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University Tower, Queen’s Medical Center
1356 Lusitana Street, 7th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: (808) 586-2910
Fax: (808) 586-7486
Web: hawaiimed.hawaii.edu; uhdom.hawaii.edu


I. J. Schatz, MD (Interim Chair)—cardiology
M. A. Antonelli, MD—general internal medicine, rheumatology
R. F. Arakaki, MD—endocrinology
R. D. Bart, MD—neurology
E. F. Bello, MD—infectious disease
J. Brown, MD—infectious disease
C. S. Chan, MD—general internal medicine
L. Chang, MD—neurology
D. Chow, MD—general internal medicine, infectious disease
T. Ernst, PhD—MRI research
J. Hastings, MD—cardiology
C. S. Hew, MD—general internal medicine
C. M. Higuchi, MD—oncology
J. Jacobs, MD—general internal medicine, family practice
R. T. Kasuya, MD—general internal medicine
J. S. Melish, MD—endocrinology
M. Nagoshi, MD—general internal medicine
I. Nip, MD—general internal medicine
J. Onopa, MD—general internal medicine
D. Sakai, MD—general internal medicine
H. R. Rubin, MD, MSPH—health care services research
J. Rudnick, MD—general internal medicine
B. Shiramizu, MD—pediatrics, hematology, oncology
C. M. Shikuma, MD—infectious disease, AIDS
B. A. Soll, MD—pulmonary medicine
P. Sousa, MD—general internal medicine
K. N. Sumida, MD—hematology
E. K. Tam, MD—pulmonary
S. Y. Tan, MD—endocrinology
S. M. Thomas, MD—general internal medicine
N. Tsai, MD—gastroenterology
M Watters, MD—neurology

Degree Offered: MD

The Academic Program

The Department of Medicine (MED) assists the student in integrating learning in the humanities, social sciences, and the physical and biological sciences by providing progressive experiences in clinical medicine. Early attention is given to the student’s acquisition of habits of continuing self-education and basic clinical skills. These skills include collection and evaluation of data, clinical problem solving, and consideration and perceptiveness in dealing with patients, their families, and other members of the health team.

The department directs integrated residency training programs in community hospitals. The close association of students and graduate physicians in these programs affords valuable learning experiences. Research in selected clinical fields, for which facilities are available, is fostered.