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Center for Chinese Studies

Center for Hawaiian Studies

Center for Japanese Studies

Center for Korean Studies

Center for Pacific Islands Studies

Center for Philippine Studies

Center for South Asian Studies

Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Committee for the Preservation and Study of Hawaiian Language, Art and Culture

Asian Studies

Hawaiian Studies

Pacific Islands Studies

College of Hawaiian, Asian, & Pacific Studies

Undergraduate Programs


  • Acquire a minimum total of 124 credit hours.
  • Earn at least 60 credit hours in non-introductory courses. These may be upper division courses (courses numbered 300 or above) or 200-level courses that have an explicit college-level course prerequisite.
  • Fulfill the UH Manoa General Education Core requirements and additional basic course work specified by the degree program.
  • Complete writing intensive courses as specified by UH Manoa.
  • Fulfill requirements for the major.
  • Earn at least a 2.0 GPA for all UH Manoa registered credits.

Prospective students interested in the BA in Asian studies, BA in Hawaiian studies, or the BA in interdisciplinary studies (with an emphasis in Pacific Islands studies) should contact the respective department or refer to the program listing in the Catalog.

Graduate Programs

Prospective students interested in the MA in Asian studies or the MA in Pacific Islands studies should contact the respective program or refer to the program listing in the Catalog.