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Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children
1319 Punahou Street, Room 742
Honolulu, HI 96826
Tel: (808) 956-6525
Fax: (808) 945-1570


R. C. Rudoy, MD (Chair)—infectious disease
K. M. Ash, MD—neonatology
V. Balaraman, MD—neonatology
T. M. Bane-Terakubo, MD—pediatrics
R. D. Bart, MD—neurology
L. J. Bergert, MD—pediatrics
R. J. Bidwell, MD—adolescent medicine
R. B. Boychuk, MD—critical care/emergency medicine
A. G. Britten, MD—critical care
M. O. Chang, MD—pediatrics
R. K. S. Chang, MD—critical care
S. S. P. Chen, MD—pediatrics
D. C. Chow, MD—pediatrics
D. C. Derauf, MD—pediatrics
G. Erdem, MD—infectious disease
B. Gangaram, MD—pediatrics
F. J. Garcia, MD—emergency medicine
D. W. Glaser, MD—hematology/oncology
A. P. Guerrero, MD—pediatrics, general/child psychiatry
B. M. Halm, MD—emergency medicine
J. J. Harrington, MD—critical care
C. Hirai, MD—neonatology
A. S. Inaba, MD—emergency medicine
L. K. Iwaishi, MD—developmental pediatrics
L. M. Iwamoto, MD—neonatology
S. Kuo, MD—neonatology
D. K. Kurahara, MD—pediatric rheumatology
M. S. I. Kyono, MD—pediatrics
W. T. Kyono, MD—hematology/oncology
J. E. Lane, MD—critical care
M. T. Lee, MD—pediatrics
S. W. H. Loo, MD—neonatology
J. M. Manaligod, MD—critical care
D. Medeiros, MD—hematology/oncology
M. E. Melish, MD—infectious disease
D. T. Murai, MD—neonatology
J. E. Musgrave, MD—pediatric nephrology
G. S. Naguwa, MD—pediatrics
L. Y. Nakagawa, MD—emergency medicine
K. T. Nakamura, MD—neonatology
C. R. Neal, MD—neonatology
B. M. Nishikawa, MD—pediatrics
J. K. Okamoto, MD—developmental/behavioral pediatrics
V. Reddy, MD—pediatric cardiology
S. A. Russell, MD—pediatrics
V. L. Schneider, MD—pediatrics
W. P. Shea, MD—pediatrics
W. K. T. Shim, MD—pediatric surgery
B. T. Shiramizu, MD—hematology/oncology
C. C. J. Sia, MD—pediatrics
S. L. Sood, MD—neonatology
A. Tse, PhD, APRN—parent-child, family
M. Uehara, MD—developmental pediatrics
P. A. Vanderford, MD—critical care
R. K. Wada, MD—hematology/oncology
L. R. White, MD—pediatrics/epidemiology
R. W. Wilkinson, MD—hematology/oncology
C. M. Wilson, MD—gastroenterology
A. Winkes, MD—pediatrics
R. D. Wong, MD—infectious disease
F. Y. Yamamoto, MD—allergy/immunology
K. S. Yamamoto, MD—pediatric rheumatology
L. G. Yamamoto, MD—emergency medicine
R. T. Yanagihara, MD—infectious disease

Degree Offered: MD

The Academic Program

Pediatrics (PED) is the specialty of medical science concerned with the physical, emotional, and social health of children from birth to young adulthood. The discipline deals with biological, social, and environmental influences on the developing child and with the impact of disease and dysfunction on development.

The Department of Pediatrics offers specialty training for the medical student, as well as post-MD residency training and subspecialty experience.

PED Courses