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General Information

Dental Hygiene



Dental Hygiene

Hemenway 200B
2445 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-8821
Fax: (808) 956-5707


C. Kuba, RDH, MEd (Chair)—dental hygiene
A. Akamine, RDH, BEd—dental hygiene
J. Ebert, DDS—periodontology
P. Fujimoto, RDH, DDS—oral pathology
D. Fukuda, RDH, MPH—dental hygiene
G. Lau, RDH, MEd—dental hygiene
M. Oishi, DDS—dental materials
J. Omori, RDH, MPH—dental hygiene
A. Ogawa, RDH, DMD—dental anesthesia/radiology
W. A. Wakai, RDH, DMD—head and neck anatomy
L. Wong, DDS—oral histology
L. Yamada, DDS—periodontology

Clinical Faculty

Y. Koga, MA—dental and dental hygiene sciences

Degree Offered: BS in dental hygiene

The Academic Program

Dental hygiene (DH) is the study of the integrated services rendered to patients by a licensed dental hygienist. Students majoring in dental hygiene can become licensed professionals who offer preventive, educational, and therapeutic services for the control of oral diseases and the promotion of optimum oral health.

The dental hygiene program at UH Manoa is the only one in the state. It offers the educational preparation required by dental hygienists to provide oral health care and education to the people of Hawai‘i, the continental U.S., and the Pacific.

Students completing the bachelor of science in dental hygiene qualify for admission to the national and state board dental hygiene examinations for licensure to practice dental hygiene under the supervision of dentists in dental offices and in public health and other dental hygiene settings.

The bachelor of science in dental hygiene maximizes the opportunity for students to continue their education. It offers professional training to broaden and deepen knowledge and skills, as well as a foundation for personal and professional development and opportunities for admission to graduate work.


The dental hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, American Dental Association.


Students interested in the dental hygiene program are encouraged to arrange a counseling session with dental hygiene faculty members.

Honors and Awards

Dental Hygiene Faculty Award

An outstanding dental hygiene student who has maintained high scholarship and made contributions to the department is recognized by the faculty of the Department of Dental Hygiene at graduation.

Sigma Phi Alpha

Alpha Kappa Chapter of Sigma Phi Alpha is the national dental hygiene honor society at the UH. Senior dental hygiene students who rank high in scholarship and character and exhibit potential qualities for future growth are recommended by faculty members for election to membership.

Undergraduate Study

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the dental hygiene program must meet the UH Manoa admission requirements described in the Catalog. Evaluations are made on scholastic background, i.e., high school performance, SAT scores, and college performance. Interviews are conducted to assess interpersonal and communication skills and interest in dental hygiene.
Applicants are advised to schedule and attend an advising session with a dental hygiene faculty adviser.
Students not accepted into the program are provided counseling on alternative options, if desired.

Health Certification and Other Requirements

Prior to enrollment, accepted students must provide evidence of sound health and meet other requirements as follows:

1. CPR Certification (Health Provider level BLSCourse);
2. Health clearance of immunizations including polio, tetanus within 10 years, mumps, complete hepatitis B vaccine series; laboratory evidence (titer) of immunity to rubella, rubeola and varicella; and TB clearance;
3. Health insurance; and
4. Malpractice insurance of $1 million per incident/$3 million aggregate

All requirements must be cleared before registration by presenting photocopies of CPR certification, health insurance policy (card), titer results, Health Clearance Form (vaccination record), and TB clearance to the Department of Dental Hygiene. Students with prerequisite deficiencies may not register for or attend laboratory or clinical classes.

Students must take a tuberculosis screen test or chest x-ray as required. Dental hygiene students who have not taken a TB skin test within the last year must take the two-step TB test. CPR certification must be current.

Students are required to have health insurance. Student medical insurance plan information may be obtained through the University Health Services (808) 956-8965.

Students enrolled in dental hygiene clinical courses have the potential for exposure to communicable diseases and may sustain injuries in the clinical setting. Limited emergency care will be rendered on site. Students are financially liable for all care received, including emergency room charges.

Note. All certifications and requirements must be kept current for the duration of program enrollment.

Financial Consideration

Significant costs (e.g. professional education fee; purchase of instruments, supplies, uniforms, and books; examination fees, etc.) not related to tuition and housing are associated with dental hygiene education. The additional cost over a period of three years in the dental hygiene program is approximately $12,000. Students are encouraged to make appropriate financial arrangements.

Note. School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene students pay a higher fee at registration.

Application Procedures

High school and transfer applicants from other universities and colleges must complete the UH System Application form and submit the form to the UH Manoa Office of Admissions and Records. Students enrolled as classified day students at UH Manoa during the semester immediately preceding the semester of desired entry must complete the Curriculum Transfer Request and the Department of Dental Hygiene application forms.

Applicants must submit transcripts, if applicable, and photocopy of grades if enrolled in courses at any community college or other university during the semester immediately preceding the semester of entry to the program.

Application Deadline

Applications to the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene program are accepted from December 1 through March 1 for fall admission.

Varied Schedules

Dental hygiene students are expected to participate in clinical experiences at various scheduled times. Therefore, students must make time and arrangements to accommodate an irregular academic schedule.

Preparation for Graduation

Students are advised to check with a faculty adviser at least one year before the scheduled graduation date to confirm that all requirements will be met.

An application for graduation must be submitted with a degree fee to the Cashier’s Office (Queen Lili‘uokalani Center for Student Services, Rm. 001). This should be done during the first three weeks of the semester in which the student intends to graduate.

Continued Registration

The minimum academic requirements of the UH apply to all dental hygiene students. In addition, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all registered credit hours in dental hygiene courses to continue registration in the dental hygiene program.

BS in Dental Hygiene

Students must complete the following:

  • General Education Core requirements (see the Manoa General Education Core and Graduation Requirements section within this Catalog)
  • Pre-major requirements
  • Dental Hygiene major requirements
  • Other major requirements and electives

General Education Core Requirements

  • See Catalog

Pre-Major Requirements

  • BIOC 241 Fundamentals of Biochemistry (3)
  • ENG 100 Expository Writing (3)
  • FSHN 185 The Science of Human Nutrition (3)
  • MICR 130 General Microbiology (3) and MICR 140 Microbiology Lab (2)
  • PHYL 103/103L Human Physiology and Anatomy/Lab (5/1)
  • PSY 100 Survey of Psychology (3)
  • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (3)
  • SP 151 Personal and Public Speech (3)

Major Requirements

  • DH 231 Oral Anatomy and Tooth Morphology (2)
  • DH 231L Oral Anatomy and Tooth Morphology Lab (2)
  • DH 238 Basic Dental Hygiene I (2)
  • DH 238L Basic Dental Hygiene I Lab (1)
  • DH 239L Basic Dental Hygiene I Lab (1)
  • DH 240 Basic Dental Hygiene II (2)
  • DH 240L Basic Dental Hygiene Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 241L Basic Dental Hygiene Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 242L Basic Dental Hygiene Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 250 General and Oral Histology and Embryology (2)
  • DH 251 General and Oral Histology and Embryology (1)
  • DH 28l Dental Radiography (2)
  • DH 281L Dental Radiography Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 361 Health Education and Promotion (2)
  • DH 366 General and Oral Pathology (2)
  • DH 367 General and Oral Pathology (1)
  • DH 369 Dental Materials (1)
  • DH 369L Dental Materials Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 370 Expanded Functions in Dental Hygiene (2)
  • DH 370L Expanded Functions Lab/Clinic (1)
  • DH 375 Clinical Dental Hygiene I (2)
  • DH 375L Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic (1)
  • DH 376L Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic (1)
  • DH 377L Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic (1)
  • DH 378L Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic (1)
  • DH 380 Clinical Dental Hygiene II (2)
  • DH 380L Clinical Dental Hygiene II Clinic (1)
  • DH 381L Clinical Dental Hygiene II Clinic (1)
  • DH 382L Clinical Dental Hygiene II Clinic (1)
  • DH 389 Pain Control and Local Anesthesia in Dentistry (2)
  • DH 390 Periodontology I (2)
  • DH 391 Periodontology II (2)
  • DH 473 Community Health (3)
  • DH 475 Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene I (2)
  • DH 475L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic (1)
  • DH 476L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic (1)
  • DH 477L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic (1)
  • DH 478L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic (1)
  • DH 480 Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene II (2)
  • DH 480L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene II Clinic (1)
  • DH 481L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene II Clinic (1)
  • DH 482L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene II Clinic (1)
  • DH 483L Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene II Clinic (1)
  • NURS 310 Psychosocial Nursing Concepts (3) or equivalent
  • NURS 439 Professional Nursing Management (3) or equivalent
  • NURS 441 Introduction to Nursing Research (3) or equivalent
  • PHRM 203 Introduction to General Pharmacology (3)
  • PSY 210 Statistical Techniques (3) or equivalent

DH Courses