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College of Education

General Information

The College of Education is an upper division college and graduate professional school that prepares teachers, administrators, school counselors, and other education personnel; provides professional development for teachers and other educational and related professionals; provides information for understanding educational issues to school and community groups; and conducts basic and applied research concerning issues in education. The college is the only institution in the state to hold national accreditation. In the fall of 2001, it was awarded full accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

The college is one of 19 institutions nationally that has formally established a working school and university partnership as members of the National Network for Educational Renewal. As such, the college is a leader in the nation in the development of field-based programs that effectively link educational theory to practice in the schools. Both students and faculty spend considerable time in schools, sharing their insights and expertise, while simultaneously learning from school professionals who have the day to day responsibility of educating children and young people.

The college is committed to integrating technology in its educational programs to ensure that Hawai‘i’s educators are prepared to use technology to enhance instruction and learning, to ensuring that all educators are prepared to work with diverse populations of students including those with special needs, and finally, to fostering the skills and abilities of graduates to assume leadership roles in education in service to the state and region.

Graduates of the bachelor of education (BEd) program are recommended by the College of Education for teaching licensure by the State of Hawai‘i, in elementary or secondary education. The BEd in elementary education provides optional additional areas of preparation: early childhood education, Hawaiian education, and special education. State approved teacher education programs in elementary or secondary education for post-baccalaureate students are also offered. Graduates of the master of education in teaching (MEdT), master of education (MEd) degrees in curriculum studies, early childhood education, or special education programs are recommended by the College of Education for professional certification by the State of Hawai‘i. Practicing teachers may also seek professional certification through the Professional Diploma in Education (PDE) or the master of education degree in educational foundation or the master of education degree in educational psychology (emphasis in learning and assessment).

The college offers teacher education and advanced professional development programs for all of the state’s neighbor islands. This includes prepucation, and special education on a continuous basis. Many courses offered through outreach programs include interactive video, internet, and hybrid format courses. Most outreach programs operate in a cohort system, meaning that students enroll as a group (cohort) and remain in the program together until completion. For information on outreach programs, contact individual programs and departments.

Vision and Mission


“The College of Education consists of educators who provide innovative and cutting-edge research and teaching in an effort to further the field of education and prepare educators to contribute to a just and democratic society.”


The mission of the College is to work as a diverse and democratic community to

  • prepare new educators and provide ongoing professional development in education.
  • increase the knowledge base in education and related fields through the production and application of research related to teaching, learning, and assessment.
  • serve as partners and leaders for excellence in education.


The College of Education is committed to preparing education professionals who are knowledgeable, effective, and caring, and who demonstrate those core values through their (k)nowledge, (s)kills, and (d)ispositions in the following ways:


  • (K) Demonstrating academic and professional knowledge of content, pedagogy, assessment, educational research, human development, and diversity.
  • (S) Integrating theory, research, and practice; demonstrating culturally responsive techniques; using contextually appropriate strategies.
  • (D) Reflecting on practice, performance and ethics; seeking and integrating professional feedback; upholding the Hawaiian values of ‘imi ‘ike (to seek knowledge), ‘imi na‘auao (to seek enlightenment), and ho‘ike (demonstrate, perform).


  • (K) Applying knowledge and understanding of human development, learning, diversity, and the value of inquiry, communication, and collaboration; understanding what constitutes an “effective” educator.
  • (S) Assessing and responding appropriately to complex and changing circumstances in education settings; striving to emulate the attributes of educators that have been deemed “effective.”
  • (D) Being open to working collaboratively and professionally with colleagues, families, and community members; upholding the Hawaiian values of kupono (honesty, reliability, excellence), kuleana (responsibility), and laulima (cooperation, joint action).


  • (K) Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of mental, social, emotional, and physical needs of learners; understanding of self-esteem, self-efficacy, locus of control, and motivation.
  • (S) Creating safe and equitable learning environments; incorporating multiple perspectives.
  • (D) Respecting diversity and honoring the democratic process; upholding the Hawaiian values of aloha (love), mâlama (caring), lokahi (unity, agreement, harmony), and ho‘ihi (respect).


The College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) at the initial teacher preparation and advanced preparation levels. It is also accredited by the State of Hawai‘i under the State Approval of Teacher Education (SATE) process. SATE approval qualifies education graduates for reciprocal teaching licensure and certification in at least 40 other states and the District of Columbia. In practice, education graduates qualify for certification in all states.

Degrees and Certificates

Bachelor’s Degrees: BEd in elementary education, BEd in secondary education, BS in health, exercise science and lifestyle management, and physical education. Post-baccalaureate students who choose an elementary education major will enroll for a second baccalaureate degree (BEd).

Master’s Degrees: MEd in counseling and guidance, MEd in curriculum studies, MEd in early childhood education, MEd in educational administration, MEd in educational foundations, MEd in educational psychology, MEd in educational technology, MEd in special education, MEdT in teaching, and an MS degree in kinesiology and leisure science in athletic training (entry-level or post-certification); and physical education/adapted physical education.

Doctoral Degrees: PhD in Education (with specialization in curriculum and instruction, educational administration, educational foundations, educational policy studies or exceptionalities), PhD in educational psychology

Certificates: PBCSE (post-baccalaureate certificate in secondary education), PBCSPED (post-baccalaureate certificate in special education), and PDE (professional diploma in education)

Certifications: school counseling, rehabilitation counseling; dual teacher preparation in elementary/special education, secondary/special education, and elementary education/early childhood


BEd, Dual Teacher Preparation in Elementary/Special Education, Secondary/Special Education, and Early Childhood/Elementary Education, BS, Post-baccalaureate Certificate and the Professional Diploma in Education

Office of Student Academic Services
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E-mail: osas@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/coe/departments/OSAS

BS in Kinesiology and Leisure Science

Department of KLS
Physical Education/Athletics 231
1337 Lower Campus Road
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Tel: (808) 956-7606
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Graduate Degrees

Contact the departmental offices of graduate fields of study in the College of Education.