAN 312, 320
    BUS 477
    BLAW 360
    ECON 405, 410, 415, 460
    FIN 331, 360 (with international focus), 389, 390C, 444, 470
    IR 469
    MGT 342, 344 (with international focus), 350 (with international focus), 460
    MKT 361 (with international focus) or 411C
    POLS 306, 315, 316
    TIM 324, 325, 361, 421
    TIM 442
  • Third-year foreign language
  • Integrative, international experience

BBA in Management

The Multitrack Management Major includes the following tracks:

  1. Operational Effectiveness (HRM 351, 354; MGT 321, 322, MGT elective)
  2. Organizational Leadership ((HRM 353, 354; MGT 341, 344, MGT elective)
  3. Small Business Management (HRM 353;MGT 320, 321, 344; MKT 321)
  4. Flexible/Custom Designed Track - students may design their management major with a faculty member based on their interests and career choices

MGT Courses