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Honors (HON)

Honors Programs

These courses are limited to students in the Honors Programs.

HON 101 First-Year Honors Experience I: Manoa Campus and Its Neighborhoods (3) Freshman course with built-in peer mentoring and advising to facilitate transition to university. Focus on the disciplined inquiry of research process fosters collaborative and engaged learning, critical thinking, library skills. Lecturers, discussions, workshops, fieldtrips. A-F only. Fall only.

HON 102 First-Year Honors Experience II: Research at Manoa (1) Familiarizes students with university researchers and research facilities; focus on the ethical, moral and social dimensions involved in conducting research. Guest lectures on current research, field trips to labs and research institutes. Discussion of social policies. A-F only.

HON 120 Mathematical Modes of Thinking (3) Mathematics as both a language and a thought process expressed in that language. Historical and contemporary relations to culture.

HON 190 Honors Tutorial (V) Supplements a 100 or 200 lecture course or standard lab time with discussion section, instructor-intensive lab time or directed research. Limited enrollment. Repeatable one time.

HON 291 (Alpha) Sophomore Seminar (3) Special topics for lower-division honors students in seminar format. Development of critical thinking skills emphasized. (B) Biological Science; (H) Humanities; (P) Physical Science; (R) Arts; (S) Social Science; (T) Literature. Repeatable two times. A-F only. Pre: ENG 100 or ENG 100A or departmental approval. DB for (B); DH for (H); DP for (P); DA for (R); DS for (S); DL for (T)

HON 301 Research and Public Policy (3) A disciplined inquiry on issues of ethical principle or public policy. Students will learn the research process by engaging in it: finding resources, using these resources critically, exploring implications suggested by the issues and resources and communicating their results in a precise and effective manner. Repeatable one time. A-F only. (Cross-listed as POLS 386)

HON 380 Peer Monitoring (V) Students function as peer mentors in and out of class sessions. Emphasis on understanding dynamics of leadership skills within the context of small groups. Pre-semester training sessions, on-going training and supervision. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: 101 or departmental approval.

HON 491 Junior Honors Seminar (3) Students from different disciplines meet weekly for discussion of material presented by instructor in a multi-disciplinary format. Topics vary each semester. Required of, and limited to, candidates for Honors degree. CR/NC only.

HON 492 Honors Colloquium (3) Weekly meetings for discussion of enduring issues and problems of an interdisciplinary nature. Limited to candidates for Honors degree. CR/NC only.

HON 493 Senior Honors Thesis (2) Preparation of research paper under individual faculty supervision. Limited to candidates for Honors degree. Repeatable in different major. A-F only.

HON 494 Senior Honors Thesis (2) Preparation of research paper under individual faculty supervision. Limited to candidates for Honors degree. Repeatable in different major. A-F only. Pre: 493.

HON 495 Introduction to Research (3) Library research skills; lectures on research within a university setting; methodological issues for and across disciplines; special attention to defining a specific research problem. Limited to candidates for the Honors degree. CR/NC only.

HON 496 Senior Honors Project (3) Preparation of a research project or a performance project (with a research component) supervised by a faculty member. Limited to candidates for Honors degree. Repeatable one time for each major. A-F only. Pre: 495 or consent.

Selected Studies students also have the option of taking A-section courses from the following list when they are offered by departments:

  • AH 100A Introduction to the Arts
  • AMST 201A The American Experience
  • AMST 202A Diversity in American Life
  • AMST 211A Contemporary American Issues: Domestic
  • AMST 212A Contemporary American Issues: World
  • ART 101A Introduction to Visual Arts
  • ASAN 241A Civilizations of Asia
  • ASAN 242A Civilizations of Asia
  • ASTR 110A Survey of Astronomy
  • ASTR 120A Astronomical Origins
  • BOT 101A General Botany
  • CHEM 181A Honors General Chemistry
  • ECON 120A Introduction to Economics
  • ECON 130A Principles of Economics
  • ECON 131A Principles of Economics
  • ECON 300A Intermediate Economics: Macroeconomics Analysis
  • ENG 100A Composition I
  • ENG 270A Introduction to Literature: Literary History DL
  • ENG 271A Introduction to Literature: Genre DL
  • ENG 272A Introduction to Literature: Culture and Literature DL
  • ES 101A Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • GG 101A Introduction to Geology
  • HWST 107A Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific
  • HIST 161A World Cultures in Perspective
  • HIST 162A World Cultures in Perspective
  • HIST 241A Civilizations of Asia
  • HIST 242A Civilizations of Asia
  • HIST 281A Introduction to American History
  • HIST 282A Introduction to American History
  • ICS 101A Tools for the Info Age
  • ICS 111A Introduction to Computer Science
  • ICS 211A Introduction to Computer Science II
  • IS 291A Community Service Practicum
  • LIS 100A Computer & Information in Arts & Humanities
  • LING 102A Introduction to the Study of Language
  • MATH 100A Survey of Mathematics
  • MATH 251A Accelerated Calculus I
  • MATH 252A Accelerated Calculus II
  • MATH 253A Accelerated Calculus III
  • MICR 140A Microbiology Laboratory
  • MUS 106A Introduction to Music Literature
  • PHIL 100A Introduction to Philosophy: Survey of Problems
  • PHIL 101A Introduction to Philosophy: Morals and Society
  • PHIL 102A Introduction to Philosophy: Asian Traditions
  • PHIL 110A Introduction to Deductive Logic
  • PHYS 170A General Physics I
  • PHYS 272A General Physics II
  • POLS 110A Introduction to Political Science
  • POLS 335A Political Philosophy and Theory DS
  • REL 151A Religion and the Meaning of Existence
  • SOC 100A Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 218A Introduction to Social Problem
  • SOC 300A Principles of Sociology Inquiry
  • SP 151A Personal and Public Speech
  • SP 251A Principles of Effective Public Speaking
  • WS 151A Introduction to Women’s Studies