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Undergraduate Programs

The college offers the bachelor of education (BEd) degree in elementary education (with early childhood, Hawaiian education, and special education options available) and in secondary education (with a Hawaiian Education and special education option available) and the bachelor of science (BS) degree in kinesiology and leisure science. Specific degree requirements for these undergraduate programs, including copies of the General Education Core requirements specified for education majors, are available in the Office of Student Academic Services, Wist Annex 2-126. For program requirements for the BEd, see the Institute for Teacher Education section of the Catalog. For program requirements for the BS in KLS, see the kinesiology and leisure science section of the Catalog. Programs are offered State-wide, as well as at UH Manoa.

Admission Requirements

Students applying for admission to the bachelor of education program must have achieved upper division status by completing a minimum of 55 credit hours from an accredited college. BS majors in KLS follow specific General Education Core requirements listed on their program sheet. Students must also meet the following criteria:

  1. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 for all postsecondary institutions attended.
  2. For secondary education majors, GPA of 2.75 additionally in the content major.
  3. Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST/C-PPST): minimal state passing scores in reading, writing, and mathematics subtests.
  4. Personal interview to assess fluency and intelligibility in oral communication, prior related field experiences, interest and motivation in the field, and suitability to the profession.
  5. Completion of pre-education core requirements (i.e., General Education Core requirements specified for education majors). Effective Fall 1994, applicants who have completed an articulated AA degree from a UH Community College are considered to have met the COE Pre-Ed core with possible exceptions (see an academic adviser).
  6. Documented current active involvement with school-age children at the grade level of most interest in future teaching. Preferably, students will have had a variety of field experiences with both elementary and secondary level children.

Admission requirements are subject to change. Call the Office of Student Academic Services for updated information.

Qualified students who are off-island during the semester of application may be granted a telephone interview.

Students who are denied admission to the College of Education may request reconsideration of their application from the Assistant Dean for Student Academic Services. However, only students who have achieved a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 and who attain the minimum qualifying passing score on the PPST/C-PPST may request reconsideration. In addition, students must show strong evidence of future potential in the field and a strong record of recent scholarship.

During the admission process, applicants may be referred to, reviewed by, or interviewed by appropriate faculty members regarding their qualifications and potential as educators. The behavior of applicants should reflect high ethical and professional standards at all times. Behavior will be evaluated on the basis of past experience and current interaction with college personnel.

Applicants should be aware that admission to the college does not guarantee admission to student teaching (teaching residency). Students’ progress in teacher education programs will be evaluated at several points throughout the program.
Also required for field placement:

  1. Original TB certificate clearance as required by state Department of Education school regulations. Contact the Department of Health for more information.
  2. Liability insurance.
  3. Hawai‘i Department of Education fingerprinting and background check.

Application Procedures

  1. Submit a current College of Education application form with official transcripts of all previous college work to the appropriate place.
    1. Classified UH Manoa undergraduate students submit the College of Education application to the Office of Student Academic Services, College of Education.
    2. Undergraduate applicants from other campuses, classified/unclassified UH Manoa graduate students, and unclassified UH Manoa undergraduate students submit the College of Education application to the Office of Student Academic Services and send a completed UH system application form and transcripts to UH Manoa’s Office of Admissions and Records.
  2. Make arrangements for the interviews and the PPST/C-PPST.

Application Deadlines

The deadline is March 1 for fall admission; September 1 for spring admission. Elementary undergraduate majors apply only for fall admission–March 1. Deadlines are subject to change. Call the Office of Student Academic Services for updated information.

Note: The second language requirement for the College of Education’s BEd programs (elementary and secondary education) and the BS program is waived for students admitted into these programs effective Fall 2003.

Student Teaching

The College of Education plans, arranges, and supervises student teaching experiences at the elementary and secondary levels in public and private schools within the state of Hawai‘i. Since student teaching is a full-time experience, students may not register concurrently for other courses or undertake employment during school hours.
Prerequisites for registering for student teaching, which is offered on a mandatory CR/NC basis, and seminar, in which a student receives a letter grade (A-F), include the following:

  1. Enrollment in the College of Education as a classified student and completion of all course work;
  2. Completion of the required foundations and methods courses with a grade of C (not C-) or better;
  3. A cumulative GPA of not less than that required for admission to the college;
  4. A completed application for student teaching, verified by an academic adviser, submitted to the Institute for Teacher Education no later than September 15 or February 15 for a student teaching assignment for the subsequent semester (there is no student teaching program during the summer session);
  5. Recommendation by the student’s college of education instructors;
  6. For BEd in secondary majors:
    A recommendation by a designated teacher education personnel for assignment processing or referral to the student review committee;
  7. Liability insurance;
  8. Hawai‘i Department of Education fingerprinting and background check.

Students should check with their academic adviser concerning specific requirements.

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