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Department of Marketing
BusAd C-303
2404 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-6692
Fax: (808) 956-9886
E-mail: mktg@cba.hawaii.edu
Web: www.cba.hawaii.edu/mkt


*Graduate Faculty

*D. L. Alden, PhD— marketing communications, healthcare marketing, cross-cultural consumer behavior
*Q. Chen, PhD—e-commerce, online consumer behavior, advertising effectiveness
*A. P. Palia, DBA—international business
* M. Rosenbaum, PhD— marketing services and retailing
*N. E. Synodinos, PhD—consumer behavior, marketing research
*J. R. Wills Jr., DBA—international marketing, technology marketing, marketing strategy

Degrees Offered: BBA in marketing

The Academic Program

Marketing (MKT) involves studying the ways that organizations create and maintain mutually satisfying exchanges between themselves and their customers. Marketing course work helps students learn how to effectively and efficiently manage components of the marketing mix: product, distribution, communications, and price.

Marketing offers courses in marketing research, marketing information systems, consumer behavior, personal selling, advertising and promotion, entrepreneurial marketing, retailing, and multinational operations. After completing the marketing major, the student should possess knowledge that is applicable to a wide range of professional careers. These careers include advertising account executive, marketing manager, sales manager, and marketing research manager.

Undergraduate Study

BBA in Marketing


  • MKT 311, 321, and 391
  • Two elective courses from MKT 331, 332, 341, 351, 352, 361, 362, 363, 372, 381, 410, 411

MKT Courses