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Ecology and Health Group

Department of Tropical Medicine
Leahi Hospital
3675 Kilauea Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
Tel: (808) 732-1477
Fax: (808) 732-1483


*Graduate Faculty

B. A. Wilcox, PhD (Chair)—ecosystem health, integrative health
H. K. Chang, DrPH—community health development, indigenous health systems
*N. L. Etkin, PhD—medical anthropology
R. Fujioka, PhD—microbial pathogens, water quality
L. Gollin, PhD—medical anthropology and ethnobotany
R. T. Johnson, EdD—interdisciplinary education
G. Parkes, PhD—environmental philosophies, psychology and ethics
M. Parkes, PhD, MBChB—ecosystem approaches to human health, participatory action research
S. Yamada, MD, MPH—globalization and human health, environmental epidemiology

The Academic Program

The Ecology and Health Group is fostering an integrated, transdisciplinary, research-based, ecological perspective on health. The role of ecosystems in human health is a critical area of scientific research and education worldwide. The Ecology and Health Group addresses the connections between ecosystem health and human well-being.

Faculty are engaged in research and action focused on the health of Hawai‘i’s unique local communities and tropical ecosystems. The active research program addresses the infrastructural factors that sustain community health, seeking to identify the best means for supporting the beneficial factors and remedying those that are detrimental. Research activities involve participation in and support of informal and formal networks in multi-ethnic, low-income communities for the purpose of building capacity and improving ecosystem health.

Educational activities are focused on the integration of ecology and health in the MD curriculum, including research opportunities for students to fulfill their 2-year research project requirement, and graduate assistantships for masters and doctoral students in a variety of disciplines. Medical and graduate students have the opportunity to enroll in courses and conduct research under the supervision of ecology and health faculty in conjunction with degree programs in other departments and schools.