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Cell and Molecular Biology

Biomedical Sciences A-209
1960 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-8552
Fax: (808) 956-9530


*Graduate Faculty

*M. J. Berry, PhD (Interim Chair)—selenoproteins, gene expression, translational control
*D. C. Blanchard, PhD—ethoexperimental analysis of defense and aggression; preclined pharmacoethology of anxiety, panic and depression; gender differences in emotional behavior
*G. D. Bryant-Greenwood, PhD—preterm birth in the human, role of relaxins in fetal membrane rupture
*R. L. Cann, PhD—molecular and evolutionary genetics
*D. S. Haymer, PhD—molecular evolution and developmental genetics
*D. M. Jameson, PhD—fluorescence spectroscopy; biomolecular dynamics and interactions; ribosomal proteins
*O. LeSaux, PhD—diseases of connective tissue
*P. Li, MD, PhD—diabetes and ischemia-reperfusion injury
*T. W. Lyttle, PhD—population genetics, cytogenetics
*M. D. Rayner, PhD—structure-function relationships in voltagegated ion channels
*S. E. Seifried, PhD—macromolecular interactions, transcription factor recognition of specific DNA sequences, protein subunit assembly

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

*J. S. Bertram, PhD—carcinogenesis, growth regulation and chemo-prevention of cancer panic and depression; gender differences in emotional behavior
*H. G. De Couet, PhD—cell cytoskeleton, drosophila molecular genetics
*T. D. Humphreys II, PhD—molecular biology of development
*A. F. Lau, PhD—molecular biology of cancer
*J. F. Scott, PhD—molecular biology of DNA
*R. K. Wada, MD—molecular oncology, oncogene regulation, tumor differentiation

Adjunct Faculty

*T. A. Donlon, PhD—human genetics
A. Fleig, PhD—electrophysiology (patch-clamp); calcium signaling in muscle cells; regulation of calcium signaling; cellular neuroimmunology
R. Penner, PhD—electrophysiology (patch-clamp); intra- and intercellular signal transduction; regulation of calcium signaling; cellular neuroimmunology
H. Turner, PhD—immunogenetics, cannabinoid receptors, cell signaling

The Academic Program

Faculty in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology have ongoing research programs in areas such as genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and neurophysiology. The department also provides instruction in the basic principles and concepts of genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology to medical students, graduate students from various disciplines, and undergraduates.

The faculty also participate in the training of PhD and MS graduate students in the interdisciplinary Cell and Molecular Biology Program. This program brings together faculty with expertise in biochemistry, cell biology, cell signaling, developmental biology, genetics, immunology/retrovirology, neurobiology/neurophysiology, plant molecular physiology, and reproduction function for collaborative teaching and research activities. Information on the Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) Program can be found in the Interdisciplinary Programs section of this Catalog, on the CMB website (www.hawaii.edu/cmb), or interested applicants can contact:

Lyn Hamamura
John A. Burns School of Medicine
Cell and Molecular Biology Program
1960 East West Road, Biomed T-701A
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-7862

CMB Courses