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School of Travel Industry Management


George Hall 346
2560 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-8946
Fax: (808) 956-5378
E-mail: tim-info@hawaii.edu
Web: www.tim.hawaii.edu

Dean: Walter Jamieson


*Graduate Faculty

*J. C. Liu, PhD (Graduate Chair)—economic impact of tourism, geography of tourism, sociocultural issues of tourism, ecotourism
*D. J. L. Choy, PhD—tourism economics, tourism development, travel marketing, travel agency management
*F. Collison, PhD—transportation marketing, trans-Pacific aviation, tourism and transportation development for the Pacific Islands, travel industry education
C. Y. Gee, MA, PhD (Hon) (Emeritus Dean)—hotel, restaurant and institutional management; tourism development and administration
*H. Kim, PhD—financial management, hospitality, finance and real estate
E. Lacro, MS—human resource management, hotel management
*N. A. Scanlon—hospitality business management, service marketing, environmental hospitality
*P. J. Sheldon, PhD—tourism and hospitality information systems, tourism economics, tourism policy
*D. Spears, PhD—hospitality/service management, tourism marketing and development, hotel and convention sales, technology development and assessment, and gaming management
R. Taum, BS—Hawaiian culture, responsible tourism
R. Uyeno, PhD—tourism development policy and administration, social impact of tourism
*B. W. Wie, PhD —dynamic modeling of transportation networks, transportation network analysis, traffic control systems, dynamic route guidance