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Academy for Creative Media
Admissions and Records
Center on Aging
Aerospace Studies Program
Arts and Sciences Student Academic Services
Institute for Astronomy
Cancer Research Center of Hawai'i
Cashier's Office
Catalog Office
Center on Disability Studies/University Center for Excellence
Curriculum Research and Development Group
Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support
Financial Aid Services
Graduate Division
Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology
Hawai'i Natural Energy Institute
Hawai'i Space Grant College Program
Hawai'i Undersea Research Laboratory
Honors Program
Industrial Relations Center
Information Technology Services
Office of Intercollegiate Athletics
Interdisciplinary Studies
International Pacific Research Center
Institutional Research Office
Center for Instructional Support
International Student Services
Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
John F. Kennedy Theatre
Laboratory Animal Service
Language Learning Center
Learning Assistance Center
Harold L. Lyon Arboretum
Manoa Writing Program/General Education Office
Marine Option Program
Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace
Military Science Program
Native Hawaiian Academic Services
Outreach College
Pacific Biomedical Research Center
Pacific Mapping Program
Office of Research Services
School and College Services
Sea Grant College Program
Service Learning
Social Science Research Institute
Student Affairs
Student Athlete Academic Services
Study Abroad Center
College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
Undergraduate Education
University Libraries
University of Hawai'i Press
Waikiki Aquarium
Water Resources Research Center

Academy for Creative Media

*BRISLIN, Thomas, Associate Chair, Academy for Creative Services

Admissions and Records

HEU, Janice S., Interim Director, Admissions and Records; BEd 1969, MEd 1970, Hawai‘i
AKAMINE, Lisa K. K., Course Catalog Specialist, Admissions and Records; BBA 2000, Hawai‘i
ARRIBA, Melissa B., Transfer Credit Specialist, Admissions and Records; BBA 2003, Hawai‘i
CHIN, Lorraine M. S., Assistant Registrar, Admissions and Records; BS 1973, MEd 1975, Hawai‘i
DITUCCI, Jolene, Transfer Credit Specialist, Admissions and Records; BS 1984, Philippines
HU, Ming, IT Specialist, Admissions and Records; BS 1975, Taiwan; MS 1982, California
LAU, Stuart D., University Registrar, Admissions and Records; BBA 1987, Hawai‘i
LEE, Jill, Transfer Credit Specialist, Admissions and Records; BA 1978, Hawai‘i
LEE, Vincent W. S., Records Specialist, Admissions and Records; BBA 2003, Hawai‘i
MATSUDA, Davin, IT Specialist, Admissions and Records; BS 2001, Hawai‘i
McDANIEL, Kelly A., Admissions Officer, Admissions and Records; BS 1987, Western Kentucky
MEADE, Robin, IT Specialist, Admissions and Records; BS 1986, Boston; MS 1994, Georgetown
NAGASHIMA, Belinda, Admissions Counselor, Admissions and Records; BEd 1972, Hawai‘i
NAKAMOTO, Lee, Admissions Counselor, Admissions and Records; BS 2004, Hawai‘i
NII, June, Admissions Officer, Admissions and Records; BBA 1974, Hawai‘i
PORTER, Ran-Ying, Admissions Officer, Admissions and Records; BA 1986, Tennessee; MEd 2001, Hawai‘i
ROLA, Steve, Admissions Officer, Admissions and Records; BSW 1995, MPA 1998, Hawai‘i
SAUCEDA, Melissa, Transfer Credit Specialist, Admissions and Records; BA 2002, Oregon
SUDA, Roy, Information Services Coordinator, Admissions and Records; BBA 1993, Hawai‘i
YAMAGUCHI, Ryan, Admissions Officer, Admissions and Records; BA 2001, Hawai‘i
YOKOUCHI, Harold N., Admissions Officer, Admissions and Records; BA 1970, Hawai‘i; MS 1981, Nova
YOSHIDA, Tori, Transfer Credit Specialist, Admissions and Records; BS 2003, Hawai‘i
ZAMARIPA, Imelda, Admissions Counselor, Admissions and Records; BA 1999, Hawai‘i

Center on Aging

*BRAUN, Kathryn L., Director and Professor of Public Health
KAREL, Harumi S., Associate Specialist
LUM, Wesley, Junior Specialist
ZIR, Ana, Junior Specialist

Aerospace Studies Program

LABORTE, Bibiana, Professor of Aerospace Studies

Arts and Sciences Student Academic Services

*BINGHAM, Ruth O., Junior Specialist
*HIGA, Lynne, Assistant Specialist
*KIRK-KUWAYE, Michael, Specialist
*NISHIDA, Dawn M., Assistant Specialist
*OKA, B. Jeanne, Assistant Specialist
*TANIGUCHI, Megumi I., Assistant Specialist
*WATANABE, Barbara L., Junior Specialist
*WILMETH, Paige K., Assistant Specialist

Institute for Astronomy

*KUDRITZKI, Rolf-Peter, Director and Astronomer
*BARNES, Joshua E., Astronomy Graduate Chair and Astronomer
BERNARDI, Fabrizio, Junior Scientific Researcher
BOAL, Andrew K., Astrobiology Postdoc
*BOESGAARD, Ann M., Professor of Physics and Astronomy
*BRESOLIN, Fabio, Assistant Astronomer
BROGAN, Crystal, Junior Scientific Researcher
BROWN, Mark, Astrobiology Postdoc
*BUS, Schelte J., II, Associate Astronomer
*CHAMBERS, Kenneth C., Associate Astronomer
CHEN, Gang, Junior Scientific Researcher
CHIZMADIA, Lysa, Astrobiology Postdoc
*CHUN, Mark, Assistant Astronomer
*COLEMAN, Paul H., Associate Astronomer
*COWIE, Antoinette S., Astronomer
*COWIE, Lennox L., Astronomer
*EBELING, Harald, Astronomer
*FTACLAS, Christ, Astronomer
GLAZER, Brian, Astrobiology Postdoc
GRAV, Tommy, Junior Scientific Researcher
*HABBAL, Shadia R., Astronomer
HAFNER, David, Director of Administrative Services
HAGHIGIPOUR, Nader, Astrobiology Postdoc
*HALL, Donald N. B., Astronomer
*HEASLEY, James N., Astronomer
*HENRY, J. Patrick, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
*HODAPP, Klaus-Werner, Associate Director (IFA Hilo) and Astronomer
*HU, Esther M., Astronomer
*JEDICKE, Robert, Associate Specialist
*JEFFERIES, Stuart M., Professor of Physics and Astronomy
*JEWITT, David, Astronomer
*JOSEPH, Robert D., Faculty Chair, Astronomer
*KAISER, Nicholas, Associate Director (National Telescope Projects) and Astronomer
KEANE, Jacqueline V., Astrobiology Postdoc
KEWLEY, Lisa, Junior Scientific Researcher
KLEYNA, Jan, Junior Scientific Researcher
*KUHN, Jeffrey, Associate Director (IFA Maui) and Astronomer
*LI, Jing, Assistant Astronomer
*LIN, Haosheng, Associate Astronomer
*LIU, Michael, Assistant Astronomer
*LUPPINO, Gerard A., Astronomer
*MAGNIER, Eugene A., Associate Astronomer
MABERRY, Michael, Assistant Director (External Relations)
*McLAREN, Robert A., Associate Director and Specialist
*MEECH, Karen J., Astronomer
*MENDEZ, Roberto, Astronomer
*MICKEY, Donald L., Specialist
NEYRINCK, Mark C., Junior Scientific Researcher
*OWEN, Tobias C., Astronomer
PAN, Jun, Junior Scientific Researcher
PITTICHOVÁ, Jana, Junior Scientific Researcher
POPE, Adrian, Junior Scientific Researcher
PRICE, Paul, Junior Scientific Researcher
*RAJA, Narayan S., Specialist
*RAYNER, John T., Associate Astronomer
REHBOCK, Karen M., Assistant to the Director
*REIPURTH-JENSEN, Bo, Astronomer
*RHOADS, Pui-Hin, Associate Specialist
*RITTER, Joseph M., Research Scientist and Astronomer
RIZZI, Luca, Junior Scientific Researcher
*ROBERTSON, A. Kathleen, Librarian
*SANDERS, David B., Astronomer
SCHORGHOFER, Norbert, Astrobiology Postdoc
*SIMON, Theodore, Astronomer
*STOCKTON Alan N., Associate Director (Instrumentation) and Astronomer
*SZAPUDI, István, Associate Astronomer
*THOLEN, David J., Astronomer
*TOKUNAGA, Alan T., IRTF Division Chief and Astronomer
*TOLLESTRUP, Eric, Deputy Division Chief and Associate Astronomer
*TONRY, John L., Astronomer
*TULLY, R. Brent, Astronomer
URBANEJA, Miguel A., Junior Scientific Researcher
*WAINSCOAT, Richard J., Specialist
*WILLIAMS, Jonathan, Assistant Astronomer
*WYNN-WILLIAMS, C. Gareth, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
ZHENG, Weijun, Astrobiology Postdoc

Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i

VOGEL, Carl-Wilhelm E., Director and Researcher
*ALBRIGHT, Cheryl L., Associate Researcher
*BACHMANN, Andre S., Assistant Researcher
*BERTRAM, John S., Researcher
*CHEUNG, Leo Wang-Kit, Assistant Researcher
*COONEY, Robert V., Associate Director for Scientific Administration and Associate Researcher
*FRANKE, Adrian A. H., Specialist
FRENCH, Alexandra S., Administrative Officer
*FRITZINGER, David, Associate Specialist
*GOODMAN, Marc T., Researcher
*GOTAY, Carolyn C., Associate Director for Cancer Control & Community Outreach, Director for Prevention and Control Program and Researcher
*HERNANDEZ, Brenda, Assistant Researcher
*ISSELL, Brian F., Associate Director for Clinical Affairs and Researcher
*KAKAZU, Kerry K., Assistant Director for Operations
*KOLONEL, Laurence N., Deputy Director for CRCH, Director for Epidemiology Program and Researcher
*LAU, Alan F., Assistant Director for Research Training & Education and Researcher
*LE MARCHAND, Loic, Researcher
*LORENZO, Patricia S., Assistant Researcher
*MASKARINEC, Gertraud, Associate Researcher
*MURAOKA, Miles Y., Assistant Researcher
*MURPHY, Suzanne P., Researcher
*O’RIORDAN, David L., Assistant Researcher
*RAMOS, Joe, Assistant Researcher
*SANCHEZ-JOHNSEN, Lisa, Assistant Researcher
SHARMA, Sangita, Assistant Researcher
SHIGEMASA, Sharon R., Public Information Officer
*TIUS, Marcus, Director for Natural Products & Cancer Biology Program, Joanna Sullivan Distinguished Chair in Cancer Research and Professor of Chemistry
*WADA, Randal K., Associate Researcher
*WARN-CRAMER, Bonnie, Assistant Researcher
*WILKENS, Lynne R., Assistant Specialist/Biostatistician

Cashier's Office

YOSHIMURA, Gregg, Director; BA 1989, Hawai‘i
KONDO, Janice, Assistant Director; BBA 1982, Hawai‘i
NAKAMURA, Kenrick, Institutional Support; BA 1984, Hawai‘i
NAKASHIMA, Deborah, Institutional Support; BBA 1977, Hawai‘i
NAKATA, Lloyd, IT Specialist; BS 1990, Hawai‘i Pacific
SUENAGA, Susan, Institutional Support; MEd 1972, Hawai‘i
YAGI, Wayne, Institutional Support; BBA 1978, Hawai‘i

Catalog Office

NAKASHIMA, Diane A., Catalog Coordinator, Catalog Office; BFA 1981, MA 2005, Hawai‘i

Center on Disability Studies/University Center for Excellence

ALAIMALEATA, Elisapeta, Junior Specialist; MEd 2001, Hawai‘i
BANKS, Sara, Junior Specialist; MFA 1990, Hawai‘i
BATTAD, Nicollette K., EASI II Project Manager; MHRM 2004, Hawai‘i
BAUWENS, Jeanne, Specialist; EdD 1983, U of Idaho
BLACK-GERUM, Shirley, Junior Specialist; MPH 1996, Hawai‘i
BRIGHTMAN, James, VR Coordinator; MA Ed 1999, U of Georgia-Athens
BROWN, Steve E.; PhD 1981, Oklahoma
CHANG, Chuan, Junior Specialist; MA 1998, Hawai‘i
CONWAY, Megan, Assistant Professor; PhD 2001, UC Berkeley
CONWAY, Thomas, Junior Specialist; MBA 1995, Hawai‘i
DOWRICK, Peter W., Professor, Reading Rescue; PhD, U of Auckland, 1977
GALLOWAY, Lisa, Junior Specialist; MA, ED 2003, Hawai‘i
GOLDEN, Randee, Junior Specialist; MA, ED 1990, Hawai‘i
GUINAN, Martha, Junior Specialist; MPH 2001, Hawai‘i
HEMPHILL-STODDEN, Norma Jean, Assistant Professor, Pacific Partnership; PhD 1976, Kansas
JAY, Jeffrey, Assistant Evaluator; BA 2001, Colorado; BA 2005, Hawai‘i
JOHNSON, Jean, Associate Director, Community Training and Outreach and MCH-LEND Faculty; DrPH 1992, Hawai‘i
KELLY, Dotty, Junior Specialist and Coordinator, Pacific Outreach Initiative; MA 1975, Kentucky
KIM-RUPNOW, Weol-Soon, Assistant Professor; PhD 1991, Hawai‘i
KOFEL, Sandra, Project Coordinator; BS 1968, Wisconsin
LEAKE, David, Assistant Professor and Evaluation Specialist; PhD 2000, Hawai‘i
LEE, Mellanie, Junior Specialist; MA Ed 1995, California State U Hayward
LUNDBLAD, Jessica, Junior Specialist; MA 1994, State U of New York at Albany
MILLER, Susan, Junior Specialist, Hawai‘i Very Special Arts; Phy. Education, MS, 1975, Arizona
MORAN, Kate, Assistant Specialist; PhD 1986, Michigan State
NAPEAHI, Deanna, Junior Specialist; MA 2003, Hawai‘i
OKAMOTO, Jeffrey, Principal Investigator and Clinical Director, Ideal Grant and MCH LEND faculty; MD
OZAKI, Rebecca, Assistant Professor and Project Coordinator, Real Choices Project; PhD 1985, Michigan
PERRY, David, Junior Specialist; PhD 1974, Montana
RATLIFFE, Katherine T., Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Special Health Needs Initiative and MCH LEND faculty; PhD 1999, Stanford
ROBERTS, Kelly, Junior Specialist; MA, Kean College, PhD 2003, Hawai‘i
SHAPIRO, Beppie T., Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Special Health Needs Initiative; MA 1968, PhD 1979, Hawai‘i
SHEARER, Valerie, Junior Specialist; MA 1997, Hawai‘i
SIMONELLI, Shannon, Assistant Professor; PhD 2000, Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio
SKAGGS, Dawn, Junior Specialist; MA Ed 1992, U of Denver
STODDEN, Robert A., Professor and Director, Center on Disability Studies; PhD 1976, Florida
SU, Christine, Junior Specialist; PhD 2003, Hawai‘i
TURANO, Helen, Junior Specialist; PhD 1999, Chicago
UEHARA, Denise, Assistant Professor; BA 1989, Hawai‘i; PhD 2003, Capella U
WATSON-WADE, Tamara, Junior Specialist; MEd 1987, Hawai‘i
VAST, Teresa, Junior Specialist; MA 1995, Pacific Oaks College
YUEN, Joann, Assistant Professor; MA 1981, EdD 2000, USC

Resident Scholars

BEERY, Keith; PhD 1963, Purdue
BROWN, Lillian Gonzales; Co-Founder, Institute on Disability Culture
SEO, Min-Won; PhD 1996, Seoul

Maternal and Child Health Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities Program (MCH LEND)

ASANO, Sayuri I, Clinical Dietician of Rehabilitation Services, Kapiolani Medical Center; MCH-LEND Faculty, Public Health; MPH 1997, Hawai‘i
HO, Anne Tsukahara, Occupational Therapist of Rehabilitation Services, Kapiolani Medical Center; MCH-LEND Faculty; BS 1984, Kansas
ICHIO, Henry M., Associate Professor of Public Health; MCH-LEND Faculty, Public Health; MD 1968, UC Irvine; MPH 1979, Hawai‘i
IWAISHI, Louise K., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; MCH-LEND Program Director, Pediatrics; 1978, Hawai‘i
LEW, Lucille L., Occupational Therapist of Rehabilitation Services, Kapiolani Medical Center; MCH-LEND Faculty; BS 1965, Wisconsin-Madison; MS 1970, USC
MATAYOSHI, Ron, Director of Practicum, School of Social Work, MCH-LEND Faculty; MSW 1978, Berkeley
OTA, Ruth, Chief of Public Health, MCH-LEND Faculty; HSN 1963, Western Reserve; MPH 1990, Hawai‘i
PARLIN, Leolinda L. K., Curriculum Specialist of Rehabilitation Services, Kapiolani Medical Center; BA 1986, UH-Hilo
TAMAI, Tina L., Health Education Specialist of Tobacco Prevention and Education Program, MCH-LEND Faculty; MPH 1977, Berkeley; JD 1983, UCLA Law
TOGUCHI, Garrett, Curriculum Specialist/Lecturer and Member of Board of Education; MA 1998, Hawai‘i
TSE, Alice M., Associate Professor of Pediatrics, MCH-LEND Faculty; PhD 1991, Illinois at Chicago
WADA, Marge, Supervisor of Early Childhood Unit; MS 1969, Hawai‘i
WASLIEN, Carol I., Chair and Professor of Public Health, MCH-LEND Faculty, Nutrition; PhD 1968, UC Berkeley
WEIRATHER, Yusnita, Charge Audiologist of Rehabilitation Services, Kapiolani Medical Center; MC-LEND Faculty; MA 1990, Montana
YAGI, Sheri, Speech Language Pathologist of Rehabilitation Services, Kapiolani Medical Center; MS 1999, Hawai‘i

APT Civil Service/RCUH

CHEA, Savouth (Richard), APT, Administrative and Fiscal Support Specialist
CHUN, Russell, APT, FO
DAUBERT, Nikolaus, APT, Information Technology Specialist
DIERKS, Kevin, APT, Project Trainer
EHMES, Alice, Administrative and Fiscal Support Specialist
HAYDEN, Marcus, Administrative and Fiscal Support Specialist
HIRAOKA, Lisa, APT, Administrative Officer
JONG, Lisa, General Clerk
KAM, Lauren, Administrative Assistant
LEE, Chin, APT, Administrative and Fiscal Support Specialist
NONAKA, Marlene, Administrative Assistant
OSHIRO, Vanessa, APT, Information Technology Specialist
POTTS, Stephen, CDS Administrative Assistant
PRATT, Victoria, APT, Education Specialist II
REMS, William, APT, Information Technology Specialist
SAITO, Sheryl, APT, Administrative Support
SHITANISHI, Sandy, Administrative Assistant
SOUZA, Colleen, APT. Administrative Officer II
SUGIYAMA, Velina, Administrative Assistant
TABALI-WEIR, Juana, Administrative Assistant

Curriculum Research and Development Group

*YOUNG, Donald B., Director
*BAUMGARTNER, Erin, Assistant Professor of Education, Science
*BERG, Kathleen F., Associate Specialist
*BRANDON, Paul R., Professor of Education, Evaluation
BRENNAN, Carol A., Educational Associate, Elementary Education and Science; BA 1965, Catholic U of America; MS 1984, Nebraska; EdD 1996, Hawai‘i
BUKES, James G., Educational Associate, Physical Education; BEd 1974, MEd 1985, Hawai‘i
CHUN, Russell, Administrative Officer; BBA 1982, Hawai‘i
DOI, Douglas M., Educational Associate, Art; BA, BFA 1976, MFA 1983, Hawai‘i
DOYLE, Craig K., Educational Associate, Elementary Education; BA 1972, PD 1989, Hawai‘i
DRICK, George R., Educational Associate, English; BA 1966, Yale; MAT 1971, Harvard; MBA 1978, Chicago
*ESTOMAGO, Pedro, Junior Specialist
GRAY, Mary E., Educational Associate, Science; BS 1986, U of Oregon; PD 1990, MEd 1991, Hawai‘i
HARPSTRITE, James J., Educational Associate, Social Studies; BA 1963, Colorado; MA 1967, Hawai‘i; PhD 1971, Michigan State
HARSTAD, Cheryl A., Educational Associate, English; BA 1967, MA 1970, Hawai‘i
KELSEY, Deborah Mary K., Educational Associate, Student Affairs/Music; BEd 1983, Hawai‘i
*KROHN-CHING, Waldtraut L., Professor of Education, Art
LAI, Morris K., Educational Associate, Evaluation; BS 1965, Stanford; MA 1967, Hawai‘i; PhD 1972, UC Berkeley
LUSH, Noren, Educational Associate, Social Studies; BEd 1974, Franklin College; MA 1988, Hawai‘i
*MENTON, Linda K., Professor of Education, Social Studies
*OKAZAKI, Claire H., Junior Specialist, Mathematics
*POTTENGER, Francis M., Professor of Education, Science
RAGONTON, Jonalyn, Administrative Officer; BBA 2003, Hawai‘i
*SLOVIN, Hannah, Assistant Professor of Education, Mathematics
SOUTHWORTH, John H., Educational Associate, Science; BA 1961, Pomona; MA 1971, Hawai‘i
*SPEITEL, Thomas W., Professor of Education, Science and Computer Applications
TEIXEIRA, Tracy Lee, Educational Associate, Counseling and School Administration; BSW 1981, MSW 1983, Hawai‘i
TETER, William C., Educational Associate, English; BA 1976, San Francisco; MA 1983, Hawai‘i
*TOWATA, Carolyn S., Assistant Professor of Education, English and Social Studies
*VENENCIANO, Linda, Junior Specialist, Mathematics
WARD, Lorraine M., Educational Associate, Editorial; BA 1983, Hawai‘i; Master of Nonprofit Mgmt 2002, Regis U
*ZENIGAMI, Fay K., Junior Specialist, Mathematics